Great groomsmen gifts should be personal at the same time practical. The difference between a meaningful item and something that just sits on the shelf and collects dust is a thin line – especially so when it comes to wedding-related giveaways. It may be a hard call what to put as groomsmen gifts depending on how close the groom is to his buddies.

Choosing a gift will be easier when the focus is directed to the main point like the wedding theme or the season of the year when the wedding is set. Groomsmen’s gift should be something that is convenient and at the same time, something the groom’s men will surely like. The possibilities are limitless.

Following are top ideas by season that can be readily customized for any groomsmen group, and used instantly during the wedding or later as memorabilia. Remember to wrap them nicely according to the theme wedding and enclosed them with a little thank you card.

Spring Groomsmen Gifts

If the groomsmen are big sports fans and you are having a spring wedding, this may be the ideal time to opt for these gifts. Most sports items like golf and ski equipment are part of the sale schemes of most stores. This season also has two holidays namely, Easter and Memorial Day. These holidays would imply weekend sales. Here are the top picks for spring groomsmen gifts:

  • Engraved NBA Cufflinks

Who doesn’t love NBA? Keep groomsmen gifts chic and sporty at the same time with these lucrative cufflink designs. Shops can customize the cufflinks depending on the groomsman friend’s favorite basketball team.

  • Party Tub Cooler

Tub coolers that are large enough to hold cold beverages for parties are can be indispensable items. While chilling after the wedding, groomsmen stay chilling with this groomsmen gift when they are too lazy to get up and get cold drinks from the fridge. They can use this when watching playoffs with friends too. Tub coolers are one handy groomsmen gift!

  • Pocket Multi-purpose Tool

Whether the men love roughing the great outdoors or just having backyard barbeque because it’s spring, a handy multi-purpose tool may be one of the perfect groomsmen gifts one can ever find. It gets them ready for anything. Some multi-tool includes five or more gadgets like pliers, knives in two sizes, screwdrivers, rulers, bottle openers, and more. It can also be in different sizes to ultimately fit the pocket. This toolset is a classic example of groomsmen gifts that can be used a long way past the big day.

Summer Groomsmen Gifts

Whether having a beach wedding or not, the start and end of the summer season usually bring in major sales days. A lot of activities are done in summer and groomsmen gifts may be picked to make the groomsmen’s summer more enjoyable. There are a lot of things to choose from but here are some of the best practical summer groomsmen gifts you can find:

  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Summer is here and days are long for endless lake rendezvous, beach outings, pool parties, and other activities. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker may be a great idea for groomsmen gifts. They can play their favorite Spotify playlist.

  • Canvas Travel Duffle Bags

Travels are frequent during summer as the weather is generally ideal. Whether your groomsmen love to travel for enjoyment or because of fieldwork, travel duffle bags are handy as groomsmen gifts. This kind of bag has plenty of space yet is easy to fit inside suitcases. Canvas bags are also highly customizable.

  • Wooden Sunglasses

It’s summer and there’s a lot of sun. Why not give quality, wooden sunglasses as groomsmen gifts? These customizable sunglasses usually made from bamboo and polycarbonate (PC) plastic are fantastic gifts.

Fall Groomsmen Gifts

The weather gets cooler in fall and it is the best time to give out groomsmen gifts that they can use not only during the fall wedding but also in the up-and-coming months. Aside from a good bottle of wine for a good price, here are some great choices for groomsmen gifts in fall:

  • Flasks

Giving out flasks as groomsmen gifts is a classic fall move. This gift can be personalized by engraving the groomsmen’s initials or some other design unique to them. Grooms can also pair the flask with their favorite drink.

  • Football Jerseys

Fall equals football! Football jerseys can be customized based on the groomsmen’s favorite football team and player. Start asking the person you’ve known the longest and work down from there to avoid risking having the same jersey for two or more persons.

  • Grooming Kits

Grooming is important for men year-round but fall can be the perfect season for these groomsmen gifts. Try matching the grooming kits with their hair or grooming style. These kits will come in handy when a groomsman already has a mustache or growing a beard. For groomsmen who always keep trimmed facial hair, substitute grooming kits with shaving supply kits.

Winter Groomsmen Gifts

Winter spells holidays! When having a winter wedding, picking out groomsmen gifts is a breeze. Apart from that, almost everything is on sale, this is the time when any gift is pictured as thoughtful. Even so, winter gifts should reflect groomsmen as an important part of the groom’s life.

  • Wool Scarves

For an outdoor winter wedding, wool scarves are a warmer alternative to neckties and bowties. Wool scarves can also be given as groomsmen gifts. Choose a different color or pattern for each groomsman. Make sure that it fits their style so they would still wear it a lot of times after.

  • Beanie and Pom-pom Hats

This is a fun groomsmen gift that can be worn during cold weather. This comes in different designs and can also be knit with initials or patterns to make it more personalized. Machine knit beanies are often less stretchable compared to hand-knit versions.

  • Men’s Gloves

Men’s gloves as groomsmen gifts during winter are not uncommon. Choose gloves that feel particularly soft and smooth against the skin like gloves made of nubuck fabrics. Nubuck leather fabric is also quite elastic and although most are one size, they amazingly fit all hand shapes.

All-Timer Classic Groomsmen Gifts

Of course, some groomsmen gifts go with any wedding, any time of the year. These are items that can be used often and always. They are timeless classics. Here are some of them:

  • Money Clips

Not all men own a money clip. Gift groomsmen with this and give them a place to insert their cash when on the go. Money clip groomsmen gifts are slim, contemporary alternatives to bulky wallets.

  • Leather-made Custom Wallets

There are always quality custom wallets made of top-grain leathers when traditional groomsmen gifts are preferred. Custom wallets can be engraved with the groomsmen’s name or initials, a favorite symbol that brings you to mind, or a personal heartfelt message. Leather is very durable and so it lasts a long time and can carry a lot of wear and tear.

  • Custom watches

Time is priceless. Thus, gifting groomsmen with unique and quality-made watches is a classic move. Make sure to check specifications such as the material used, design and style, size, thickness, strap width, water resistance, and customization options.

Traditionally, the groom gives the groomsmen gifts as a symbol of appreciation after the wedding is over. Nowadays, groomsmen gifting is a lot less unspecified. What matters is that groomsmen’s gifts were selected with care and thoughtfulness. Whatever’s chosen is special and they sure will like it!


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