Reaching out to a wide audience is the dream of any business. But the question remains how do you achieve it? The answer is through advertising. However, many advertising options are available making it a challenge to pick. Some of these options are more effective than others. Types of billboard signs encompass a variety of formats, including digital displays, static boards, and mobile billboards, each tailored to distinct advertising needs and target audiences. Understanding the effectiveness of different Types Of Billboard Signs is crucial for strategic marketing campaigns.

Billboard signs are among the most efficient option when it comes to displaying your products to a wide audience. But what are they?

What is a billboard sign?

A billboard is a form of outdoor advertising designed to catch the attention of pedestrians and car users. They are displays with information about various products or services and are usually installed at on roadside or building walls.

It is among the oldest forms of outdoor display advertising. These form of marketing can be successful depending on the billboard sign company you hire and they type of signs you use. This article discusses some of the common billboard sign types available in the market today.

Types of billboard signs

Billboard signs are available in different types. Here are some of them:

Classical billboards

These billboards are the most common and have been in use for decades. They are large in size and mounted along the highways and city streets. The target audience of this outdoor advertising option is the pedestrian and people driving cars. Essentially, their size has been increasing with time to enable people to read them even when driving at a high speed.

Wallscape billboard signs

When you walk along the city streets, you will come across different billboard signs mounted on the building walls. The signs feature information of products sold in that specific building or other brands. These types of signs are known as wallscape billboards. They are mounted on buildings was and popular in many urban areas.

Mobile billboards

Another type of signs is the mobile billboards. As the name suggests, these billboard signs are not static. They are mounted on moving vehicles and automobiles. It attracts a wide audience wherever the car moves. The central benefit of these boards is their mobility aspect. You can take them from one location to another. This means you will not need multiple billboards which saves you money.

Digital billboards

No doubt, the digital age is here. Every thing is going virtual and advertising is not limited. Outdoor display advertising is also scaling the heights of digitization. Unlike in the past, billboard sign service providers are using digital signs. These boards have the power of displaying ads inform of images, text, videos, and animations. They can also feature multiple brand ads and easy to control remotely. The owner of these boards can control them remotely.

As such, they do not need to mount and unmount ad materials with every new or expired ad. The option works well in areas with high traffic such as marketplaces, fast-food shops, bus or train stations, and public parks. However, they are not cheap. You will need to cough some money to get your products on them.

3D billboards

Do you desire to put the motion on your static image adds? With 3D technology, this is possible. The 3D billboards utilize this capability and give motion to static images. This aspect makes the information on the billboards eye-catching. As such, it achieves the objective of reaching a wide audience as intended.

The 3D billboards work well when promoting products where you need to put emphasis on particular area. For instance, you can consider it when promoting new meals. The 3D tech can a good idea to make the meal pop up and leave the other aspects static.

Furniture billboards

Certainly, you have used public transport or cabs and noticed some displays on the chairs. Maybe you have seen street or park benches featuring some ad materials. This form of display is the furniture billboards. The option targets areas where people are likely to spend time and buses, cabs, parks, and streets are a good target. Hence, you will likely notice them in the mentioned area.

Which type of billboard sign is the best choice?

Different types of billboard signs will work perfectly for a particular option. For instance, when you want to target automobile users with products, the classical billboards will be a good idea as they are mounted at the major highways and interstate roads. On the other hand, 3D billboards are perfect when you want promote products requiring attention and emphasis.

When you want to cut the cost of promoting your products via outdoor display, mobile billboards will work. This option involves an automobile that moves from one town to another. Digital billboards are ideal when you want to run different ads without mounting various billboards and combining various visual audio elements.

In a word, billboards are available in different types. It is crucial to know these types and how they differ to help you make wise outdoor advertising decisions. This way, you will save time and money.


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