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Best Wines for Celebration: Valentine’s Day

Best Wines for Celebration: Valentine’s Day

Every occasion has its wines! While everyone has their favourites, some wines are more appropriate for festivities than others.


Every occasion has its wines! While everyone has their favourites, some wines are more appropriate for festivities than others. Especially when it comes to celebrating something as precious and deep as love, picking the perfect bottle is of utmost importance.
Down below are a few options to help you pair your romantic dinner with the most appropriate wine to win your Valentine’s heart!

For Starters…
To start off your Valentine’s Day dinner, a lighter touch is recommended. Why not impress your partner right from the very first course with a dry Brut Champagne? While perfect in the case where you’ve opted for a seafood starter, it will also accompany green salads wonderfully. If you wish to experience bolder tastes, you could prepare an easy but always spectacular tomato bruschetta. To rival the strong presence of garlic, go with a French or Italian red wine. A Beaujolais Nouveau or a Chianti would be an excellent fit. And if you’re looking for something better suited to the season, a light parsnip soup featuring the buttery flavours of winter pear and a hint of ginger will be sure to impress. Simply pair it with a Savoie or a Burgundy white wine.

The Main Attraction
There are many options when it comes to main courses for Valentine’s Day. You could therefore decide to pair your wine with the dish as an afterthought, or create a meal based around a hand-picked bottle. A Château Petrus, for instance, could be the star of a very impressive show! Its sophisticated fragrance which calls to mind peppery berries lends a refined touch to beef and veal courses and works particularly well with wild mushrooms and truffles. If your Valentine enjoys the strong character of French cheeses such as Camembert or Maroilles, Château Petrus constitutes an excellent accompaniment.
Château Margaux is another beautiful choice for some of the most exceptional Valentine’s Day dishes. It will work wonders with a truffle risotto or an elaborate omelette.
If a fish course feels more appropriate, the crispness of a citrusy Riesling would be the ideal option to go along salmon. With lobster or crab, a Corton-Charlemagne will be exquisite, as its majestic golden body is well suited for celebration. Fine and delicate, it’s also powerful and perfectly balanced.
Finally, vegetarian and vegan dishes may also pair gorgeously with a number of wines. Potato dishes, for instance, will work wonders with a Marcel Lapierre Morgon. This red wine is obtained from organically-grown grapes and has the added advantage of being suitable for plant-based diets.

A Distinguished Dessert
Chocolate is definitely the dessert option most synonymous with Valentine’s Day. To pair with the bitterness of a dark chocolate mousse, for instance, a Côte-Rotie or a Bandol will provide just the right tannic experience. For milk or white chocolate, one needs a little freshness to balance out the sweetness of the dessert. White wines from Alsace such as Riesling or Gewurztraminer are a perfect pick. Viognier wines and Sauvignon Blanc are also expressive enough to nuance sweet milky flavours.
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