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7 Ways to Make Your Work More Comfortable

If we’re going to have to get up and go to work every day of our lives, we might as well make sure we’re comfortable, right?

If we’re going to have to get up and go to work every day of our lives, we might as well make sure we’re comfortable, right?

Spending hours on end at a desk, or on your feet (no matter what type of job you do!) can be exhausting and hurt either our necks and backs or our feet. This is why prioritizing comfort is so important. Plus – we’re far more likely to feel motivated to keep going if we feel comfortable and happy in our workspace!

So here are seven tips to make sure you’re comfy at work.

Dress Comfortably

First of all, pay attention to how you’re dressing. Just like your husband might don his denim overalls when working out in the yard, you need to have a comfortable work uniform.

If you work in an office, make sure to choose comfortable shoes and loose-fitting pants or a skirt that don’t leave you gasping for air. If you work from home, you have way more options available! We don’t recommend working in your PJs, but comfortable leggings and a T-shirt or sweater will do the trick.

Upgrade Your Seating

If you’re sitting all day long, the chances of hurting your back and ruining your posture are pretty high, and you’ll want to look for really high-quality desk chairs to help manage this.

Desk workers should prioritize an ergonomic desk chair that offers enough support for their back even when they’re working long hours. You might also look into a standing desk which can be much better for your back, or try working while sitting on a yoga ball instead.

Practice Regular Stretching

Even if you have the most comfortable and ergonomically-optimized desk chair every built, it’s still a good idea to get up regularly to walk around and stretch out your neck, back, and legs.

Not only is this good for your body, but it’s helpful for your brain, too, to have regular breaks and take your eyes off the screen for a few minutes. Try to get up around once every hour or two and take a walk around, and stretch a little. You might even look into desk yoga for days when you’re so busy you couldn’t imagine getting up for a stretching session.

Optimize Your Desk Setup

Of course, comfort goes beyond your seating, so it’s a good idea to pimp your desk and make sure your space is equipped with all the things you need to be comfortable.

Here, you can consider more ergonomic optimization like raising your screen to improve your posture, and investing in a second screen to make your work easier and more streamlined. You can also add some helpful organizational tools to your desk, a full water bottle, and all your other essentials so they’re always in reach.

Prioritize Your Lighting

Strained eyes is something that a huge percentage of the world is struggling with right now thanks to all the time we spend staring at our screens. A dark workspace is doing nothing to help that, and can further contribute to low energy and a lack of motivation.

Make sure your space is light and bright. Optimize whatever natural light you might having coming into the room, and make up the deficit with bright lighting that illuminates your workspace and gets your mind up and going.

Keep it Cozy

Comfort and coziness go hand in hand, and there’s no rule that says you can’t be comfy and cozy as you hack away at your daily tasks. Of course, if you work in an office then you might be limited, but bringing some coziness into the equation can be a very helpful tool that might even entice you to spend more time at your desk.

Stock your office space with a cozy blanket, a mug warmer for hot coffee, and a drawer full of your favourite snacks. A scented candle (if your coworkers don’t mind) will also be a nice addition or an essential oil diffuser filled with focus-fuelling scents.

Personalize Your Space

Finally, make yourself comfortable by making yourself feel at home. Personalize your workspace with things that bring you joy and feel like “you.”

A potted plant on your desk, a photo of your partner or children, a trinket from your international travels, or even just a personalized desktop background can all do wonders to bring a smile to your face even when you’re stuck spending yet another day at your desk.