Nowadays, eyeglasses are not a single vision correction tool, sometimes they also act as a decorative role; many award ceremonies can see stars wearing glasses on stage to receive the award. So how do we pick the right glasses for us? What kind of glasses are suitable for a round face?

A round face with a fuller forehead and lower jaw. You should avoid wearing a flat round or round style, which will make your face look fatter, you should choose glasses with thicker frames and flat rectangular lenses, so that the whole will look a little more coordinated!

Fitting Principles

You must remember that round faces are shaped and square faces are oval. Frames should not be the same as the face shape but they should not be the extreme opposite either.

Frame Glasses Must Remember To Complement Each Other

 If you are not very satisfied with your face, the shape of the frame should not be the same as the face, “round on round”, or “square with square” formed by the visual effect will be too strong; but also can not be overkill to choose an extreme opposite of the face frame, so as not to let people far A look, on the sudden in the frame under the face, impressed. For example, a round face should avoid round frames and a square face should avoid square frames; conversely, a round face is not suitable for square frames and a square face is not suitable for round frames.

Frames Should Be Parallel To The Shape Of The Face

 The shape of the frame should be able to balance the shape of the face, comparing the upper and lower edges of the frame. If the lower edge is big, the lower jaw will be fat, and if the lower edge is small, the lower jaw will be thin. Therefore, people with a slightly chubby face should choose frames with a slightly reduced lower edge, while people with a thin chin should choose frames with a slightly wider lower edge.

Nowadays, many myopic people will choose myopic sunglasses for traveling. What kind of myopic sunglasses are suitable for round faces? Don’t choose sunglasses with overly colorful yellow or red lenses or slim frame lines, as this will make your face look bigger. Choose glasses with thicker frames and cooler colored lenses: this will make your face look less round.

If you are naturally beautiful and do not want to wear glasses to cover your beauty, you can choose to wear contact lenses; after all, you can see many female celebrities attending important occasions without glasses, we do not believe that so many female celebrities do not have nearsightedness, it is impossible. The stars are also deeply aware of the health reasoning, they will not unnecessarily only look at the contact or frame, they are alternative, which is very healthy from the concept of optometry point of view.

Everyone’s face shape will be different, so the above method can only provide a reference. CheRing offers a wide range of frames in a variety of shapes for you to choose from.


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