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Wake up Here: Wellness Oasis at Inhabit Queen’s Gardens

“Step into the enchanting world of Inhabit Queen’s Gardens, where open-plan luxury becomes a whimsical sanctuary, bath time transforms into a personal escape pod, sunrise yoga sets the tone for the day, and every nook whispers tales of playful, wellness-infused adventures – it’s not just a hotel stay; it’s a journey into a healthier, happier you.

From the moment Laura Bartlett checked in until the final check-out, Inhabit Queen’s Gardens proved to be more than a hotel; it was a rejuvenating haven, a sanctuary of well-being nestled in the heart of Bayswater. The Wellness Oasis at Inhabit offered a serene retreat, blending comfort with holistic rejuvenation. 

As the sun dipped below the city skyline, I found myself immersed in a slice of paradise – a boutique gem that seamlessly blended healthy delights with tranquil spaces.

The open-plan room at Inhabit Queen’s Gardens wasn’t just a room; it was a chill zone, a relaxation HQ that practically winked at me to dive into its luxuries. The bath? Oh, that was my VIP pass to a personal sanctuary, my secret hideout for unwinding after a day of conquering the city’s delights. And when the morning sky decided to throw a party with pinks and oranges, well, you bet I joined in with a little yoga sesh – setting the tone for a day that was all about balance and harmony, baby!

Now, let’s talk about the communal spaces – Inhabit Queen’s Gardens had the social scene down to an art form. The noise-free library wasn’t just a quiet corner; it was my zen den, stocked with reads on wellness, meditation, and even a sprinkle of social enterprise wisdom. And oh, the Kitchen – the plant-heavy, meat-free wonderland that took my taste buds on a culinary joyride, nourishing both body and soul. Who knew a hotel restaurant could be this cool?

But hold on, it’s not all about what meets the eye – Inhale at Inhabit, the wellness space, was basically the hotel’s chill sanctuary within a sanctuary. Two treatment rooms, a yoga studio, and Gaia Skincare spa treatments turned relaxation into a legit art form. It was like saying, “Hey stress, meet my new BFF – Inhale at Inhabit!”

And guess what? Inhabit Queen’s Gardens wore its eco-friendly superhero cape with pride. I stumbled upon a retail space that was basically a curated collection of goodies from awesome social enterprises. Candles, healthy snacks, essential oils – it was like shopping for good karma. Sustainability and mindful consumption? Check!

Wellness Oasis at Inhabit

Fitness fanatics, brace yourselves – the calming fitness room with its Japanese and Scandi flair was the spot to break a sweat, featuring a Peloton bike for those who prefer virtual workouts. The commitment to well-being wasn’t just a hotel tagline; they were in cahoots with 100 social enterprises and socially-conscious businesses. Holistic hospitality? Now we’re talking!

As the evening sun painted a warm glow on the tree-lined square near Lancaster Gate, I was vibing with the intimate boutique setting of Inhabit Queen’s Gardens. Those 158 guest rooms? Pure tranquillity, with calming hues and an ambience that blended Scandi, British, and Eastern vibes – it was practically a staycation for my soul.

Every little detail at Inhabit Queen’s Gardens, from the sleep-focused bedrooms to the plant-centric cuisine, was like a nod to equanimity. It wasn’t just a hotel stay; it was a playful escape where simplicity partied with serenity, and every visit felt like crashing at a friend’s place who just happened to have the coolest wellness vibes. Inhabit Queen’s Gardens – where every stay is a downright enchanting journey into a healthier, happier version of you. Cheers to that!