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6 Natural Tips To Help You Get Relief From Throat Pain

6 Natural Tips To Help You Get Relief From Throat Pain

A sore throat, sinus, and other ailments are a common complaint, but the suffering is miserable every single time.

May 15th, 2019

A sore throat, sinus, and other ailments are a common complaint, but the suffering is miserable every single time. Whether your condition is due to a virus or an allergy, the itching, burning, and scratchiness simply aren’t fun at any time.

If things are getting worse no matter what home remedy you try, it might be time to see one of the best otolaryngologists in the city. Your health practitioner such as CT Sinus Center may have given you some medicine to better your condition, but you might also be on the lookout for some natural remedies.

We’ve got some easy-to-follow health tips that can soothe out that throat in a jiffy, perhaps even better than any of those synthetic capsules or pills.

Let’s have a look.

1. Try A Saltwater Gargle

If that nasty scratchiness in your throat is refusing to go away, a saltwater gargle might facilitate this issue. Warm up some water. Mix in some salt, about half a tablespoon or as much as you can stand.

Now, stand in front of a sink and gargle the water bit by bit. This is effective in clearing up the mucus from your inflamed throat tissues, making everything more comfortable. We recommend using pink Himalayan salt for the most benefits.

2. Sip on Honey

Honey is an excellent natural first-aid for all types of health issues. It’s perfect for healing a sting, disinfecting a wound, and, of course, soothing a sore throat. Try putting some organic honey into your tea or a cup of warm water. You can also mix some drops in fresh ginger juice.

Sipping on honey combinations will keep you hydrated, which is an essential factor when you’re trying to get rid of a cold or the flu. The warm water helps to soothe the throat, while the honey lines the throat with some much-needed lubricant.

3. Use Lozenges

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If you don’t have the time to whip up a home remedy for your bothersome throat, something OTC like lozenges is a safe and sure bet. These usually contain ingredients like menthol, which can numb the inflamed tissue inside your throat. This will help in soothing the throat in the long run.

4. Try Some Candy

Some hard candies might also have a similar effect. They help to increase the production of saliva and help to lubricate the throat in this manner. We recommend medicated lozenges over cough drops or hard candies, though. Besides, you should eat specific foods to combat a sore throat.

5. Drink More Water

If you’re consistently suffering from a sore throat, take a step back and check your water intake. More often than not, dehydration is one of the causes of sore throat. When you don’t drink enough water, your body isn’t able to produce the mucus or saliva it needs to naturally lubricate your throat.

6. Inhale Steam

Inhaling moist air, like the steam from boiling water, is excellent for soothing the swollen tissue in the throat area. You can use a cool mist humidifier for this if hot steam isn’t working for you. This will increase the moisture in your surroundings naturally.

Humidifiers are inexpensive and easily available in most areas. If you don’t have one and need something right away, boil some water, put the pan on the table, and inhale the steam directly. Be careful not to burn yourself!

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Sore Throat

Some of the throat remedies above might be familiar. That’s how you know they work! The next time you’re down with some throat issues, try out a few of these remedies and experience the difference for yourself.

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