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Step into a world of avant-garde glamour with our latest fashion editorial. Evoking the ethereal allure of winter’s icy embrace and the fierce passion of high fashion, each ensemble exudes confidence and sophistication. Join us in redefining elegance in this captivating homage to the fashion forward

Photographer – Narita Savoor

Model – Gianna @ Jadore

Style – Taheed K

Beauty – Drew Suleman

Taheed uses pieces from Azzedine Alaïa archive Halston Ann Demeulemeester Gucci Sanza Ami Maison Margiela and Marni

Everyone knows we love a Girl Boss here at House of Coco so this week we caught up with The Bulb a creative production agency that produces sustainable events. We wanted to know more about the event agency and of course Selina Donald and Ruth Weldon the driving force behind the The Bulb!

They bring creativity and passion ensuring that every event they design and deliver is good for their client, and the clients budget, the community and most importantly the planet.

Tell us a little bit about you – how did you meet?

Ruth We have known each other for over ten years and first met in Leeds. We have the same circle of friends and had been bumping into each other at parties and social gatherings for a while. When I moved to London, I got in touch with Selina as she was looking for a freelancer to work with her at ITV as well as to fill a room at her house. At one point we were living together, working together and planning our business together!

How important is sustainability to you?

Ruth We don’t see sustainability as a separate entity to The Bulb, us or our work. It runs through everything we do – all of our decisions are made based on our values and ethos.

This year has been a momentous year for sustainability and climate change. The creation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the ratification of the Paris Agreement with 112 countries agreeing to do everything in their power to fight climate change. Climate change is a bigger risk to the world than terrorism but yet people just don’t know about it which is worrying.

Selina At the moment we are busy working with a team of experts to finalise our manifesto and reporting and metric system. We have chosen five key areas that we know we can have an impact, reducing food waste, choosing production materials responsibly and setting three year targets that will result in measurable positive social, environmental, economic and community impact.

We are building innovative partnerships with people from different industries, taking findings and understanding how we can be better

Ruth Transparency is one of our core values, and setting clear targets and reporting regularly on them keeps us accountable, drives us and allows us to share what we’ve learned and inspire others to head the same direction. Our approach will develop, grow and adapt as new information and trends shape them, and as our business matures over the years.

How did The Bulb begin? Tell us more about your ethos and what you stand for

Selina Sustainability has always been an interest for me, from an early age I have been following the news on climate change, sustainability development and animal rights. Working on the London 2012 Ceremonies, I was part of the sustainability committee and it was the first time that I realised that events are notoriously wasteful but yet don’t need to be. I’m really proud that we delivered the most sustainable Ceremonies in Olympic and Paralympic history.

Ruth We’ve both worked in the events industry for over ten years, have had brilliant experiences working with huge brands and knew the market was saturated with great agencies. We looked at our passions and expertise as well as what was missing in the market and decided that we wanted to create an innovative and forward thinking agency. Deliver on our passions and expertise.

We spent three months researching, identifying our strengths, weaknesses and meeting key people in the industry and from potential clients to put the concept in front of them and see what they thought. It gave us the confidence to know that it there was a gap and we were the right people to fill it.

We are all about the #girlboss here at HoC tell us what motivates you?

Selina That’s one of our favourite hashtags to use! Other successful women motivate us. We are so lucky to have a group of fantastic and inspirational female friends, mentors and colleagues that we can bounce ideas off, talk through the emotional rollercoaster of running your own business and just encourage and instill confidence in each other.

We went to the recent TEDX Covent Garden Women and it was fantastic – some of the women have been through things that you can’t even imagine and to hear them talk so positively and discuss their achievements was incredible. I guess the other motivation are the young girls that we mentor, we want to succeed so we can inspire them to succeed – if we can do it then so can they.

Favourite holiday destination and why

Ruth As well as The Bulb, we also have another business called Ruth Alexander Weddings which is a wedding planning agency based in Ibiza. Ibiza is an island that has been special to us for a long time and we decided that we wanted a work-life balance from the mania in London and set up over there too. We have ten clients at the moment and all the weddings are beautiful, high-end and creative set everywhere from a beach, to private villas and even one wedding in a woods! It gives us the opportunity to work but also get out of London and get some head space, do some yoga and relax in the Balearic countryside.

What do you like doing to relax?

Selina Ha! – erm…aside from the time out in Ibiza, I really love to read and have to have a book on the go that is nothing to do with work in order to switch off. Recent brilliant recommended reads are When Breathe Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi and Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit – both completely different but brilliant reads.

Ruth I have a puppy, Rafferty. He is absolutely nuts and keeps me on my toes! I love going out for long walks with him and having that time out.

Selina you have an extensive background in events – what makes The Bulb different?

Selina The Bulb is set up differently to any other agency in London. We’ve taken all of our experience and passion and put it into one agency that delivers brilliant, creative events using digital technology and innovations but with the added bonus of being responsible to the environment and society.

