Most people will only call an expert to have their hot water system repaired once there is no hot water coming out of the tap, but there are a few indications that alert you when your water heater is not working efficiently. Whenever you spot any of these signs, it may be a good idea to contact a professional from who will take care of every water-related problem in your house.

1. Water temperature fluctuations

When you’re experiencing changes in the water temperature, it may be an indication of mineral deposits that have accumulated around the heating elements of your heater and that the elements are in need of replacement or repairs.

2. Hot water pressure is too low

Mineral deposits can also result in pipe blockages which will reduce the water pressure coming out of the water heater. Other contributions leading to low water pressure can be poor design and tangled distribution lines.

3. Leaking

Most homeowners will only inspect the water heater once the water is already out, as a leak is not easily detected unless the water heater is visually inspected. If you incorporate a quick inspection when doing routine maintenance, then you can quickly pick up problems such as these.

4. Metallic water taste

When your system has corrosion somewhere, the water will have a metallic taste. And in the case of both the hot and cold water coming out of your taps appear rusty, it is an indication of corrosion in the pipes. If it’s only the case with hot water coming out, then there is a reasonable probability of corrosion inside the water heater. Whenever you experience these visible signs of corrosion, a professional that repair hot water systems sunshine coast need to be contacted to avoid damages to the water tank or malfunctioning of the system.

When the water coming out of the taps has a cloudy appearance and has an unusual smell, it can be an indication of mineral deposits. To inhibit further building up that can result in damaging your water heater, professional maintenance is required.

5. Unfamiliar sounds

Most appliances will make a few noises, and water heaters are no exception. But in the case of loud cracking, banging or popping noises coming from the unit, it is time to contact a repairer as soon as possible.

Different types of services that a water repair business can assist with:

  • Electrical hot water tank repairs and servicing
  • Solar hot water tank repairs and servicing
  • Gas hot water tank repairs and servicing

Possible problems occurring when a hot water system is faulty:

  • Overflowing hot water is coming from the PTR valve.
  • You’re experiencing no solar energy despite sunlight.
  • You have no hot water even when the booster is switched on.
  • The hot water temperature is fluctuating.
  • The water coming from the taps are brown or cloudy.
  • The water tank on the roof is rusty and leaking.
  • You have no hot water.

It is always a pre-requisite to find a repair company that is qualified, have technicians that are trained with relevant experience to do the job and can provide you with safe and affordable repair options.


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