If you are a student who would like to travel, you may face multiple challenges. A lack of money, visa issues, and language issues are just some of the issues that young people attempting to travel face. For this reason, we’ve decided to present to you 5 very affordable travel destinations that you can visit on a single visa: the Schengen visa. All of our travel destinations are in Europe, are very attractive and offer a variety of both cultural and natural sights to visit.

Why Should Students Travel?

As a student, you should spend most of your free time traveling. Truth be told, this is the period of life when you will have the most time to do so. Before you start a family and dedicate your life to career advancement and purchasing a place to call home, you should consider the benefits of traveling:

  1. Traveling broadens the mind – if you’ve ever read any great works of American literature, you should have noticed that the authors have traveled quite a bit: their writing skills flourished when they were exposed to different cultures. You should do the same and be open-minded,
  2. Traveling improves your language skills – indeed, the best language schools offer immersion courses to ensure you get to experience the culture and the language,
  3. Traveling teaches you how to budget,
  4. Traveling teaches you how to find your way around – much more than your hometown ever could.

Let’s now consider some popular and affordable destinations to travel to:

5 Best Travel Destinations for Students


Greece is an amazing country to visit. Very affordable and offering a variety of places that you can visit, Greece is the travel destination of choice for both nature and culture enthusiasts. Cyprus, Corfu and Thessaloniki are all different, but they offer you an insight into what one of the oldest civilisations was like.


A bit pricier than Greece, Italy can still surprise with how affordable it can get. Anywhere from Milan to Salento, you can find affordable accommodation and enjoy sightseeing like never before. A bonus tip: never dine in restaurants where you can see a lot of tourists: eat out in places full of locals – they know where the food is good and affordable.


Poland is a surprise entry on our list. A new discovery for us, Poland is incredibly affordable and offers great insights into how the Medieval peoples of Europe lived. If this is what you aim for, just visit any old city center – they are full of old buildings and the architecture is breath-taking. Burritos and beer for $10-12 per person? Count us in.


Hungary is becoming a more popular travel destination among European students. There’s the best reason to visit the place. Full of monuments, medieval castles and bridges, Hungary will also leave you in awe with their cuisine: a variety of vegetable and meat dishes and more soups than you could ever travel make this country the best travel destination for foodies.


Spain, on the other hand, offers a vibe very similar to that of Greece. Hot and dry, it has hundreds of miles of amazing beaches to offer. Add to this the Mediterranean charm and amazing local food, olives, and pastry, and you will be in seventh heaven. A bonus tip: hiring Lets Grade It will leave you with a great application letter for one of many Spanish Universities. In fact, a lot of American students choose Spain to study in for the sheer affordability and quality of study programs offered in the country.

Final Considerations

Traveling is one of the best ways to spend your free time. With this in mind, you should understand that budgeting and saving to travel is one of the best things to do for both your personal and professional development. Yet another way to save while saving a ton on travel agents’ is to do all the booking by yourself.

Joanne Elliot

Joanne Elliot loves reading and traveling. Indeed, some of the destinations in this article are her favorite destinations as well. When she is back home, though, she loves to focus on her work and friends and make the best use of every single day.


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