We know that the businesses who will thrive in the future – including events companies and those who commission events – are those who can do great things with less. We have done away with the ‘old fashioned’ approach to events with the past legacy of food waste, unconscious energy use, throwaway sets and short-term focus. We also have a particular passion for social sustainability and how we can use events as platforms to empower, educate and engage an audience.

It’s a mans world – have you faced any issues being women in the events industry and how do you tackle them?

We disagree that it’s a man’s world. It’s a scary time but it’s also an exciting time – women are coming together to revolt again patriarchy and rising the profile of women’s rights across the world. Look at the #HeforShe campaign lead by the fantastic Emma Watson, the WOW festival run by Jude Kelly at the Southbank Centre, the rise in feminism across the board – people are talking and making a difference.

Yes, somehow the most powerful position in the world has been filled by a misogynistic predatory man but this should just encourage more shouting and more action. It means that we have to come together as people to highlight and unite against wrongdoings. People are finally talking about rape culture, the gender pay gap, the impact of porn and social media and encouraging women to ‘lean in’ and stand up for themselves and we have to make sure that those conversations do not stop. We certainly won’t be silenced and will shouting from the rooftops, using our events as platforms to further encourage social change.

If you could change one thing about the world today – what would it be?

Selina The current deforestation and impact on the oceans. There are one third less wildlife in the world today since 1970. There are so many species of animals on the brink of being extinct because we, humans, are cutting down their homes, making way for palm oil and the like, filling the oceans with plastic which kills over one million sea animals a year. Every time you use that plastic straw in the pub, it stays on the planet for over 500 years and ends up floating around in the sea. Imagine the world without us, or the world without animals – pretty powerful stark contrast isn’t it?

We are loving Planet Earth Sundays at the minute – how do you spend your days off?

RuthWe LOVE Planet Earth too! There was a great interview with David Attenborough where he was asked what should we do about Donald Trump and he replied, ‘perhaps we should shoot him’. Brilliant! David Attenborough for Prime Minster and World Leader we say!!

Back to the question though… we spend our days off (which are minimal at the moment) with our loved ones, we have the same brilliant circle of friends who are incredibly supportive of what we are doing and we love nothing more than a fun, boozy Sunday roast in an East London pub – red wine, Yorkshire Puddings and lots of laughs!

Your company values are wonderful! How important are they to you to maintain – even in the toughest of situations?

SelinaThe creative concept and sustainability of our events are intertwined. We will not ever deliver an event without the impact of the environment at the forefront of our planning. These are our passions as well as our work so we know that we will maintain them and keep credible.

Name a place in the world where you’d love to organise an event?

Selina I was talking about this last night! Our dream brief would be to organise the an event on the Virgin Galactic Spaceflight. How incredible to organise an event in space, looking back on the Planet. I think it would be a life affirming and changing moment, you would realise just how insignificant we all are.

Richard – if you are reading this – get in touch!

What can we expect from The Bulb in the future?

Ruth BIG things! We are releasing our manifesto and reporting targets in January on our year anniversary. We’ll be starting the year in Las Vegas working on a huge project for Redken. Then we’re working with Vivienne Westwood’s Climate Revolution to produce an 800 people event to start Fashion Week off with a bang in February as well as working on International Parity Day – the day celebrating and promoting equality between everyone. There’s lots of exciting conversations taking place and we absolutely can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.

Who inspires you?

Selina We were incredibly moved by Michelle Obama’s speech on women, education and Donald Trump. It was so powerful, you could have heard a pin drop in our office. Michelle for President 2020 we say!

Ruth Both of us are lucky enough to have fantastic mentors who have supported us along the way and provide objective advice to help us move forward and which we are incredibly grateful for.

Selina We’re also inspired by the younger generation. We keep meetingso many amazing people in their early 20’s who have start-up’s and are absolutely smashing it! It’s so inspiring to see someone young, confident in their abilities and not afraid of failure.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us Selina and Ruth! we are so excited to hear more from The Bulb – and you can keep up with their journey and adventures

Instagram: @thebulbldnTwitter: @thebulbldnFacebook: The Bulb –

This week I caught up with actress and girl boss Victoria Ekanoye to discuss her busy schedule as an actress her charity work and how she maintains that perfect balance and most importantly how she likes to switch off from the world – take an insight into her world!

1) Tell us about your favourite holiday destination?

Ah you’ve started with a tough one! I’ve been so lucky to see so much of the world in my line of work, but Koh Samui, Thailand is probably up there with one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The people are so warm and accommodating, and the food is incredible. Fresh coconuts chopped from the tree every morning is definitely an indulgence I could get used to!

2) You live a fast pace life – with your work between the US, France and the U.K. – what are your beauty regime essentials that you can’t deal without?

With stage/screen make up being an almost daily part of my job, I’d say that regardless of the products, cleansing your skin at night (especially taking off your make up) so that your skin can breathe and heal, is a must! I have an amazing beautician, Claire Hayhurst, at Blush in Rawtenstall and she has recently introduced me to Environ, Skin EssentiA, so I’m currently trialling that. As a basic rule, I drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day, try to get 8 hours sleep every night and have recently cut out dairy, which I’d say has made the biggest different to my whole body.

