Few places can compare to Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro when it comes to breathtaking excursions. Adventuresome visitors from all over the world are drawn to this recognizable peak that towers over the African continent. And if you’re looking for a trip that expertly mixes security, excellence, and comfort, go no further than Altezza Travel, Tanzania’s top tour operator and #1 pick on Tripadvisor.

Where Mount Kilimanjaro is Located

The tallest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, is located in East Africa. Near the town of Moshi, it towers over Tanzania’s northern border. Travelers from all over the world arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport, the entrance to this natural wonder, to begin this remarkable trip.

Your Route to the Top

A trekker’s and adventurer’s paradise, Kilimanjaro offers a variety of paths to suit different tastes and skills. We’re pleased to present you with three of the most well-liked Kilimanjaro expedition itineraries because Altezza Travel specializes in designing spectacular Kilimanjaro expeditions:

The “Coca-Cola” route, or Marangu, is a popular option for climbers looking for a slightly easier ascent. Along the road, there are cozy huts that provide a more sheltered experience than camping. The top may usually be reached using this route in 5–6 days, with beautiful scenery and a variety of flora and wildlife to see along the way.

Machame Route: The Machame Route is a popular option for trekkers seeking a more difficult ascent. The “Whiskey” path, as it is frequently called, is renowned for its steep inclines and diverse vistas, which include lush rainforests and alpine deserts. This path typically takes 6-7 days and provides breathtaking scenery all along the way.

Lemosho Route: Those looking for a more sedate and pristine Kilimanjaro experience prefer the Lemosho Route. It is renowned for its pristine environment and little-traveled areas, which gives you plenty of time for acclimatization and raises your chances of reaching the summit. This path normally takes 7-8 days, giving hikers plenty of time to get to know Kilimanjaro’s breathtaking scenery.

Investing in the Adventure of Your Dreams

Although quality comes at a cost, you won’t regret investing in a Kilimanjaro expedition with Altezza Travel. This amazing excursion costs between $2,000 and $2,300 per person. In addition to the thrill of scaling Africa’s highest peak, this cost includes the know-how, security, and comfort for which Altezza is recognized. Our programs include everything from knowledgeable guides and top-notch gear to cozy lodging and delectable meals.

Reasons to choose Altezza Travel

Deciding to book a Kilimanjaro adventure is crucial, and the tour operator you choose can make all the difference. There are several strong reasons why Altezza Travel distinguishes out:

Our staff is made up of seasoned travelers who have spent a lot of time exploring Tanzania’s National Parks. We rely on our extensive knowledge to create fantastic outdoor excursions that suit everyone’s tastes.

Altezza’s wildlife guides are not only enthusiastic about what they do—they are also qualified, experienced professionals. We place a high value on ongoing professional development to make sure they continue to perform at the highest level.

Top-Notch Equipment: On Kilimanjaro expeditions, comfort and safety are of utmost importance. To make sure that every aspect of your tour is optimized for your enjoyment, we offer top-notch equipment.

Consistent Excellence: TripAdvisor has continually given us good reviews thanks to our dedication to excellence. In January 2022, Altezza Travel humbly claimed the top spot among Kilimanjaro companies.

Group Tours: Every two to three days, Altezza Travel offers group tours for guests looking for companionship on their adventure. This gives you the chance to interact with other travelers while gaining access to our knowledge and assistance.


Altezza Travel is your dependable travel companion on this epic journey if you have ever fantasized about standing on the “Roof of Africa” and taking in the view of the world below. We welcome you to set out on a life-altering trip with the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro as your backdrop, knowledgeable guides by your side, and a dedication to safety and comfort. Altezza Travel is prepared to turn your fantasies of climbing Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro into a reality. Join one of our adventures today to start the adventure!


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