Harley Davidson motorcycles never sit on a dealer’s lot for long. In 2018. Americans bought over 114,000 motorcycles from this manufacturer, as bikers considered them among the best in the market. What makes this motorcycle brand so popular?

Individuals who purchase a bike from this manufacturer know they are getting more than a new ride. They become a part of a community of riders dedicated to this brand. They adopt a new culture and a new way of life when they make this purchase. The history of Harley Davidson explains why this is the case.

The History of Harley Davidson

Men and women often assume Harley Davidson is a person’s name. In actuality, the brand name comes from three individuals. William Harley partnered with Walter and Arthur Davidson in 1903 to take a single-cylinder motor mounted on a frame and share it with the public. Individuals used these vehicles to get around in their leisure time initially, but that quickly changed.

Walter Davidson started racing his motorcycle. When he won a 175-mile race, people noticed and began equating the bike with speed and freedom. Over the years, the company improved on its initial offering and the motorcycles increased in popularity during WWII. The company changed hands leading to workers going on strike in the 1980s, but that didn’t stop bikers from purchasing these machines.

In addition to seeing Harley Davidson bikes as a symbol of freedom and speed, people began equating the machines with loyalty and resilience. They associate the bikes with rebellion and lawful justice. Law enforcement agencies use these bikes today in their daily operations, and countless films have featured the bike. The bike leaves a positive impression on people, which helps to explain why individuals new to motorcycle riding often gravitate to this brand when they go to purchase their first bike. What should they look for when comparing bikes? What Harley Davidson models are appropriate for new riders?

Purchasing Your First Bike

New riders often struggle to choose their first bike. They don’t know where to begin the process of narrowing down the available options. Take the following things into consideration when making this decision to get the right new or pre-owned Harley-Davidson for your unique needs, experience level, and budget.

Riding style

Bike manufacturers create different models for distinct riding styles. For instance, a person who plans on using their bike for long road trips needs a different model than someone who will ride their bike daily to and from work.

A bike used for long trips should come with saddlebags, a comfortable seat, and an oversized front windshield. In contrast, a motorcycle designed for commuting should be lightweight and come with fewer features. The lighter weight helps to keep operating costs down, which is of importance to those who plan to use their bike regularly.


Men and women should never buy a motorcycle without taking it for a ride to ensure it is the right size. Many new riders select their first bike based on its looks. As a result, they may find the bike isn’t comfortable to ride for any length of time and it ends up sitting more than it gets ridden. By test-driving each model, a beginner can ensure they don’t make this mistake.

Sit on each bike you are considering and see how it feels. The feet should sit flat on the ground and the hands should feel comfortable on the handlebars. If the fit isn’t right and you find yourself stretching to reach the footpegs and handlebars, ask the dealer if adjustments can be made to the fit. Riders find this is possible with many models.

Don’t ignore the weight of the bike. Choose a model that is easy to maneuver. Furthermore, select one that you can lift if the bike falls over for any reason.


Riders need to set a budget before they begin researching different bikes. Sadly, men and women often arrive at the dealership without a budget in mind and end up purchasing a bike they truly cannot afford.

Head to the dealership with the goal of choosing a bike to build your riding experience. With time, accessories can be added and upgrades carried out to create a bike you love. It’s hard to walk away when you find a bike you love and wish to call your own, so having a budget is essential to ensure you don’t get in over your head.

Harley Davidson Street 500

Many experts consider the Harley Davidson Street 500 to be the ideal ride for new bikers. Coming in at only 492 pounds, this machine is very easy to handle for anyone. Experienced riders often dislike this model, as the engine is small and liquid-cooled. It’s not what they expect from a Harley. However, it’s a great ride for someone new to bike ownership and offers enough power to keep them interested.

Commuters and those who love to get out on the open road when they are off work will find this bike ideal for their needs. Add saddlebags for storage or a large front fairing and take it on a long-distance tour. The price is one every person is sure to love.

Street 750

For new riders who want more power, consider upgrading to the Street 750. Similar in many ways to the Street 500, this machine comes with a more powerful engine. Harley Davidson equipped this model with a 740cc liquid-cooled engine, making it the ideal ride for city streets or highways across the country.

Like the Street 500, the 750 weighs in at 492 pounds and stands 25.7 inches tall. The power is enough to please most riders while still ensuring beginners can manage the bike wherever they go. Men and women love the low price of this bike, although it does come with a higher price tag than seen with the Street 500.


Some riders find it uncomfortable to sit on most bikes because they are limited in terms of their height. For these men and women, the Superlow is the answer they have been wanting and needing. The super-low seat measures only 25.5 inches from the ground, making it perfect for all riders. Taller riders simply adjust the seat and footpegs to achieve their desired ride.

This machine has earned a reputation for being stable with easy ergonomics. It comes with the two-cylinder pushrod engine this manufacturer is known for and can easily travel hundreds of miles in a single day without difficulty. Riders love that the bike only weighs 545 pounds and comes with an affordable price tag.

Sportster Iron 883

The low suspension found on the Sportster Iron 883 provides a stable ride for new and experienced riders, one that is also comfortable. Some riders find the weight of the machine, which comes in at 545 pounds, is a little much for them, but they quickly adjust once they find the balance point. This machine comes with an 883cc, air-cooled, twin-cylinder engine that provides the power people expect from a Harley Davidson. The old-school look and variety of colors make this a popular machine with riders of all skill levels.

Spend time testing different machines until you find one you love. Beginners will find they don’t have to sacrifice quality or power when first starting out. Harley Davidson recognizes every person wants an amazing bike and makes a variety of models to meet the needs of all.


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