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A Beginner's Guide to Horse Wear and Accessories

A Beginner's Guide to Horse Wear and Accessories

Caring for horses requires dedication, emotional involvement, and financial freedom. There is much to learn about training, riding,

May 23rd, 2023

Caring for horses requires dedication, emotional involvement, and financial freedom. There is much to learn about training, riding, and caring for a new horse. It can be challenging for beginners to know what food to buy, when and whether a horse needs shoes, and how often to brush its mane and tail.

Fortunately, you can easily shop for horse rugs and accessories online in Australia. They offer high-quality items for your horse, including rugs, horse wears, accessories, and even health medications. If you’re wondering what accessories you should get for your horses, here’s the ultimate guide to horse wear and accessories you can rely upon.

Horse Tack

Everything needed to handle, ride, or halter a horse is known as horse tack. Tack isn't just one thing; it's a collection of equipment required for various horse-related tasks. Several of the most popular pieces of horse gear include:

1. Saddle and Saddle Pad

Although there are numerous subcategories of saddles, there are only two fundamental types: English and Western. When purchasing a saddle, it is essential to verify that the saddle is appropriate in size for both horse and rider.

2. Girth

Plain, curved, and stud guards made of leather, nylon thread, and synthetic are some of the many girth variations. Consult the saddle designer for guidance while looking for girths to choose the right one for your horse.

3. Bridle

A bridle is an accessory that helps the relationship between the rider and the horse to thrive. Bridles are frequently separated under Western and English styles and are made of leather or synthetic fibers like nylon. English bridle consists of a headstall, cavesson, browband, bit, and reins, while a Western bridle consists of headstall, bit, and reins.

4. Reins and Bit

Reins serve to guide and communicate with the horse. The three most frequent types of reins are split, closed, and pull. However, bits are meant to exert pressure on the horse's forehead or mouth to train it to respond in a specific way. Curb and snaffle bits are the two main types of bits.

5. Stirrup Leathers and Irons

Stirrup irons are the assembled metal rings on which your feet sit when riding a horse. They attach to the leather of the stirrups, which are attached to the saddle's trunk beneath the skirt. Stirrup irons provide a stable platform for your feet while maneuvering your horse and a firm base for assistance when riding.

Grooming Tools

Regular grooming is an important aspect of horse ownership, and having a full horse grooming kit makes the work easier. Here’s a list of grooming tools you need for your horse kit:

  • Grooming tote
  • Shedding blades and blocks
  • Body brushes
  • Curry comb
  • Soft brushes
  • Hoof pick
  • Shine spray
  • Sweat scraper

Horse Blanket

Depending on the weather in your region, how chilly and rainy it gets, and the specific horse you have, a horse blanket may or may not be necessary. Whether you choose to purchase it is up to you. However, owning one would be better in a crisis.

First Aid Kit

Every horse owner must have a first aid kit with enough supplies. Therefore, if the horse is hurt, you won't have to waste time rummaging through drawers to find what you need. You can make your own horse first aid kit or buy one already assembled.

Fly Spray

Sadly, horses have trouble with flies. In addition to being a nuisance and a possible danger, flies can spread disease. Using a fly repellent, you can dramatically reduce the number of flies by making the area surrounding your horse less enticing for insects.


A horse will require regular farrier attention between six and eight weeks. Depending on what trim and footwear your horse requires, the price differs. Older horses need special shoeing, which is more costly than regular shoeing.

Gear Your Horse Up!

You may buy many things when you begin riding horses, but by concentrating on what you need right away, you can more effectively control your budget. The rest is just an additional importance. However, this doesn’t mean you should deprive your horse of its needs. Horse gear is essential to their health as well. Therefore, purchase the highest-quality gear possible if you desire what is best for your horse.

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