Ah, the dreaded Monday morning blues. We’ve all had them and what an absolute nuisance they are. Here are five ways to beat the Monday Blues.


The attitude you choose to have each morning does determine how your day will pan out.

Try to see Monday morning as a chance to work towards your dreams and goals. A new week is a new opportunity to discover, learn and hustle your way to what you want.

Rather than chasing the weekend and wishing the week away, use your time well by staying optimistic and productive while using your ambitions as fuel. Actively choose to get yourself out of the Monday slump and make your mindset a positive space.

Once you start to think this way and make the conscious decision to be a determined girl/guy boss, your view of Monday will change!

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If your body clock is an utter mess, you’re bound to feel tired and delirious, and there’s nothing worse than feeling this way on a Monday morning when you need to be on your A-game! Whether it’s putting down your phone an hour before bed, choosing water over caffeine or ditching the nighttime snacks, small changes like these could make all the difference to the quality of your sleep, resulting in you feeling much more ready and fabulous for a Monday.

Rather than scrolling through Instagram or watching God knows what on YouTube late at night (let’s be honest, it’s probably dancing cats or something ridiculous), run yourself a candle-lit bath, sip on a peppermint tea or delve deep into a book instead. A good amount of snooze time is crucial for a good mood!


When it comes to careers, people sometimes feel that due to age or certain circumstances, they have to settle for any old thing, which is so far from the truth!

If you’re unhappy in your job, why stay? You’re perfectly capable and allowed to hunt for something else which will satisfy you more. Our jobs take up the majority of our lives, so finding something which fuels us from the inside out and makes us feel content, driven and happy is REALLY important.

Making change is never negative and it’s never too late to start something new. Imagine how different Monday mornings would be if we all did something we love. With a bit of hard work and hustle, it’s perfectly doable.


Getting excited for the weekends is something we all naturally do, and that’s okay, but why can’t we have a blast on the weekdays too? We all know that time is a precious thing, so why on earth do we wish it away and why do we feel that the real fun can only begin on a Friday night?

Rather than waiting for the weekend to roll around, try to live in the moment and make every day as exciting as it can be. You could arrange evening drinks with the girls, a pamper night for yourself or you could even get involved in some new hobbies, there’s plenty!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and making sure that our minds and bodies are prepared and ready for the morning ahead is key. Having a nibble in the early AM can help concentration and boost energy levels, all of which are pretty important for your morning routine. So whether you prepare a fruit salad, scramble some eggs or make a smoothie packed with goodness, don’t leave your tummy rumbling and start the day off right!

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