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Best Luxury Hotels For A Staycation In Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya is becoming a fast-growing market for domestic tourists, especially since the pandemic. Many people turned to travel destinations within their country since international travel had been halted for a significant time. Popular tourist destinations in the country have included Nairobi National Park, the Maasai Mara, and the Great Rift Valley. There were other options for people who wanted to break the monotony of staying at home, and one of them was staycations. Kenyans have been going on more staycations since the first quarantine period in the country. Such a trip typically involves picking a vacation stay or a short-term rental within the city or outskirts.

You can choose between a house or an apartment for rent when you are on a short vacation. As implied in the name, staycations mostly involve being indoors in a new environment instead of touring the outdoors. So, many visitors look for houses with the right amenities, where they can cook, host indoor games, or even work if they wish. That makes accommodation options endless, especially in Nairobi. You can easily find rental houses in Nairobi, Kenya, especially online. Look for places open to renting their space for short-term stays, like a weekend. Alternatively, you can also try a luxury hotel within the city. Here are some of the best.

Hemingways, Nairobi

Hemingways is perfect for a stay because it provides guests with appliances to use by themselves. The rooms have refrigerators where you can store groceries in case you want to make anything during the trip. They also have coffee makers for your breakfast needs, though you can also choose the breakfast buffet offered by the restaurant.

Emara Hotel Ole Sereni

The Emara Hotel is located in a primarily residential area, with access to popular tourist destinations in the city, like the Nairobi National Park. It is also very close to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. That is perfect for anyone who needs to catch a flight before or after their trip since the location is very convenient. Amenities available to guests include a fitness center and a spa.

Kempinski Villa Rosa

Guests at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel enjoy a breakfast buffet. The hotel has great accommodation facilities, including guests’ access to a heated pool. They also have a spa and a fitness center. Entertainment options are available, including music from bands at the restaurant while guests enjoy their meals.

Tribe Hotel, Village Market

The Tribe Hotel has modern living spaces equipped with important facilities for a short-term stay. It also has a bar where guests can enjoy drinks in the evening with their friends or family. The Tribe also features an outdoor pool and a gym open 24 hours a day. The hotel is a short drive from the city center in a serene location. If you need to go shopping, you can try the Village Market.

Sankara Nairobi, the Autograph Collection

Sankara Nairobi is perfect for a weekend trip because it has four restaurants to choose from, so you do not need to carry your meals. One of the restaurants is a steakhouse, so anyone who loves meat would enjoy their visit. They have a rooftop pool if you like swimming on your holiday. It is also next to the Sarit Centre Mall if you need to buy some items during your stay.

Staycation housing options include vacation villas, short-term rentals, and hotels. Many people prefer hotels for several reasons. One of them is that the meals are provided instead of the apartment is self-catering. Another one is the presence of daily cleaning services at no additional cost. If these are your preferences, you can choose between any of these hotels for your next short holiday.