3) Tell us about your charity work? And why you’re so passionate about it?

I suppose this is how many people feel, but our family seems to have been dealt more than its fair share of illnesses, it’s been really tough. I’m extremely grateful for the aid we’ve received and just feel that with whatever influence I’m fortunate to have, I want to use it to help those who’ve helped us. I’m currently working on projects with Sickle Cell Care Manchester, The Rossendale Hospice and The Christie to help raise funds for the incredible, selfless work they do.

4) We live in a social media age – how do you switch off?

I like to take long baths with essential oils, candles and music. It’s nice to be able to switch off from the constant pinging of a mobile phone and to try and unclog your mind of the days stresses. I fall asleep to guided mediation most nights which really helps to reset my mind for the next day.

5) How did you get into acting?

Well, I didn’t exactly train the conventional way; we couldn’t afford as a family for me to attend the expensive drama schools, but I loved to perform, so I had a rather fanciful childhood of make believe and was constantly asking my family to watch whatever ‘entertainment’ I’d cooked up that week!

I think training in musical theatre is pretty vital as it equips you with technique to fall back on, especially when doing 8 shows a week. Tv and Film work, I feel, leaves a little more scope for raw talent. I struggled initially, feeling I would always be at disadvantage, but then I realised with age that the benefit of not training forced me to really trust my instincts and that in turn stopped me from overthinking the scene and allowed me to develop the character naturally.

I’m a singer first and foremost and so my career began in The Lion King. I went to an open audition and luckily they took a chance on me. It truly was a life changing experience and I couldn’t be more grateful for the lessons I learnt there. That was a pivotal point in my career and life and I’ll always have a place in my heart for the people and the show.

6) Any tips for young actresses trying to make it?

Get as much experience as you can (paid or unpaid), trust your instincts and never stop learning. My very first Lion King director, Alex Sumner Hughes, suggested I try a few classes at The Actors Centre in Covent Garden, London and it ignited a little flame in belly for the tiny but vital subtleties in screen acting; the micro expressions, active listening, reacting…it made me want to film as much as possible so that I could watch my scenes back and really be honest with myself, work out what my strengths and my weaknesses were.

I found it so important to be able to self critique, it enabled me to find my niche, but it was also really important to be able to take others’ constructive criticism, both actors and non actors.

We aren’t always aware of how we come across and I really feel that your perspective must always be challenged in order for you to learn and grow. Plus you may be really funny and missing out on a career as the new Robin Williams, but not know it!
Last, but probably most important – don’t be disheartened by a ‘No’. A ‘No’ is just an opinion, opinions are subjective and that one person’s taste may completely differ from the next. This is your dream, not theirs, so don’t give them the power to put out that fire in your belly…persevere.

7) We also heard that you like to sing! Tell us more about that!

Haha, I’m sure I drove my family and friends insane as a a little girl singing Whitney around the house. My mum loved her and I was just blown away by the command she had over her instrument. She was the reason I started singing and all I knew how to do was mimic her. My mum once entered me into local Stars in Their Eyes competition without telling me and I won singing ‘I Will Always Love You’. I think that was the point where I thought..hmmm maybe I’m not too bad at this!! I used to write a lot, which I always promised myself I would pick up again, but I never imagined I would end up in Musical Theatre as I had a crippling fear of acting.

The Lion King knocked that right out of me! You’re on stage, 6 nights a week, in front of over 2000 people, in one of the biggest shows in the world and you’re surrounded by such incredible talent…it is terrifying. But, you learn fast and you grow and ultimately you know that you don’t get to say ‘sorry guys, I messed up, can we just do that bit again. It’s live! So you just have to throw yourself in the deep end and trust yourself. It was my training and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. At the moment, whilst working on tv, I don’t get to sing as much as I’d like, but when I’m lucky enough it’ll be jazz, the blues and every now and then a little rock!

8) What does sickle cell mean to you – and as an ambassador of the charity – what more can we do for awareness

Unfortunately, Sickle Cell is an illness that a lot of people suffer from, but not a lot of people know about. Simply put, it’s a severe form of anaemia. Best case scenario, you’re extremely lucky and don’t suffer too badly from the symptoms, are able to live a relatively normal life and are lucky enough to have children; maybe even see them have children. Worst case scenario, you can be on life time medication, become bed ridden, require regular blood transfusions, life saving operations, sometimes amputations and sadly, it can be fatal.

More than anything, because the doctors are already working brilliantly, I want to really help raise awareness of the condition and subsequently more funds, in order to enrich the lives of those suffering.

9) You seem like the perfect Girl Boss, everything we love at House of Coco – but girl bosses have a lot to balance – how do you manage your time – and how do you stay focused?

My calendar is my saviour! The minute I’m asked to do something, arrange anything, it goes straight in and gets checked regularly. There are a million positives to being a part of the entertainment industry, we’re extremely fortunate, but one of the few negatives is that you can’t really plan ahead with your loved ones.

