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American Sunny Trip: 3 Hottest Beach Resorts in California

The USA attracts visitors as a developed country. But the American beach resorts are the first thing that deserves attention. This is especially true for California.

The USA attracts visitors as a developed country. But the American beach resorts are the first thing that deserves attention. This is especially true for California. Excellent infrastructure and a clean coast promise a wonderful beach holiday, while sports enthusiasts will find something to their liking: there are special areas for surfing and kitting. So, whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Beach Resorts in California offers a perfect getaway. For younger visitors, playgrounds have been built, on which the little ones can have fun.

If you are going to California, then don’t miss the following beach resorts to enjoy the warm sun and clear seawater. Los Angeles will be the best starting point since from there you can easily get to any resort from our list by car. As for the transport, we recommend that you check NU car rental LAX review to choose the right car according to your needs.

Santa Monica

Distance from Los Angeles: 16 miles

This is a fashionable and chic resort, and it can be seen in the numerous clubs located along the entire coast. To become a member of one of them, it’s not enough just to be famous and wealthy – recommendations will be also required.

However, common vacationers can also enjoy the clean sand, fresh sea breeze and excellent infrastructure of this amazing destination. In Santa Monica, tourists are offered rental sun loungers and shadow canopies. There are showers and toilets, as well as playgrounds for children.

On the boulevard, there are cafes and restaurants where you can try excellent seafood and meat dishes. By the way, on Saturday and Sunday, it’s recommended to go to the brunch. In this case, you can seriously save money: after all, this is a kind of unlimited set of food. True, alcohol is paid separately.

It’s important to remember: that Santa Monica is not always suitable for swimming. Sometimes the ocean is cooled by the northern current, so the water is too cold. But the tan sticks to the skin perfectly, and relaxing in a well-groomed area is a nice experience anyway.

As for activities, surfers will appreciate the huge waves. Tourists usually enjoy rollerblading and biking along the promenade. The flow is quite dense. By the way, in the area of ​​the beach the famous Route 66 ends.

In the evening, on the coastal territory, night bars and discos await guests. The only disadvantage of Santa Monica Resort is that points of distribution of free food for the homeless are located in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Having eaten, these people don’t hurry to leave the hospitable place.


Distance from Los Angeles: 33 miles

Malibu stretches along the Atlantic coast for more than 40 km. Over 100 years ago, this place was chosen by wealthy residents of the USA, and most people didn’t have the opportunity to enter this territory. But today the situation has changed: there are still closed territories in Malibu, but they are interspersed with municipal ones, where any guests can swim and relax.

Malibu’s infrastructure is quite ordinary: tourists are offered sun loungers, places under shady canopies, showers and toilets. Rescuers work on the territory, constantly informing tourists about weather changes. To have a snack, check out the on-site restaurants and cafes.

The main advantages of Malibu:

  • clean fine sand;
  • gentle entry into the water;
  • great views of the Atlantic Ocean;
  • warm water;
  • opportunity to enjoy water sports.

Malibu is a great family resort, but you should choose the right coastal zone before going to it. In the Malibu lagoon, there’s Surfrider Beach, which is only allowed for surfers. Special areas are allocated for them and just swimming or doing other water sports there is prohibited.

Nearby you’ll find an excellent municipal beach for the fans of leisure relaxation by the water. Here, wooden paths are laid to the water, and a gentle entry into the water makes it possible to visit this place with kids.

For the fans of sightseeing, the following entertainments are available:

  • Visit the Weisman Museum located on the territory of the university.
  • Walk along the hiking trails of nearby Santa Monica.
  • Go on an excursion to the wine cellar with a wine-tasting experience.
  • Go fishing on a rental boat.

San Diego

Distance from Los Angeles: 120 miles

The coast of San Diego is perfect for swimming and outdoor activities. Most places have developed infrastructure, including

  • rental sunbeds and umbrellas;
  • coastal cafes with European or local cuisine;
  • showers and toilets;
  • changing cabins;
  • rescue service posts;
  • shark control services.

But there are quite wild places where tourist service is almost completely absent. The water on the coast is pretty cool: the best time for swimming in the ocean is only from May to mid-August. However, the fans of water procedures can put on a wetsuit and enjoy the ocean throughout the year.

For those who prefer comfortable swimming in the water, it’s recommended to choose places located in the coves. There are enough of them in San Diego: the coastline is very rugged. There are fewer waves, and less depth, so you can relax in warmer water.