Our writer, Rachel McAlley recently attended a seminar in London with a number of top hair experts in the UK. She was there to learn about new technology by CLOUD NINE, along with healthy hair, pregnancy hair, menopausal hair and so much more.

Cloud Nine

There were a number of panel experts who went into great detail about everything hair related at the event. Moreover, they discussed how to correctly wash hair, which vitamins and supplements are good for hair, and what heat temperature straighteners should be set at.

Marie Nieuwoudt, award-winning Group Education Manager at CLOUD NINE was one expert who suggested that the best person to ask about your hair is your hairdresser. This is because your hairdresser will know exactly how often you should be washing your hair, and what products you should be using. So, your first port of call should always be your own knowledgeable hairdresser.

CLOUD NINE recently released a Temperature Calculator on their website, enabling users to find out the exact temperature they should be using for hair straighteners. There are a number of hair related questions that you will need to answer in order to find out the optimal temperature for your hair straighteners. Furthermore, the result will depend on your hair colour, the condition it’s currently in, and whether it’s naturally curly or straight. Once all the questions have been answered you will find out what your hair type is and the ideal heat setting.

Panel Host Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan

The seminar was hosted by Gabby Logan, TV presenter. Gabby has shared some of her top healthy hair tips (for midlife) in a blog for CLOUD NINE. We have used just 4 of Gabby’s top tips below, if you want to read all her top tips then check out the blog (highlighted above).

Gabby says: Embrace the beauty of your evolving hair.
We agree: Go with the flow and enjoy your changing hair.

Gabby suggests: Turn down the heat.
We agree: Try using the Temperature Calculator to find out what your heat setting should be.

Gabby mindfully says: Give your hair a break.
We agree: Let your hair dry naturally every once in a while.

Gabby offers: Trim your ends regularly.
We agree: Visit your hairdresser as they understand your hair requirements.

Cloud Nine heat Control

For more of Gabby Logan’s top tips visit the CLOUD NINE blog page, and don’t forget to try out the CLOUD NINE Temperature Calculator online. You can thank us later!

Healthy Hair Tips & New Temperature Calculator – Words by Rachel McAlley

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