My schedule can get really hectic and there isn’t a lot of routine as filming schedules can change last minute, so you just have to get good at dealing with change. Meditation and training come hand in hand and really help me to focus on the task at hand rather than allowing my mind to wander. My trainer, Lisa Latona, at Nuffield Health really pushes me and helps me step outside my comfort zone, which in turn equips me to be mentally stronger and take on whatever fun new challenge life throws into the mix!

10) It is so important to have ‘Me Dates’ what do you do in your spare time just to treat yourself and take care of your soul?

They say ‘home is where the heart is’, so flying to my home in Villefranche Sur Mer is all the soul healing I need. There’s nothing like getting off the plane, feeling that warm air on your skin, that distinctive scent of the Mediterranean and being greeted by the big grin on my partner’s face. Cheesy, I know, but life is for living and I intend to love unashamedly.

Family really is everything and when we get the chance we like to take trip to The Woodland spa in Burnley, I challenge anyone to leave not feeling like they’ve had a reboot! Lastly, my closest friends keep me sane and there’s no better feeling than laughing until your stomach hurts, which we do regularly, so spending time with them is always therapeutic.

11) The best place you’ve eaten?

Ah this is so hard, I’m such a foodie! I’m not sure I can choose as I ate at some incredible places before progressing to a plant based diet and although there are more and more options in restaurants now, I still prefer to cook at home for friends and family. My favourite cuisine is Thai, but I have to be a little reserved with the chillies when cooking for others, as I like it very very spicy.

12) What’s in your bag?

Haha, erm…depends on where I’m going! I guess on a normal day I’ll always have water, hand cream/san’, car/housekeys, my bank card, chewing gum, my fave perfume Absolutey Blooming by Dior and a red lipstick in case it turns into an evening affair.

13) What are you listening to?

My taste in music has become quite eclectic over the years, purely because of the different genres I’ve needed to research for work. Besides Sade, whom I can listen to whatever the weather, it often depends on my mood. I love the Blues and trip hop artists like Portishead, but then I love the high energy of a Basement Jaxx track. My fave ‘newer’ artists are London Grammar, JP Cooper, Ry X and Jack Garrat, but my song obsession at the moment is ‘Eclipse’ by Joseph Lawrence and The Garden. Love love love that kind of vocal. Having said all that, you can never go wrong with Tina and MJ!

Photo Credits

Photographer | Narita Savoor

Beauty | Natasha Ekanoye @ Liberte Rawtenstall

Styled by | Taheed Khan using pieces from Hosh Rosie Billington Monokain and Lisa Jayne Dann exclusive

Assitant | Kirsty Kaye

Location | Gotham Hotel Manchester

Shot exclusively for House of Coco

I waited to write this article – to remind me of sunnier and more pleasant times during this dark grey January.

When my editor surprised me with a trip to Barcelona and Madrid – I was more than happy to go! it had been an incredibly hectic few months over at House of Coco HQ so a couple days exploring Barcelona and Madrid sounded like the perfect way to unwind and relax!

Barcelona is full of history and the famous Gaudi architecture that surrounds Barcelona is not only breathtaking but utterly beautiful. I arrived late Tuesday evening at the NH Hotel Poduim – greeted with a beautiful cocktail and wonderful canapes – I soon fogot about the 2 hour flight!

They say it is the small things you should pick up on when arriving at a luxury hotel, and if the NH Collection hotels are anything to go by, I definitely knew I was in for 4 days of opulence and complete grandeur. The attention to detail is beyond expectation – the courteous staff and refreshments make me feel more than welcome!

NH Collection Gran Hotel Calderon is where we check in – my room is perfectly equipped with a view of Barcelona that is nothing but perfection. Each room perfect for all your needs depending on what they are. In the afternoon we are given a gastro experience which is hosted by award winning chef Andrea Tumbarello – beautiful cocktails and wine are served with mouth–watering dishes! It’s an experience that titillates all your senses!

Next on the agenda is Madrid!

We arrive in Madrid late in the evening and check into NH Hotel Suecia – a much more boutique hotel – rather than the modern clean lines of the NH Hotels in Barcelona – this hotel focuses on art, clever use of mirrors which are used as note boards – personalised by welcoming you to their hotel. NH Collection Suecia has a moody lights low kind of vibe and an incredibly sensual experience plays in my room – the bathroom is warm and scented beautifully! The hotel preserves aspects of the former landmark building inaugurated by Prince Bertil of Sweden and is known for being Hemingway’s home during his stays in Madrid.

When staying here I urge you to take the lift to the 11th floor to The Atico Casa Suecia where the views of the entire city are completely mesmerising during the day as well as the evening – almost making you feel you’ve left the actual hotel – it is a definite site of its own! That evening we are being hosted at the NH Collection Eurobuilding for dinner.

The joys of the NH experience, what I have come to realise, is that each one is different – expect the unexpected but always be impressed. The Eurobuilding is cool, calm and collected, embracing technology and making it fashionable. A roof which is a giant visual of colours and beautiful scenes from Madrid is an actual treat to view.

Rested, relaxed and feeling completely refreshed! I am awake and ready to explore more of the amazing NH Collection Suecia – breakfast is once again an array of choice and high standard! Nothing beats a good coffee in the morning! I prepare for the day! After a quick workout in the hotel’s gym, which is perfectly equipped for all your needs!

