Here at House of Coco, we like to pay special attention to our health and fitness. Whether it’s a good run or yoga, we try to bring you the best information to you on creating your best life. Recognizing the Benefits of a Dehumidifier in maintaining a comfortable and healthy living environment is crucial, especially in humid climates. If you are a person who lives in a climate that sways toward the humid side, you may want to consider purchasing a dehumidifier.

A quality dehumidifier can add a great many benefits for you and your home, which we will get to in a moment. Before we dive in though, if you feel a dehumidifier would enhance your life check out these reviews from Good Air Geeks on Perfect Aire dehumidifiers. This review should help you narrow down your search depending on your own needs.

So how would a dehumidifier benefit you? Here are ten ways we feel a dehumidifier can enhance your living space.

1. You’ll Feel Happier

When you are in a depressed area it isn’t much of a surprise that you will feel depressed. If you live in an area of the world where the humidity is higher than average you may find that the extra moisture can leave spots on your walls, leave a dank smell everywhere, cause your wallpaper to peel, and leave mold and mildew in its wake.

In 1975 a study showed that mood and humidity levels are closely related. Other aspects of human life that can be affected by excess humidity are health, happiness, physical strength, and emotions.

2. Say Goodbye To Mold and Mildew

When you diminish the amount of moisture in your home there is less chance for mold and mildew to accumulate. These little pests are responsible for a myriad of health issues like breathing problems, allergies, and asthma. And, as we mentioned earlier, these two invaders are linked to depression. Nervous system disorders have also been associated with excess mold and mildew in the home.

3. Bye-Bye Dust Mites

If you took a close look at a dust mite you would probably get seriously grossed out. Did you know that they are everywhere in your home including your bedding, draperies, and rugs? They might even have found a home in your clothing. These little guys love to eat the skin we shed and thrive in moist atmospheres.

By adding a dehumidifier to your home then you are putting a stop to their multiplication by eliminating the moisture that helps them produce more dust mites. It is said a dehumidifier can diminish their presence by 50%. Check out quick dehumidifier reviews if you are looking to buy it.

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4. Eliminate Condensation

When a home is too humid condensation can accumulate and start affecting items in our homes. Wallpaper can peel and mattresses can grow mold or mildew. Dehumidifiers eliminate condensation giving a longer life to your home and the items in them.

5. Help Your Allergies

So, all of these things that are eliminated by a dehumidifier are also the things that can cause your allergies to flare up. When the air is filled with moisture, spores, mold, and other little things our eyes can’t see but your respiratory systems will cough or sneeze from can travel with ease. When you eliminate the moisture that helps them move about you’ll find your allergies aren’t nearly as bad.

6. Cleaner Air

While dehumidifiers are not purifiers by any means, having one will diminish the moisture, and in turn, get rid of the things that travel on that moisture. A drier atmosphere is a cleaner atmosphere and a benefit your lungs and nose will thank you for.

7. Your Wood Won’t Warp

Excess moisture can make the wood in your home warp severely if it isn’t taken care of. If you have wood furnishings, hardwood floors, or a home that has wood windows or baseboards then excess humidity can present a problem. Windows may not close correctly or chairs may look awkward after a while. When you eliminate the moisture with a dehumidifier then this problem will not present itself.

8. Your Home Won’t Smell

Have you ever noticed a dank and musty smell in your home? This is from the mold and mildew that grows from the excessive moisture around your house. When there is too much mold and mildew it leaves behind a terrible smell that is easy to recognize. When you dehumidify your home that smell will happily disappear.

9. You’ll Feel Comfortable

If your home is too humid then odds are you aren’t feeling all the comfortable in your own home. A dehumidifier will take you from damp and dank to dry and comfy. Dehumidifiers eliminate the excess moisture that makes your home wet and uncomfortable.

10. Home Protection

There are a great many things in your home that are affected by the amount of moisture in the air. From you and your lungs to the wood floors, your children play on. Every item in your home will last longer if you give them an environment to thrive in opposed to one that is damp and hazardous.

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In short, dehumidifiers benefit many areas of our lives. They help us, our loved ones, our furnishings, and our homes. Understanding the benefits of a dehumidifier reveals how crucial they are for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. If you find that your house is damp all the time and mold and mildew have become a problem for you, consider purchasing a dehumidifier and see for yourself the difference one of these devices can make in your life.


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