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A night at the Moulin Rouge

No visit to the city of lights is complete without a night at the original Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris. Rewinding back to 1889, the club was the scene of Bohemian, Belle Epoque Paris, where artists converged to produce and attend colourful and avant-garde performances. Fast forward to today, the outstanding show continues with people gathering from all over the world to grab a seat.

From the offset, I was wowed at how amazing the Moulin Rouge was, imagine bright lights, glitz and glam, and Parisian culture. I hadn’t made it inside yet, and I was stunned at the picturesque building beaming with a seductive red glow. Followed by the red carpet-style stairs that made you feel like all eyes were on you.

Sat by the stage, the Parisian culture and lustrous theme were dominant throughout the interior. Surrounded by table lamps, classic gold decor, and champagne bottles.

As the show begins, I’m taken aback by the spectacular fanfare and beautiful dancing. One thing that catches my eye is the barely-there outfits of the female dancers, dressed with nothing to the imagination including multi-coloured pants encrusted in rhinestones, matching nipple tassels, pink feather boas, and thigh-high leather boots – WOW! The male dancers are dressed head to toe in sparkly silver suits adding to the glam factor. Each dancer makes between 10 and 15 costume changes per show, and each design is utterly beautiful.

The initial semi-nudity of the female dancers sets the tone for the entire show along with the European music and French lyrics. Each routine has a theme, with a combination of slow contemporary dancing to circus-like acrobatics, and of course, the iconic can-can dance. The performer’s moves, are certainly impressive, bringing rhythm and precision, I was lost for words at the outstanding performances.

The faultless choreography traces various periods in history, whirling us through the Mayans to the Egyptians to the 1940s, complete with swing dancers – all presented in a vibrant display of colourful costumes and upbeat music.

Halfway through, the show presents intimate and intense moments that made me feel all types of emotions. The stage gives way to a tank of water, and a female performer swims with snakes to deep, upbeat music. Followed by an ice skating duet which was simply stunning and bought tears to my eyes.

The larger-than-life finale is distinguished by typical fury pink costumes, as you would imagine. Each dancer joins together to perform the historic can-can dance, as the high kicks immerse in a sea of tricolour.

An absolutely spectacular performance awarded with a standing ovation from the crowd.