Lunch today is at Santceloni an exclusive 2 Michelin star restaurant headed by NH chef Oscar Velasco – everything exudes beauty! the al la carte menu is completely to die for – taking you on a journey of the senses – the choice of plates and cutlery down to the beautiful lighting makes you feel you’ve walked into another dimension. Wine so perfectly partnered with each course and my favourite being the fish option – breaking in my mouth so gently and softly – everything is seasoned to perfection. The food is genius created by a genius and each morsel makes you feel special.

After a splendid lunch we have some free time! and free time for me – only means one thing. Shopping! Madrid doesn’t disappoint! a hop and skip away all my favourite shops and boutiques and located nearby. The streets are bustling full of fashionable women and well dressed men! outfits so perfectly put together – I mentally make a note to come back again! Tonight the hotel is hosting a party to launch the 5 star hotel to the who’s who of Madrid and we are invited! And to represent House of Coco in true style – I team my black Monokain Jeans with a white Canalli shirt my favourite Gucci Jacket and finished perfectly with Chanel accessories – I am in Spain though and I want some Spanish pizazz added to my outfit and what is more Spanish than a giant hat!? A hat fit for a king! resembling a stylish sombrero!

My outfit is a complete hit at the event! I have a few people wanting to take pictures with me – and ask me whether I’m famous! ‘Darling, I just look it’. Madrid knows how to throw a party! The evening is a complete success and full of laughter – ending up in my bedroom at 2am with a fellow journalist friend ordering room service! and yes they do! and yes it was fresh! and yes it was complete luxury!

The next morning, head feeling a little sore – nothing a good coffee cannot fix! – we head out to explore more of Madrid. We do the so called ‘art walk’ and it is not disappointing! The weather is perfect and the air is crisp – the buildings are stunning and Madrid is full of sites! Wonderful, magical, perfect photo opportunity sites! We arrive at Museo del Prado designed in 1785 by architect of the enlightenment in Spain Juan de Villanueva on the orders of Charles III to house the Natural History Cabinet.

We view pieces by the famous Goya – pieces which I have wanted to see with my own eyes since I was very young. Completely fascinated by each brush stroke, I feel overwhelmingly grateful that I have seen these pieces – ‘The Dog’ being one of my favourites, and ‘Saturn Devouring His Son’. The whole experience is magnificent, the museum is full of history and you could happily spend a whole day in there! I highly recommend this experience.

Our farewell 2 Michelin Star lunch is held at La Terraza del Casino, and I have heard so many amazing things about this place! The NH Collection team have been nothing but wonderful! and this final farewell is something completely special. I carefully open the doors to the building and we walk up a set of steps leading to a lobby, which hosts a room that screams opulence – beautiful rich and extravagant paintings hang from the walls. At this point, you know your experience here will be one to remember! A few floors up we head into the dining room – the décor completely different from the previous rooms we have seen. You almost feel like you have stepped back into the twenties, everything monochrome and styled perfectly.

The light in the dining room is crisp and natural – the mood and feeling is warm and inviting. The atmosphere is infectious the building itself is surrounded by good company. Fine dining at its finest – the views of Madrid are the perfect backdrop for your incredible meal. Cocktails are made in front of us – the crisp and ever so fresh Pisco Sour is must! Snacks include Olive oil butter and tasty shrimp omelette! My ultimate dish of the whole experience is the Pidgeon – rich flavoursome and partnered incredibly well with yuca and dates – this is a first for me and definitely a last because I would be surprised if anyone else could ever manage this for me again especially to this standard!

I describe this whole food experience during my stay in Madrid as Haute Cuisine – food that is art – food so good that you want to take pictures of it so when you get old and the memories fade – you have a visual reminder of how magnificent the food was on this trip.

The NH Hotels are all about originality – their hotels are perfect for whatever kind of trip you decide to embark on. Each one with it’s own personality and creativity! As a guest you have the opportunity to enjoy a new culinary experience, an experience which you will never forget whether it is the modern fast paced NH Hotels over in Barcelona or the avant grade experience of the Suecia in Madrid – either way, I know I will be back!

Hidden in Cheshire lies ‘The Vicarage’

Perfect for a weekend getaway – this place offers the most beautiful bedrooms and a mouth watering menu with the most idyllic backdrops of countryside scenes – it is hard to fault this place.

Luxury at an incredible price – beautiful furniture and finishing’s and a clear indication that incredible consideration has been taken to make sure each bedroom is at a high standard – with bespoke features and an incredible bed!

Our bedroom had en suite which had a stand alone bath – and all the amenities that you should require whilst away. The final touches are incredible. The bath stands by the window overlooking the green fields and a perfect blue sky. As the sun rose the whole room is engulfed in the most indulgent light that you just peacefully sink into the bath with the most perfect book – and the luxurious bath soak which they provide completely highlights all your senses and leaves you feeling completely relaxed.

