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10 Fun and Exciting Things to Do When Visiting Mykonos

10 Fun and Exciting Things to Do When Visiting Mykonos

Mykonos is a magical place nestled in the heart of the Aegean Sea. A place where the sun always seems to shine a little brighter,

June 8th, 2023

Mykonos is a magical place nestled in the heart of the Aegean Sea. A place where the sun always seems to shine a little brighter, the water sparkles a tad clearer, and the wind brings a gentle touch through the charming windmills.

This famous jewel of the Cyclades is decorated with whitewashed houses, azure waters, and the warming embrace of the Greek sun. Its labyrinthine streets pulsate with infectious energy, and the locals greet you with warm smiles as inviting as the island's golden sands.

But it's not just the physical beauty that's captivating – it's the spirit of Mykonos. The island exudes an irresistible blend of carefree joy and deep-rooted tradition, creating a unique culture that both thrills and soothes.

So, dear fellow wanderers, let us take you on a journey through this incredible island. We've compiled a list of the top ten experiences you simply can't miss when visiting Mykonos.

But before we begin, remember that Mykonos is usually always packed with tourists. So, make sure to leave your bags at the hotel or luggage storage in Mykonos to freely enjoy all of the fun activities this earthly gem provides.

1. Spin on the Dance Floor at Super Paradise Beach Club

Up for dancing with the rising sun? The Super Paradise Beach Club is your venue. This place is known for its high-energy international DJ sets that'll have you grooving till the crack of dawn. Don't forget to make a toast to the mesmerizing Mykonos sunrise as you welcome a new day of adventures.

2. Hike From Chora to the Armenistis Lighthouse

Swap your beachwear for a sturdy pair of walking shoes and hit the trail from Chora to the Armenistis Lighthouse. Not only will the hike offer you stunning views, but the lighthouse itself is a beacon of peace and serenity away from the island bustle.

3. Venture Into Ano Mera

If you need another breather from the typical beach scene, make a detour to Ano Mera. This picturesque village is an oasis of tranquility with charming streets to wander and delicious local food to devour. Pop into a local tavern and sample a traditional moussaka – you won't regret it!

4. Visit Delos Island

Fancy a dose of ancient history? Catch a boat to Delos, the mythical birthplace of Apollo. As you wander through the island's archaeological ruins, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time. Remember to pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and a sense of awe.

5. Marvel at the Windmills

No trip to Mykonos is complete without a visit to the island's iconic windmills. These whitewashed giants have stood proudly for centuries, bearing witness to the island's rich history. Make sure to swing by at sunset – the golden hues cast by the descending sun make for a breathtaking sight, transforming these humble windmills into glowing beacons against the azure backdrop.

6. Get Lost in Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town is a labyrinth of wonder. Its narrow, winding streets are brimming with trendy boutiques, cozy cafes, and plenty of charm. While you're here, make sure to stop by the Church of Paraportiani – a beautiful piece of architecture that's a popular spot for photos.

7. Eat Like a Local at Kiki's Tavern

Kiki's Tavern is a must-visit for any foodie. This traditional tavern serves up the freshest Greek cuisine with a side of gorgeous sea views. Arrive early to beat the lunchtime rush, and don't leave without trying their succulent grilled octopus.

8. Explore the Aegean Maritime Museum

Dive into Mykonos' rich seafaring history at the Aegean Maritime Museum. From intricately detailed ship models to ancient nautical instruments and old sea maps, you're in for an enlightening voyage. You'll leave with a deeper appreciation of the island's maritime roots.

9. Shop at Matogianni Street

Need some retail therapy? Matogianni Street offers a mix of high-end boutiques and unique local artisan shops. From Greek designer clothes to handmade jewelry, you're sure to find the perfect keepsake to remember your Mykonos adventure.

10. Enjoy the Sunset at Little Venice

We may not be in Italy, but Mykonos has its own slice of Venice. Find a cozy spot at a seaside bar, order your favorite sundowner, and let the breathtaking Mykonian sunset do the rest. For a pinch-me moment, time your visit with the sun disappearing behind the iconic windmills.

There you have it – your insider's guide to all things Mykonos. Whether you're living it up on the dance floor or soaking in ancient history, this sun-kissed island won't disappoint.

And hey, before you zip up your suitcase, here are a few friendly tips:

Respect local customs, pack plenty of sun protection, and remember to embrace "meraki" – the Greek tradition of putting your soul into what you do. Trust us, from the sun-soaked beaches to the lively tavernas, you'll find that meraki is the secret ingredient that makes Mykonos so irresistibly magical.

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