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5 Really Useful Travel Accessories

5 Really Useful Travel Accessories

Have you tried running around like a chicken with its head cut off in an airport looking for a free charging outlet?

July 18th, 2022

Have you tried running around like a chicken with its head cut off in an airport looking for a free charging outlet? How about dealing with the annoying lights when you are trying to get some shut-eye? Well, the right and useful travel accessories can spell out for you the difference between a bed of roses journey and an absolute inconvenience.

Whether you are a digital nomad or a long-term traveler, you need a list of useful travel accessories that make traveling enjoyable, easier, and more comfortable.

In this article, you will find a list of very useful travel accessories that every smart traveler has.

#1: Translating Earbuds

People often travel to a country where their native tongue is not a second language. Yeah, sure, Google Maps comes in handy to help you navigate a foreign land, but what about the communication? How do you break through the language barrier? Well, that’s easy—if you have translating earbuds. You can just pull it out from your pocket conveniently. Most translating earbuds have two-way translations; while one person can only use some, the other person must speak into the phone’s microphone, and the wearer of the earbud will hear the translation.

#2: Travel Pillows

Lengthy flights can get very uncomfortable, especially if you are embarking on the world’s longest flight, a nearly 19-hour journey! It is best to carry a small pillow with you.

Tight-fitting seats are typically found in almost all forms of transportation, especially airplanes—unless you are flying business and first class. It can be uncomfortable for those who are trying to get some rest. And additional obstacles seem endless with uncomfortable seats, limited leg room, noisy conversations, and frequent cabin announcements. Unless you are a deep sleeper, you will often have a hard time sleeping in an uncomfortable environment. Bad posture will result in discomfort. The head tends to sink to the side or forward, which can be both uncomfortable and cause chronic neck pain—anyone who has slept on an airplane knows this. A travel pillow is a useful accessory to help you get a good rest, especially during long and exhausting flights.

Looking a little comical is a small price you are willing to pay for not destroying your neck. Would you agree?

#3: Global Data Sim

You might have heard dreadful stories from people who have traveled on a trip and then returned home only to find a huge bill—a huge thanks to their mobile phone roaming data network.

Don’t fret; there’s good news. This doesn’t have to be you telling that dreadful story when you come back from your trip. You can avoid high mobile roaming costs. Probably the most cost-effective way to get internet access when you travel is to get yourself a global data sim for your device that works in a lot of different countries in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. In this day and age, it would be frustrating to travel the world and not be able to access the internet or connect with your family and friends over the phone.

Thanks to these global data travel sim cards, we don’t have to rely heavily on mobile roaming or the “unsecured” connection of public WiFi anymore when we travel internationally. For the past years, it was the go-to option for travelers, but the over-the-top roaming charges entail the creation of more dependable, secure, and affordable options.

For globetrotters and digital nomads, this could easily become your new favorite can’t-live-without travel item!

#4: Portable USB Solar Charger

This ingenious invention is one of the greatest car travel accessories—ever. For travelers who prefer to travel by car, you must have this on your next trip! When you are driving, this travel accessory can sit on your car’s dashboard while recharging your phone and tablet.

Portable USB solar chargers give you the liberty to power up your devices anywhere, anytime, as long as there’s sunlight. The best portable solar chargers in the market are the foldable ones with the right wattage. The size of the panel should be the first thing you consider when buying a solar charger. Smaller solar panels usually generate fewer watts, while chargers with larger solar panels generate more. So, larger panels mean more sunlight—which means more power and the quicker it is to charge your devices.

#5: Sleep Mask

Light sleepers already know how hard it is to get a good shut-eye when glaring lights distract you from dozing off. It’s hard enough to get a good night’s sleep at home, let alone while you are flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet. Some seasoned fliers are lucky and “talented” enough to doze off as quick as a flash before a plane can even take off. Others, on the other hand, often spend an entire lengthy flight red-eyed and restless. The only way to stop this sleep problem when traveling is to use a sleep mask.



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