The menu hosts a variety of dishes ranging from steak to fish and a few vegetarian options. Service is given with a smile and the upmost politeness! I opted for the cod which is succulent and full of flavour! I am not one to usually opt for dessert – however the cheesecake on the menu looks so delectable! And I am right every spoonful of the cheesecake is like a tiny piece of heaven exploding in your mouth! Each dish arrives like a work of art making it hard to resist and even more harder to touch because it is so lavish! Affordable luxury at its finest. The Chef at The Vicarage is a magician!

Overall the stay in ‘The Vicarage’ is perfection – a beautiful choice of wine and food in the most well designed establishments in the Cheshire area! Sleep is blissful that evening – we wake feeling so replenished and relaxed. Breakfast is served and once again has a variety of options ranging from fresh fruit and traditional Cheshire yoghurt which is perfection and I highly recommend you try!

House of Coco highly recommend The Vicarage it is perfect for a romantic getaway or with a group of friends! and what sell it more to us is that this luxurious and tantalising establishment is dog friendly! my miniature schnauzer was completely catered for too! He left with a massive smile on his face, like myself! we will be back to experience this wonderful place in the winter which I can only imagine with the beautiful country surroundings is postcard perfection.

It is 9:30pm on a Tuesday night, I get a call from my editor – surely I have not missed a deadline? ‘Do we have a photoshoot?’, quick questions run through my mind – I take the call. ‘Pack your bags, you’re going to Monaco’ she continues ‘And once you are done there, Barcelona’ – I check to see if I’m still asleep, very awake! and a bruised arm later – I mentally plan my wardrobe, realising actually I don’t have any time whatsoever – I rush off to pack. Nothing screams adventure like a trip to Monaco and Barcelona.

Sat in the airport – It becomes more of a reality! Tanned from my escapades in Spain the week before, I’m so glad that my holiday wardrobe works on my new found skin tone! I decide to take a look at the Itinerary. I will be attending the Au Soleil summer soiree hosted by the Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts.

The adventure begins when I board a helicopter from Nice airport to take me to Monaco – as we fly over the French Riviera – I can’t help but imagine what is in store! The views from up above are impeccable – stunning crystal blue seas – yachts bigger than my house! White sand beaches if everything looks so magical up here, I can’t wait to land.

I place my oversized Dior sunglasses on my face – as I leave the helicopter, channelling my inner Grace Kelly. This was her life – once upon a time she owned this – so I’m doing this for her.

I am shown my room – as the door opens – I am greeted by the view, quintessentially French Riveria – the crisp blue sky meets the charming aqua blue sea – which touches the white sands so perfectly – it is inviting you in! The bedroom itself is a haven just in case it decided to rain! It is one of those rooms you wouldn’t mind being locked in!

Feeling refreshed and showered I go downstairs to meet my host, as I approach the lobby I am greeted by a sparkling aperitif and it’s over cocktails I meet the wonderful Nastasia of Dame Traveller and Angelina of The Lovely Escapist – sometimes press trips are much more fun when you’ve got your girls!

Dinner that evening is at Avenue 31 – a charming idyllic restaurant 5 minutes away from the hotel – the food is sublime and the service is impeccable, each course is partnered well with a fantastic wine.

As I wake up in the morning, I realise I slept with curtains open – and this was on purpose – I wanted to be greeted with the view – and there is nothing more spectacular than waking up to a sunrise from the comfort of your own bed and at Le Meridien Monaco – this is possible!

Monaco is perfect, perfectly expensive and rich smelling – the yachts are super – the labels are everywhere – the go to holiday destination of the rich and famous. As we stroll the streets and admire the buildings – everything is beautiful the way the flowers are arranged down to the pavements. We stop to get coffee, and literally missing an actual ‘bumping into’ Liza Minelli, like you do, after all this is Monaco.

Exploring the streets of Monte Carlo – we find the church where Grace Kelly got married – making the perfect picture opportunity – we have been walking for hours and I have deleted every app on my phone that could possibly make room for more pictures. I have never been anywhere where the views have been so spectacular whether it is of the sea or the cliffs behind us – we seem to stop and go ‘wow’ every few minutes! We continue exploring, eating ice creams and of course I have to sneak in some shopping! It is Monaco! It would be rude not to!

Arriving back at the hotel – we are treated to a drive in a vintage car! Wearing tailored shorts and a crisp white shirt – the car is a peugeot 406. It is the perfect colour of cadet blue and goes well with my outfit – driving through the picturesque french riviera it is easy to see why old Hollywood flocked here from Kelly, Hepburn to Gable – the place oozes class prestige and most of all it is serene – the panoramic views are enough to leave you speechless and driving in a car with the top down it’s hard not to emulate that classic Gable persona.

The evening arrives the hotel is hosting the Au Soleil summer soiree. The past few days have
seemed like a dream from an old Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart film retro glam travel teamed perfectly with the vintage suitcases – the soiree is set on the beach which the sea and the sky provide the most indulgent backdrop. Sipping Rose underneath yellow umbrellas which provide that perfect amount of shade from that golden hour burn. Wide straw beamed hats teamed with oversized sunglasses, the wind blows gently and in the corner of my eye 3 older gentlemen in ivory suits share a cigar. Truth be told if I closed my eyes I could almost imagine this whole scene 50 years ago – it is classic. Le Meridien have not only created a beautiful event that invigorates all your senses but has created a memory that will last forever, all those feelings of nostalgia were set on fire. As the night draws to an end – the singer performs an acoustic rendition of La Isla Bonita – the stars appear and the canapes which are so moorish are soon finished. That indeed was a summer soiree.

