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War of The Roses LIVE at Warwick Castle

War of The Roses LIVE at Warwick Castle

Experience the pulse-pounding spectacle of 'The War of The Roses' live event at enchanting Warwick Castle. Transport back in time to witness the captivating clash of Lancaster and York houses, brought to life with electrifying battles, emotional performances, and breathtaking jousting. Choose your side, immerse yourself in political intrigues, and witness the birth of The Tudors. An unmissable experience for history buffs and theatre enthusiasts alike, ending September 3rd, 2023. Don't miss this thrilling journey.

August 5th, 2023

If you don’t know where we’ve been, how do you know where we’re going?

A couple of weekends ago, we dived headfirst into a historical extravaganza that set our hearts racing to the sounds of swords clashing.
We went to the jaw-dropping, pulse-pounding, and drama-infused live event, 'The War of The Roses,' hosted exclusively at the enchanting Warwick Castle.

You’ve still got time to go (it ends September 3rd 2023) so prepare to be transported back in time, as they unravel the secrets, betrayals, and heartaches of this captivating and pivitol, period in English history.

Picture this… the grandeur of Warwick Castle, with its ancient walls standing tall, acting as a silent witness to the tumultuous events of The War of The Roses. This epic clash between two powerful houses, the Lancasters and the Yorks, is brought to life in a show that rivals the greatest tales of knights, kings, and queens.

Upon entering, you're encouraged to choose a side. Fences adorned with white and red roses. The atmosphere is electrifying, as you file into your side of the jousting arena along with your fellow countrypeople, you hear the horses snorting in anticipation. The attention to detail is brilliant, with period-appropriate tents, weaponry, and even a giant trebuchet (which you can see in action in a separate show!).

As the scene begins, the audience is summoned to use their respective calls of “white rose!” or “red rose!”. As we shout, the stage is preparing for a battle like no other, with skilled actors and horses clad in armour, prepared to bring history to life. Swords gleaming, banners fluttering, and hearts pounding - the stage is set for an act of intrigue and suspense.

The performance begins, and we are instantly transported to a world of political scheming and personal rivalries. The acting is nothing short of stellar, with emotional performances that feel incredibly real. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, drawing you into their world, making you forget you're witnessing a re-enactment (I always wanted to be a theatre reviewer and imagined them reading my glowing review of their skills, so I took this shit seriously, okay!).

Not only is the acting top-notch (wink), but the battle choreography is also a breath-taking sight to behold. The clash of swords, the thundering hooves of horses, and the cries of victory and defeat reverberate through the arena. You can almost feel the ground shake beneath you as the jousting enemies clash.

Between battle scenes, the audience is treated to moments of moving the story on. You are watching a gripping historical drama unfold before your eyes. The political manoeuvrings, the secrets, and the LIES (RoY- we know what you did in the Tower of London! I couldn’t help myself and shouted, “Don’t trust him!!!!!!”).

The War of The Roses LIVE event is a feast for all senses. The costumes lend an air of authenticity that makes you feel like you've stepped into a time machine. The music, specially composed for the event, accentuates the emotions, heightening the drama and transporting you further into the past.

As the event reaches its climactic conclusion, the emotions run high, and the two houses come together to create The Tudors. They host a party, and the horses and riders perform tricks and stunts to loud and melodic joyful beats.

There's no denying that 'The War of The Roses' live event at Warwick Castle is an unmissable experience for history buffs, theatre enthusiasts, and anyone who craves excitement.

So, if you find yourself yearning for an immersive historical journey, make sure you get to 'The War of The Roses' live event at Warwick Castle. It's an experience that will leave you under no illusion of the real story, explain how The Tudors came about, and fill you with an excitement you can’t explain.

Oh, oh, and, fucking hell as if I nearly forgot… Warwick Castle has MULTIPLE Costas on site.

You’re welcome.

Book tickets to enjoy the whole of Warwick Castle, it's like a theme park with food and drink options, places to stay, and plenty of re-enactments.


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