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Baubles to bring some magic and sparkle to your Christmas

Nothing quite celebrates the arrival of the festive season than seeing kaleidoscopic baubles appear in boutique shops and department stores.

Nothing quite celebrates the arrival of the festive season than seeing kaleidoscopic baubles appear in boutique shops and department stores. There are plenty of fantastic creations this year to bring some celebratory cheer to the end of a tumultuous year.

Tom Martin

If you are looking for artisanal baubles, the number one place you should visit is Tom Martin’s website. Each bauble is painstakingly hand-painted using a 400-year-old Chinese craft of inside painting. The process involves hand-painting, in reverse, on the inside surface of the glass using tiny hooked paintbrushes lowered in through a small hole at the top of each globe. He has created the official bauble of Claridge’s Hotel and Annabel’s nightclub. Designs including snow-laden forests and The Snowman have been impressing audiences across the globe, as they are sold in over 20 countries on 5 continents.




It is all about sustainability with their Christmas decorations this year as they’ve unveiled the largest sustainable collection ever sold. This is in keeping with their ongoing, Project Earth initiative aimed at changing the way we shop. They’ve stocked decorations from the likes of Felt So Good which focuses on using eco-friendly materials and supporting Fairtrade. And they’ve also commissioned pieces to celebrate the multitude of gift ideas on offer at this ever-popular department store.


Graham and Green

For those who want to avoid a mishmash of bauble decorations, this family-run homeware brand has helpfully curated a 2020 baubles trend guide. They include kitsch, celestial, whimsical menagerie, Christmas past, and island paradise, so you just need to focus on your personal preference. With the likes of a beaded skull and glass chilli, I am personally voting for kitsch.



From a world-famous department store, you would rightfully expect to find the most extravagant, outrageous baubles imaginable. They have some stupendous offerings this year including the likes of the Wedgwood tree bauble with their customary blue porcelain and the intricately designed floral bauble from Jayne Redmond. Harrods have also commissioned their own line of baubles including elegant bow and silver drops baubles to child-friendly Santa Globe Christmas bauble.


Hedges and Flowers

If you want to enjoy a Christmas tipple along with your baubles, then these renowned florists have just the offering for you with their limited edition floral bauble and spritz kit. The ornate baubles contain precious, dried flowers whilst the kit contains ST~GERMAIN Elderflower Liqueur. Each bottle contains 1,000 hand-picked, wild elderflower blossoms. Each bottle is individually numbered to reflect which year the flowers were picked.

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With a plethora of Christmas baubles to choose from this year, why don’t you consider treating yourself to something a little magical and also surprise your friends and family with some festive bauble cheer?