A hop a skip and a flight later – I am in Barcelona! Now I have a love for Barcelona which rivals New York – it is cool, it is contemporary there is amazing architecture the food the art – If I was given the opportunity to live there – it would be snatched. However all the times I have been to Barcelona I have never travelled outside of the centre. And this trip was the perfect opportunity – we arrived at Le Meridien Ra which is located in Castell – an hours drive from Barcelona.

Greeted by thee most cutest ice cream truck – it is the perfect remedy after a 2 hour journey and a luggage mix up! All hotels should do this! I open the doors to my room – and this one is different from Monaco – this is streamlined focusing on features like the huge water feature which is derived from the sea and creating a pool like feature outside my window. There is more thought taken into the furniture. It is slick and sophisticated and by my bed is Harper’s Bazaar and Spanish Vogue – they knew I was coming.

Spain is chilled, unlike the fast paced life in Monaco – we take time indulging and reflecting – we are given the opportunity to stargaze at night on top of the hotel’s roof – and through giant
telescopes I find jupiter and Saturn – this is a truly thrilling experience having always been a solar system geek.

There is something more personal about Le Meridien Ra – the staff are incredibly helpful and seem to know my name – always offering to help and opening doors. The hotel itself is magnificent and old 1920 children’s hospital which has been modernised but kept its cool high ceilings and windows. It also houses its own orchard with orange trees and grapevines which are located in the blissful courtyard. The property is ideally placed on the beach front but is the perfect combination of modern and classic spanish architecture – clever use of minimalism that partner so well with the outstanding views! Le Meridien is full of surprises and stories – and it down to you to find them. It would be rude not to take advantage of this magnificent hotel and we hold an impromptu photoshoot! Styled in a White Joseph shirt Boots from Daniel Footwear Jacket by Gucci and in my favourite ACNE jeans – the 1920’s building is a the perfect backdrop

Overall it has been a wonderful trip full of midnight walks getting lost in Barcelona! New experiences and trying new foods. Making new friends and making memories, laughing uncontrollably, making plans and talking about dreams – and all the perfect ingredients for the perfect adventure.

Indulge in the sartorial splendour of ‘Virgo’s Revenge,’ a breathtaking fashion editorial that channels the Virgo zodiac sign’s meticulous finesse into an electrifying style statement. This editorial unfolds like a meticulously choreographed fashion ballet, where each ensemble is a testament to Virgo’s unwavering commitment to perfection.

Immerse yourself in a world of haute couture, where clean lines, earthy hues, and exquisite tailoring converge to create fashion that’s as enchanting as it is refined. ‘Virgo’s Revenge’ isn’t just an editorial; it’s a fashion manifesto that showcases how precision can be the ultimate form of self-expression.

Photographer – Narita Savoor

Model – Jazmine Darson

Beauty – Drew Suleman

Stylist – Taheed K

In an extraordinary display of sportsmanship and dedication, Lexus, the luxury automaker known for its commitment to excellence, recently extended a special invitation to yours truly, to witness the thrilling Davis Cup match between Great Britain and Switzerland. This VIP experience took place in the heart of Manchester, where Andy Murray’s remarkable victory tugged at our heartstrings and left an indelible mark on the world of tennis. And whats a magical moment without a friend! So I invited my good friend Nina to share the experience with me.

The Davis Cup match, held at Manchester’s iconic tennis arena, was nothing short of electrifying. The atmosphere was electric, with a sea of fans donning their national colors, chanting and cheering for their respective teams. However, the real magic was awaiting us in Lexus’s lavish VIP suite.

As we stepped into the suite, we were greeted with opulence and sophistication that Lexus is renowned for. Plush leather seats, panoramic views of the court, and an ambiance that oozed luxury immediately set the tone for what would be an unforgettable evening.

The match itself was a rollercoaster of emotions, with both sides displaying exceptional skill and determination. But it was Andy Murray who stole the show. In a moment that will be etched in tennis history, Murray, despite facing a tough opponent in the Swiss team, showcased his unwavering dedication by clinching the match. His victory was made even more poignant when we learned that he had missed his grandmother’s funeral to play in this crucial game.

Following the victory, Murray delivered a heartwarming dedication to his late grandmother, expressing his love and gratitude for her unwavering support throughout his career. It was a touching moment that left not a dry eye in the suite.

But the tennis match was not the only thing that left our taste buds tingling; the culinary delights served in the Lexus VIP suite were equally spectacular. We were treated to an exquisite menu that featured delectable salmon caviar, prepared with precision, and paired with the finest champagne. The combination of flavours was a gastronomic delight, a perfect complement to the thrilling match unfolding before our eyes.

