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Have you ever used a snowmobile before? Or are you heading out west for the first time to get a true taste of mountain biking? Looking for a little more adventure than the typical dime-a-dozen guided tours available when visiting Salt Lake City, Park City, or the Heber Valley area? Among all the other places and tours, back-country snowmobiling in Herber is one of the best tours you can find.

How To Book Tours With Back Country Snowmobile:

Firstly, reservations for guided tours are only accepted in advance, and are also subject to the availability of both guides and equipment. For a full day, each guided trip lasts roughly specific hours. The type of terrain you ride will depend on the ability level of your group. There will be a lot of off-trail mountain biking! Your guides are experienced backcountry experts, not just any old riders! 

Depending on the size of your party, you will have one or two guides. Each group is required to have a minimum of two and a maximum of eight snowmobilers. There will be a required safety briefing during the tour since these are real off-trail, back-country tours. Information on avalanche safety, the operation and usage of avalanche gear, and general guidelines for an off-trail backcountry trip will all be discussed. Every guide approaches you with medical kits, survival kits, GPS/satellite communication devices, and training in wilderness first aid or first responders. 

The only thing you must be mindful of is that you cannot reserve a guided tour online. Your guided tour must be scheduled by phone. This ensures fluent communication and zero room for misunderstanding.

Important Things:

Safety Gear:

All Backcountry Guided Snowmobile trips include radios, an avalanche transceiver, a backpack, probes, and a shovel, as well as a bag to hold your lunch and any more personal belongings you might wish to bring!

Each rental comes with a helmet free of charge. If you don’t have access to rental goggles, bring your own or invest in a high-end helmet with a dual-pane visor.

Items for Rental:

Eyewear, High-end Helmet, Snowsuits/Coat/Boots, or for all three.

For hygienic reasons, some dealers do not rent gloves; however, during our snow season, you can buy gloves from the office.

The approved dealer offers many premium brands, like BCA, Ortovox, Fly Racing, Arva, Klim, and more! They also sell gloves, snow safety packs, avalanche transceivers, and apparel!

Best Snowmobile:

The Summit 850 is a powerful vehicle that blends that strength with the renowned agility of Ski-Doo. The 850 is the perfect vehicle for backcountry adventures since it is designed for the top-notch snowmobiling. 

It is important to choose snowmobiles from top-notch outdoor recreational dealers. These dealers have consistently provided excellent service, brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment, and reasonable costs. They are renowned for providing safe, entertaining, and educational excursions and rentals. 

Everyone can find something to enjoy in Salt Lake City, the Great Salt Lake, Park City, or Heber City, regardless of their desire for adventure! This is the ideal leisure outing for family, friends, and even the kids you nanny for, with activities for ages 8 and above!


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