When you prune a tree, it helps in ensuring that it grows strong and at the same time, looks attractive and neat. According to tree pruning Sydney,you will need to prune a tree to help remove the damaged branches, create a shape that is distinctive, and allow new growth. There will be a need for you to do it correctly so as to avoid damaging the tree.

Here are some of the basic tips from tree pruning Sydneyto help you get it right.

  • Take Out Your Pruning Tools During The Dormant Season

You will put less stress on the tree if you do the pruning during early winter or late fall as it is a period when sap loss will be minimized. When you do the pruning during this time, it will help the tree because the wound which you make will less likely be infected by fungus or insects which are normally active in early winter and late fall. However, if you are going to be pruning azaleas, that can be done at almost any time of year.

It is best to prune when the leaves have fallen off from the tree as this means that, the tree is currently dormant until early spring.

If there will be a storm during a different time of the year, then it will be fine to prune it immediately instead of waiting for winter.

  • Ensure That The Cut You Make Is On The Underside Of The Branch

This shouldn’t go all the way through the branch. It is done so in order to prevent the branch cracking too close to the tree trunk when the weight of the branch finally falls. The cut has to be made in such a way that, it is made on the stem collar. This is the small bark lip which each branch normally protrudes from. Due to the fact that you want to leave the collar when it is intact, you will have to avoid cutting flush with the trunk

  • You Have To Cut The Branch Several Inches From The Tree Trunk

When you make second cuts through the tree branch, it has to be on the outside of the first one. Get the branch from the area and you remain with a stub.

  • Make A Cut That Is Precise To Remove The Stub

You can go ahead and remove the stub by making another cut which should be right against the stem collar. This will give the true the best chance of healing faster, and in a way that is healthy. You should be sure so that you avoid cutting the branch collar as it must remain intact.

  • Clean The Pruning Equipment

Although it is not a must that you disinfect the equipment which you have used for pruning, it is safe to do so with rubbing alcohol or whatever household cleaner you might be having especially if you are pruning a diseased tree. You should also be able to dip or rub the equipment blades with a disinfectant using impregnated clothes after you prune a healthy tree and before you move to the next tree.


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