As we sipped on our champagne and savoured the salmon caviar, the Davis Cup match reached its climax, and the euphoria in the suite was palpable. Witnessing Andy Murray’s victory, coupled with his heartfelt dedication to his grandmother, was an experience that transcended mere sports entertainment; it was a testament to the values of dedication, perseverance, and the indomitable human spirit.

Lexus, through this VIP experience, not only demonstrated its commitment to luxury and excellence but also provided an unforgettable evening that allowed us to witness history in the making. The combination of world-class tennis, heartfelt emotions, and culinary delights made this an evening we will cherish forever, leaving us eagerly anticipating future partnerships between Lexus and the world of sports.

Indulge in the enchanting fusion of fashion and nature in our editorial, “Visions of Venus” Marie gracefully navigates the shoreline, embodying a seamless blend of coastal charm and style. Reflective textures and sunlit accents capture the essence of the beach, while inventive makeup and hair designs complement the natural setting. This editorial beautifully marries earthly elements, offering a captivating synergy between fashion and nature’s splendor. Join us for a serene coastal journey where elegance and the environment converge in perfect harmony.

Stylist | Taheed Khan

Photography | Narita Savoor

Beauty | Drew Suleman

Model | Marie @ Boss

Featuring Loewe, Archive Versace Roberto Cavalli Escada Donna Karen Birdshell Daren and Sicily

San Francisco, the vibrant city on the west coast of the United States, is a destination that caters to all kinds of travelers. From its iconic landmarks to its diverse culinary scene, there is something for everyone. As a luxury seeker, I recently had the opportunity to experience the best of San Francisco, indulging in the finer things the city has to offer. Join me on a journey through my itinerary, filled with exquisite dining, breathtaking views, and memorable experiences.

Upon my arrival at San Francisco International Airport, I was whisked away to the luxurious LUMA Hotel by Uber. This contemporary hotel, located at 100 Channel Street, provided the perfect base for my stay. After freshening up and taking some time to rest, I eagerly headed to Pier 3 for a Premier Dinner Cruise with City Experiences. The three-hour yacht cruise offered an unparalleled dining experience with a plated dinner featuring a delicious summer menu. As we sailed along the San Francisco Bay, the city’s skyline, including iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and Alcatraz Island, provided a stunning backdrop. With DJ entertainment and a wide selection of beverages, the night was truly unforgettable.

The following day, I embarked on the Ultimate San Francisco Food Tour. Led by City Experiences, this tour took us through historic family-run eateries in three iconic neighborhoods. From delis and bakeries to taquerías and dim sum spots, each stop revealed a part of San Francisco’s culinary story. The tour culminated in a uniquely San Franciscan dish, a perfect reflection of the city’s diverse food culture. After savoring the local flavors, we made our way to the Fillmore Jazz Festival in Pacific Heights. The festival, spread across 12 blocks, combined soulful live music with fine arts and crafts. It was a delightful experience that celebrated the sounds of the city.

On the third day, we visited The Ferry Building Marketplace, which was celebrating its 125th birthday. This vibrant gathering of local farmers, artisan producers, and independent food businesses showcased the best of Northern California’s culinary scene. I recommend Peaches Patties – thank me later. After a tour and brunch, we immersed ourselves in the fascinating history of the San Francisco Giants with a group tour of Oracle Park. From there, we explored the Mission Rock Development, an exciting new project in the city. To end the day on a flavorful note, we dined at Spark Social, a food truck park in the heart of Mission Bay. With over 150 unique street food vendors, it was an ever-changing culinary adventure.

The fourth day began with a bike tour across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, offering breathtaking views of the city and Sausalito. We then enjoyed a delightful lunch at Boudin at the Wharf, a historic bakery famous for its sourdough bread. The tour continued with a visit to the Cable Car Museum, where I learned about the history of San Francisco’s beloved cable cars. In the evening, we savoured the culinary creations of SAN HO WON, a Korean charcoal BBQ restaurant that boasted one Michelin star. The combination of traditional Korean tastes and innovative techniques made for an exceptional dining experience.

As the trip neared its end, we had the opportunity to explore Chinatown via the new Central Subway, which opened earlier this year. The subway not only provided convenient transportation but also showcased striking visual public art that celebrated the vibrant culture of Chinatown. We visited Edge on the Square, the Bay Area’s first Asian American Pacific Islander contemporary arts and media hub, where creativity and culture thrived. The day concluded with a visit to John’s Grill, a San Francisco institution celebrating its 115th year, followed by a Fourth of July Fireworks Cruise with Red and White Fleet. The dazzling fireworks show against the city skyline was a fitting grand finale to our trip.

San Francisco, with its rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and culinary delights, offers a plethora of luxurious experiences for discerning travelers. From elegant dinner cruises to immersive food tours and cultural explorations, this city caters to those seeking the finer things in life. My journey through San Francisco left me with lasting memories and a deep appreciation for the city’s unique charm. Whether you’re a luxury seeker or simply looking for an extraordinary adventure, San Francisco is the perfect destination to indulge your senses and create unforgettable moments.