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9 Casual First Date Outfit Ideas to Make You Memorable

9 Casual First Date Outfit Ideas to Make You Memorable

Be it a dress with comfy shoes or jeans with a casual shirt, look effortless, be comfortable and leave your mark on the first date.

July 27th, 2022

Unlike many might believe, the first impression is definitely not the last one. Yet, it does play a role in letting the other person get a peek into your nature. You obviously want to be comfortable on your first date. Unless that happens, you will neither feel your best nor will you be able to look your best. For that, casual but thoughtful outfits are the most memorable. Something like Ted Baker jackets will never fail you. A casual outfit on your first date will also give the other person a hint about what your style is and how you carry yourself. It can be very refreshing to date a person who owns their style and has the courage to dress comfortably among people who try really hard to overdress and impress others.

Here are nine casual first-date outfit ideas that will make you memorable to the person you are going out with.

A Good Pair of Heels and a Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit never goes out of fashion and is probably one of the easiest things to pick up. You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit when you want to look effortlessly casual. Even better, choose one in a neutral shade. That will give you a relaxed yet confident look. Top it off with your most comfortable pair of heels that match the color of your jumpsuit. Be it for drinks or dinner, this outfit will make you look confident and memorable.

A Comfortable Pair of Jeans and a T-Shirt

A pair of jeans and a t-shirt will forever be your best friend. They never go out of fashion and never look boring. This outfit always enables you to prioritize your comfort. To go with this, pick out a pastel kitten heel to complete the memorable look. It will be a perfect balance between casual and dressy and you will be able to show off your elegant side while also feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Fun Printed Pants and a Solid Colored Body Suit

Do you want to make a memorable impact? Go with this combination. Choose any solid-colored body suit and fun printed pants. Pair this with a pretty pendant, and you are all set to go. This is very casual and yet unique. Your date might not expect you to show up in printed pants, and that is why they will be pleasantly surprised. At the same time, the solid-colored body suit will help to accentuate your figure, making you look classy and elegant – dressed to impress!

A Pair of Comfortable Sandals and a Dress

A great choice when it is the first date is a dress with some light and elegant jewelry like a ring or pretty danglers. If it’s summer, a dress is perfect. If it’s winter, pair it with a denim jacket. Slip on your sandals, and you are good to go. When you are on your first date, your focus is usually on the other person as you are getting to know them better. If you are not dressed comfortably, your focus will not be on the other person but on yourself, which might not be ideal. But with this combination, you will have nothing to worry about.

A Slip Skirt and a Pretty Top

This combination will give you a casual yet elegant outfit and is one of the most striking combinations you can pick up. A slip skirt is a great choice for any date. When it’s your first date, you can be sure that you will look gorgeous. Choose a top that makes you feel great when you wear it. That will add to your confidence and enhance your entire look.

Shorts and Blouse

This combination screams comfortable and memorable — a pair of shorts and a casual top. You can go for a crop top as well if you feel like it. Add a pair of lace sandals to this ensemble; that first date is yours to conquer. This is also one of the best examples of a cute summer outfit you can choose.

Off Shoulder Top and Leather Pants

Want to try some experimental outfits on your first date? Here’s a combination that will make you feel comfortable as well as bold. Pick out a one-shoulder top and pair it with leather pants. You can add accessories if you want, like a statement ring or earrings. Choose a no-make-up look for this combination.

Go for a Matching Skirt and Top Set

With this, you will not have to worry about what to match with what. This is a very safe yet impressive option for your first date. Be it a date of drinks or dinner, pair this with sandals and maybe carry a tote bag with you.

Sneakers and a Dress

While sandals and a dress are an option, you can pair your dress with sneakers. It adds a playful and casual vibe to your outfit. Be it a frilled dress or a midi, pair it with your most comfortable sneakers. Want to add a feminine touch to it? Maybe wear a pair of gold danglers. It is bound to make you look amazing.


No matter what your other concerns are, tick “outfit” off that list. Pick any of the ones mentioned here, and you are ready for the first date. With these options, you will feel confident and look confident and casual. Basically, a perfect combination to make you memorable.



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