Long hair is timeless, and those who want this style for themselves can’t help but be envious of others who have strong, shiny locks. Not all hair is the same, and not everyone can grow out their mane without it looking like a bird’s nest. It is possible with rigorous maintenance and application of products, but who has all that time? However, the benefits of hair extensions offer a convenient solution to achieve the desired look without the hassle of extensive maintenance.

Hair extensions, also called artificial hair integrations, help add volume or length to human hair. There are many types of hair extensions, ranging from synthetic to human hair. They can be attached using different methods, including taping, clipping in, weaving, and fusion, among many others. The price range varies, but generally, weaves made with natural hair are much more expensive, but they are considered better than synthetic ones.

No matter what type of application, the quality of the hair matters. Here are reasons to pick hair integration systems or human hair extensions.

They Blend Better

Hair extensions are meant to add length, volume, or both. The aim is to make them blend better with your natural hair, and one of the biggest hurdles to achieving that is your current cut. Color and texture are something to look out for, but with the wide range of hair weaves, there’s almost always something for you.

Authentic human hair additions blend well and can be quite impossible to differentiate from your own. Synthetic hair additions are cheaper and can do the job, but they can’t offer the same seamless and effortless mixing that natural hair extensions can.

There are styling techniques and tricks to help hair extensions blend better. For example, curling can help make them look undetectable. A low or high ponytail can help make extensions blend naturally too. As for straightening, it depends on the haircut and the quality of extensions because a supersleek hairstyle can make bad hair extensions stand out even more.

They Offer Styling Versatility

Certain hairstyles require some volume or length, and not everyone can achieve that. Professionally installed hair extensions offer that kind of versatility, which enables both men and women to have the hairstyle, cut, or color of their dreams. Natural weaves in tape-in form are best used for this scenario for a lot of reasons.

Natural hair extensions can take color with little to no problems because they behave the way hair should. Tape-in extensions have thinner bases, so they’re easy to apply and remove. They’re a perfect option for those who have thin or damaged hair and don’t want to see further breakage. Additionally, it takes less time to get tape-in extensions.

There’s less bulking at the scalp with tape-in extensions, and that flexibility allows you to rock any hairstyle you want effortlessly. You can check out some examples by clicking here.

They Last Longer

The expected life span of synthetic extensions is 60 to 90 days or two to three months. Natural hair extensions can last up to 24 months or three years. Although synthetic hair weaves are cheaper, they may cost more in the long run. That happens if you like getting extensions constantly every six to eight weeks after your hair has grown out.

Human hair extensions may cost a lot more, but they’re durable and come with better advantages than their artificial counterparts do. Taking care of it will extend its life even more.

If you love having hair extensions for most of the year, it is better to get human hair additions because you pay for the quality, convenience, and ease. Additionally, good-quality tape-in hair extensions are reusable!

Bottom Line

Some people may consider hair extensions a luxury rather than a necessity. Those same people may have had beautiful hair their whole lives. They may not understand the importance of it for others who’ve spent too much time and effort to have good hair days.

Rocking a beautiful mane means having more self-confidence and a positive outlook to conquer life. Quality is something to consider when getting hair extensions, so human hair is ultimately the way to go. Saving money is good, but what good is saving several dollars if you need to contend with your new hair every morning?

What are your thoughts about human hair extensions? Share your answers below.

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