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Anxiety, A Cause of Worry in Canada

Anxiety, A Cause of Worry in Canada

"Worrying is carrying tomorrow's load with today's strength-carrying two days at once.

December 15th, 2020

“Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength-carrying two days at once. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.”

  • Corrie Ten Boom

Unarguably, anxiety disorders are quite common in people living in the United States. Call it the hectic lifestyle or the habit of living under pressure; more than 40 million adults bear this problem. However, anxiety is absolutely treatable, but it leaves a huge impact when left untreated for a long time span.

As per the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada, the prevalence for anxiety issues is above 12% therefore, 1 in every 4 people living in Canada suffer from anxiety. This makes a total population of 25% of Canadian suffering from anxiety.

What is anxiety?

It is a mental health disorder that is characterized by a feeling of fear, worry, excessive tension, and anxiety. This feeling is strong enough to change an individual’s overall body language, gestures, and behavior. Some of the most common anxiety symptoms include obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks, stress, post-traumatic disorder, etc.

In some of the cases, anxiety may turn into severe depression resulting in fatal, but if addressed at the right time, it can be healed and treated in no time. Generally, there are six different types of anxiety disorders, including –

  1. Panic disorders
  2. Separation anxiety disorder
  3. Generalized anxiety disorder
  4. Specific phobia
  5. Agoraphobia
  6. Social anxiety disorder (also referred to as social phobia)

Alarming signs of anxiety –

Anxiety can be a serious issue to deal with, but at the same time, it is something that one can manage to overcome with time. When talking about the symptoms of anxiety, it totally depends on the feeling a person goes through. The feelings may vary from butterflies in your stomach to the fast-beating heart to give you a fair idea. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety include –

  1. Trouble concentrating
  2. Accelerated heartbeat
  3. Sleepless nights
  4. Restlessness
  5. Rapid breathing

Treatment for anxiety –

Once you have diagnosed the anxiety impact on your body, it is alarming to consult a practitioner immediately. Here, some people require to undergo medicinal treatments, whereas others can overcome anxiety with common solutions. Besides medicine, practitioners recommend using CBD for anxiety and other mental disorders. Many research papers show an impeccable result of cannabis products on anxiety.

Cannabis-enriched products have been seen as an effective solution for mental health issues. As a result, many people shop CBD Canada to get rid of countless health problems, including – depression, anxiety, mood swings, and much more. It has the potential to connect with the skin receptors sending a message to the brain nerves. This results in attaining a peaceful state of mind in no time.

However, it shows promising results, yet it is advisable to consult a practitioner about accurate consumption.

The last word –

Anxiety is turning out to be one of the most common health issues in the world. Where millions of people are getting affected by anxiety, there is a massive number overcoming it. This enlightens the hope in people to see a remarkable change in their lives. Here, a herb like cannabis proves to be of great help. One can soothe anxiety issues with CBD-enriched products but only when taken in an adequate amount.



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