Best Women’s Motorcycle Gear {for Summer Riding}

Summer motorcycle riding can be a memorable experience. The sun is out, the days are long and you can hit the road for hours. Unfortunately, many riders ditch their protective gear to stay cool in the sunlight. While this may seem like a good idea, proper gear is a must for safe riding. Fortunately, some of the best women’s motorcycle gear is both protective and comfortable in the summer.


If there is one thing that riders forgo in the summer, it is the riding jacket. If you have one that isn’t designed to handle the summer weather, it can be hot and uncomfortable. Of course, in the unfortunate event of an accident, you’re going to regret not having that protection. The good news is that you can get the best of both worlds.

For example, the Fly Women’s Cool Pro Motorcycle Jacket is designed to keep you cool while riding. It has added protection on the back, shoulders and elbows. Additionally, the jacket promotes airflow as you are riding to help keep you cool. The materials are all breathable to avoid overheating even when sitting still.

Another great example is the Icon Woman’s Mesh AF jacket. There are large mesh panels in the front and back of this jacket, so it feels like riding without a jacket at all. It is a great way to have the protection you need on your upper body without the heat of extra layers. If you’re planning to ride your street bike with performance motorcycle aftermarket parts, you need a protective jacket like this.


It is tempting to opt for an open-face, half or even no helmet during the summer months. Depending on your motorcycle, an open-face or half helmet may be perfectly sufficient protection. For example, the Shoei RJ Platinum-R Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet gives you great protection while letting the wind hit your face.

However, a lot of crashes, especially at higher speeds, involve face injuries. So, a full visor may be a good idea. For example, the Bell Qualifier Solid Helmet is a full-face option with adjustable ventilation that promotes airflow and cooling. This can help you have maximum protection for your head without sacrificing the comfort of air blowing past your face.


Gloves aren’t just for keeping your hands warm in the winter. They also protect you when you are riding and give you extra grip. In the summer, you probably want a pair with some holes for airflow. One possibility is a half-glove such as the Highway 21 Women’s Ranger Gloves. Alternatively, opt for a ventilated glove such as the Z1R Women’s 243 Leather Gloves.

Get Started

Whatever items are right for you in the summer, make sure you are riding with proper protection. There are plenty of options to choose from and you can often get summer protective gear in the same places you’d get the best OEM parts of Yamaha Banshee or your bike. It’s convenient and it’s the smart way to ride. Don’t put your safety at risk; get your summer protective gear today.

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