The internet has grown and expanded at an exponential rate since it first became widely available to the public during the mid-nineties. The early incarnation of this technology was basic, to say the least, and users who wanted to venture online for the first time needed to use dial-up connections (accessing via standard phone lines) which were exceptionally slow by today’s standards. In addition, the quality of content available online was limited in the early years by a lack of bandwidth and technological limitations. Most websites from the 90s would look exceptionally basic when compared to the best that 2023 has to offer and there were limited ways to interact online. Today, as the internet matures, there are numerous benefits that this technology has to offer. In this article, three key benefits of internet-based technology will be explored.

Remote working is now a reality

Only a scant few decades ago, the idea of waking up, walking downstairs and being ready for work in a dedicated home office was the stuff of science fiction. It is now an increasingly popular way to work and in 2023, there are estimated to be around 62% of all employees who work remotely at least for some part of the working week. This would not be achievable without access to fast and reliable home internet connections, as this is the crucial piece of technology that allows workers to access online corporate applications and take part in video conferences and online presentations. The problem of duplicating work and “silo working” has also been solved effectively with online applications. Today, there is a wide range of cloud-based task planning apps that allow workers to collaborate together in virtual spaces whilst having a real-time understanding of the progress on projects.

Competitive online gaming

Online gaming has now become one of the most popular pastimes for the world’s population and billions of people enjoy playing their favorite video games online in competitive matches against each other. However, to play the latest titles in a lag- and slowdown-free environment, it is vital to have a fast and reliable fiber internet connection. Put simply, a slow internet connection will cause problems when playing online as it will lead to a time delay between player inputs and what occurs in the game. If you live in the California area of the USA and need fiber internet, search for a fiber internet provider in Chula Vista, CA to ensure that you benefit from the highest possible speeds.


The rise of online health technology has allowed growing numbers of people to receive medical treatments and assessments from the comfort of their own homes. Tele-healthcare allows patients to receive medical consultations online (thus saving travel time for both the patient and the medical professional) and by using a range of wearable technologies, their health and vital functions can be measured in real time and instantly transmitted to healthcare staff. Whilst some of this technology is still in the early stages of development, the potential for this remote form of healthcare delivery is significant. It can allow a greater number of patients to be monitored and treated by one healthcare provider and makes the process of accessing high-quality healthcare extremely efficient.


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