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5 Healthier Chocolate Bars

5 Healthier Chocolate Bars

Let’s be honest here, there are some days when all we crave is chocolate, our mind wants chocolate, and every bone in our body seems to want chocolate too.

September 13th, 2019

Let’s be honest here, there are some days when all we crave is chocolate, our mind wants chocolate, and every bone in our body seems to want chocolate too. Well, now is the time to crave delicious chocolate that’s not necessarily full of sugar and bad stuff.

So, when the tough gets going and all you want in life is a bite of something chocolatey and delicious, reach for one of these little beauties, they’ll give you the chocolate fulfillment your mind and body desires.


Prodigy’s motto is ‘Eat No Evil’ and each bar is a reinvented classic chocolate bar using only natural ingredients and no refined sugars. Prodigy was established in 2017 by Sameer Vaswani who aims to bring chocolate products to the mainstream market, which are made from clean, natural ingredients with nutritional benefits, and are packaged in sustainable materials. Each bar is gluten free, dairy free and vegan approved, plus each bar is made with raw and organic ingredients, and is high in fibre.

Prodigy has been two years in the making and endeavours to be a company, which creates goodness for its consumers and the planet.

#TeamCoco are seriously loving the Chunky Chocolate Reborn Bar, and the Orange Chocolate with Baobab Reborn Bar.

Available from www.prodigysnacks.com, WH Smith, Amazon, Ocado, Yumbles and Borough Box. Priced from £4.99 per box of 3 x 35g bars.


Montezuma’s Milk Chocolate Alternative ‘Like No Udder’ is a wonderful creation of a chocolate bar that is as close to milk chocolate as possible without ever going near a cow!

It is a smooth creamy bar that is high in cocoa, but without the dairy. The result is an organic bar with a milky taste, and is idea for vegans.

#TeamCoco are into both bars from the range including the ‘Like No Udder’ Chocolate and the ‘Like No Udder’ Chocolate with sweet orange.

Available from www.montezumas.co.uk. Priced at £2.99 per 100g bar.


Ombar 72% Cacao Ecuadorian is a lower sugar, vegan alternative to the usual chocolate bars, which contains all natural, plant-based ingredients.

The new Ombar Centres range is now available in zingy Raspberry & Coconut, mouthwatering Coconut & Vanilla, and delicate and creamy Pistachio. Thanks to a velvety coconut cream as the base, encased by Ombar’s 60% chocolate – each bite will melt in your mouth and leave a lasting impression, no matter the flavour!

#TeamCoco are totally enjoying the 72% Cacao at the moment, for health benefits of course!

Available from Waitrose stores and online via www.waitrose.com. Priced at £3.29 per 70g bar.


Divine Rich Dark Chocolate with Quinoa and Blueberry is made with 85% dark chocolate, is free from dairy and palm oil.

Divine is made by experts in Germany, and this chocolate bar not only has a bold taste, but also a delightful texture with a slight touch of fruitiness. The ingredients are all organically grown to create the most natural taste possible, leaving out all the nasty chemicals. The recipe is made to create a treat that is also vegan friendly. Ingredients come from fair trade sources, earning each bar official FairTrade label certification.

#TeamCoco loves everything from Divine, especially this gorgeous bar.

Available from www.divinechocolate.com. Priced at £2.39 per 80g bar.


Nairn’s Gluten Free Oat Bar Cacao & Orange isn’t technically a chocolate bar, but if you need a slight chocolate fix and you’re in the mood for something different, then check out this little treat.

This bar contains 40% less sugar than the average fruit or cereal bar, it is suitable for vegans, is high in fibre, contains nothing artificial, boasts no hydrogenated fats and no GM, plus is totally packed with gluten free wholegrain oats.

#TeamCoco says that the combination of chocolate and orange is always a winner!

Available from the Free From isle within most good supermarkets, plus whole food stores, and online via www.nairns-oatcakes.com. Priced from £0.89p per 40g bar.

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