In our latest Artist Spotlight with Carmen Delprat, exploring the artwork she creates feels like stepping inside her incredible mind. It’s inspiring, insightful, and guaranteed to blow your mind.

We spent some time with her to find out more about where her creativity comes from, what the future holds and so much more…

Tell us the journey that led you to launch your career to become a full-time artist

Art has always been my number one passion in my life. My family are highly creative so naturally, I followed in their footsteps to explore my artistic expression. I graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Fine Art straight after high school. Continuing my studies I achieved a Diploma in Art, a Masters Degree in Fine Art and a Diploma in Art Education in the years that followed. My cousin Paul Delprat is the principal of the Julian Ashton Art School at The Rocks in Sydney, so I have been lucky enough to attend his academic fine art classes.

My formal experiences lead me interstate and overseas to work for an award-winning Production and Promotion company called “A Couple of Cowboys”. I was responsible for producing over one thousand illustrations for their international top-selling video board game called “Atmosfear, The Third Dimension” (1995). My passion for sharing artistic visions has lead me to teach full-time. You could say I am a high school teacher by day and an artist by night. Having given total commitment and effort to other businesses and teaching, I live by the mantra to work as hard for yourself as you do for others.

My full-time artistic career really has been a creative project lead by the notion that one day when I look back on my life, I know I have given my utmost attention to art.

You love fashion, how is that portrayed in your work?

Fashion is a fun way to show your creativity and flair with contemporary themes. Who doesn’t love to feel glamorous and special? Wrapping yourself up in a piece of delicate fabric is very pleasurable. My designer art scarf collection “The Art Becomes You”, was inspired by considering how I could pair art with luxury items. Since fashion is ever-changing one can simply dress up any outfit by wearing one of my exclusive scarves and make a bold statement in their own chic way.

Artist Spotlight with Carmen Delprat

How do you want people to feel when they look at your work?

Certain types of artwork can send you on a visual journey of escapism. I would like people to feel uplifted and enjoy the experience of engaging with my work. I am hoping my art makes people feel inspired and evokes a continual experience of pleasure that increases over time and adds elegance and new dimensions to any home.

Being an artist comes with its struggles, how have you overcome these?

Artists can be their own worst critic at times when striving for perfection when perfection doesn’t really exist. I have found that adopting a growth mindset has allowed me to reset how I view the art world and my role in it. Together all artists create a garden of inspiration for the world to see. That also makes me realise that there is enough success for everyone, including you and me. There is no need to be competitive or to compare. Opportunities can be sometimes hidden as hard work. Through persistent effort, I have overcome the many obstacles connected with creativity.

Talk us through an average day in your life…

Well, it may not be what you expect. Early mornings I check my emails, then off to work as a high school teacher encouraging students to find their own creativity in Visual Art and Visual Design. Once home, I catch up with my little cat Leo, and then I review my latest artworks and continue to develop my techniques. Sometimes I need to work on the business side with my website or prepare artwork for customers. I aim to work at least two hours every night sometimes more on my artwork.

What’s the process behind creating a new piece of art?

Since I specialise in illustration, oil painting and printmaking all these processes require different skill sets. For my illustrations, I sketch a few concept ideas as a starting point. My work is multi-layered with symbolism so using technology can be a great tool to arrange my creative compositions and work out ideas. Once I am happy with these concepts, I use the digital idea as a starting point and allow new dimensions to emerge with the physical practice of drawing or painting. If I have an idea in mind, say a particular landscape or a bird for example, I will go on a journey to take photos of my subject as research to get the details right. The rendering of detail takes the longest time. It isn’t that easy to always come up with new works of art, as one needs inspiration. So I seek to find beautiful things that can be reinterpreted in unique ways. I am hoping what I enjoy doing, others will love as much.

Who is involved in the brand and what are their roles?

Actually, I work solo with my brand. However, my sister (Carmel), is assigned to my Facebook art page (Carmen Delprat Art) with administration. We work as a great team together. My role in marketing and branding the CARMEN DELPRAT ART Collection involves everything from start to finish. This includes designing the brand logo, construction and designing my website. I manage all marketing, packaging customer care and relations. For example this year I have reached an international audience with my artwork featured in London’s House & Garden, The World of Interiors, Tatler, Vanity Fair, Vogue, London’s Life Magazine and Condé Nast Traveller.

Since launching to become an artist, is there anything you would do differently? 

Perhaps I could have launched my website earlier, it has only been open since 2020. I wish I had more confidence when I was younger to have entered more art competitions.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

Travelling is the best experience. I have been lucky enough to visit New York and the United Kingdom, Europe would be my next destination with Italy, Paris and Spain a main focus. The Salvador Dali Museum and La Sagrada Familia Cathedral are a must-see. For a destination focusing on relaxation, the Greek Islands or Costa Rica. If you can handle the 24-hour flight, Australia has many beautiful destinations to explore! I would love to learn more about our own indigenous art culture as we have much to learn from our oldest First Nation race here in Australia.

Five years from now, where do you see the brand?

This year I have been planting the seeds for international growth and in five years I am hoping to reach a larger audience of people to enjoy the experience of owning my artwork and maybe even having a collection of my art.

Where can people find out more?

To see my full collection you can visit Or if you like to see works in progress see more on my Instagram and Facebook page as carmendelpratart.


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