Planning a wedding can be trying, and it can take up the better part of a year to get the job done. Fortunately, there is one bright spark to look forward to during this time. A bachelor/bachelorette party is seen as your last attempt at a big night out with your friends before married life. However, times have changed since this concept began.

Married life is not as it once was, so the last night of freedom sentiment is no longer applicable. This means that the bachelor party has expanded to include all manner of ideas. You can pretty much do whatever you want on your special night, so why not do something extra creative? Here are a few ideas for those looking to make their bachelor/bachelorette party unique.

Couples Party

Since there is no longer any need to have one last burst of freedom during your bachelor/bachelorette, there really isn’t any need to separate the two parties anymore. A lot of couples are now choosing to have a joint event called a couple’s shower.

This party is much more forgiving on your wallets, and it allows both the bride and groom to include everyone. It is normal for a bride to have male friends and the groom to have female friends, so why should they be left out because of an old tradition? Use Greenvelope’s couples shower invitations to make sure that everyone is included. These types of parties also work well for couples that get engaged later in life. There aren’t many middle-aged people that fancy a weekend clubbing in Vegas, after all.

Pick Something Historical

A bachelor/bachelorette party should be an event, so why not throw yourselves into it more by living in a historical period for the weekend? This idea involves everyone dressing up and only partaking in activities that would have been available at the time. For example, a Victorian-era bachelor/bachelorette could involve horse riding or rowing. Then you can top it off with a meal out at a restaurant that fits this theme.

Fortunately, alcohol has been prevalent for much of our history, so you won’t have to miss out on this aspect. Theming your weekend this way gives people an excuse to act differently from how they normally would, something that can make the notion of socializing with new people much easier. Plus, you won’t find many other bachelor/bachelorette parties with this theme.

Take To The Skies

On the topic of activities that not many people partake in, do you know how many people in your local area have witnessed the place from above? The chances are that this number is slim, which is why you can use this knowledge to provide the bride/ groom with a truly unique experience at their bachelor/bachelorette party.

Helicopter rides are often a staple in most cities, and you will go down in history if you manage to plan this activity as part of someone’s special weekend. What’s more, this experience will be something that only the people at the party will share.

Share The Load

The task of planning a bachelor/bachelorette party usually falls on the shoulders of the best man or maid of honor. While these individuals will be touched that you chose them to undertake such duties, it can be overwhelming. This is especially true given the fact they also have a ton of other duties to think about before the big day arrives. Therefore, why not partake in a strategy that allows you to relieve some of this burden and include everyone else in the event?

Why not ask every attendee to plan an activity of their own across the weekend? This approach allows everyone to show their appreciation for the bride, but it also helps keep the weekend varied.

Don’t Plan

A highly unorthodox plan for anyone with an open mind does not include any tasks whatsoever. Instead, you can take the bachelor/bachelorette party to a new location and see where the weekend takes you. Obviously, you will need to book accommodation, but there is nothing more exciting than exploring a new city for the first time where the possibilities are endless.

Once you arrive at your destination, go for a walk, and see what catches your eye. Perhaps this is not the best idea for a bride that suffers from anxiety, but anyone with an adventurous spirit may enjoy the plan of not having a plan.


It is always difficult to plan a bachelor/bachelorette party. These traditions have existed for generations, so all the good ideas have already been adopted. However, the well of bachelor/bachelorette ideas has not been tapped yet, and creative people will always find a way to make the weekend special. You can use some of the activities above or try something new. Just remember to have a good time.


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