Exercise is critical for your health. Exercising regularly is how you can improve your quality of life today, and every day moving forward. Exercising consistently is key. You don’t need to bulk up. You don’t need to trim down. You just need to be fit. Finding ways to stay fit by working out a little every day is so important, and it’s unlikely to happen in the gym. Going to the gym and then exercising takes so much time, and it’s so inauthentic that it doesn’t give you much more than a workout. If you really want to adopt sustainable and enduring healthy habits, then you’ll want to bring your exercise routine outside.

Why You Should Start Exercising Outdoors

We are at one when we’re with nature. A simple walk in nature can help lower stress levels, engage the mind, and help us feel more at peace. This is true regardless of whether you do reps outside, run, or even swim – and that’s just what you can do without any additional equipment. You can also canoe or kayak. You can bike. You can surf. There are so many excellent, fun outdoor sports that will keep you in shape while simultaneously being so much more fun and exhilarating than what you can do in a sterile gym environment.

What You Need to Get Started

One of the downsides of taking your exercise out of the gym is that you’ll need more equipment. There are many different things that you will need that depend on what type of outdoor sport you’re picking up to how you engage with the outdoors. These items can get pricey, so always look for sales and coupon codes. You can get big deals, for example, from Eastbay. Since Footlocker owns Eastbay, you can still get great discounts by shopping the sales and adding an Eastbay promo code to your final checkout to save further.

While there are always going to be specific pieces of equipment that you may need, like a bike or kayak, these top essentials will help kickstart anyone’s transition into nature-based exercise:

Supportive Shoes and Socks

You should already have supportive shoes and socks, but if you don’t, now is the time to get them. Proper running shoes are very different than the white sneakers you may already have at home. Running shoes support your arch and foot to minimize ankle injuries when you’re out and about. These shoes can then be your go-to for running, biking, hiking and more. Try to find options that properly fit the width of your feet as well. Too often shoes constrain our feet, which is the last thing you want when running.

Wearable Water

A water backpack carries a lot more water than your everyday water bottle. It also makes it easier to drink while you’re on the go, thanks to the silicone straws. In short, your water backpack makes it easier to stay properly hydrated on your exercise routine, all without the cumbersome experience of carrying water bottles in your hand.


You need to keep the sun off your neck and face. A sun hat or other exercise-based hat that works to shield your face and neck from the sun is a must when exercising outside. You can easily get burned, which is the last thing you want when building up a regular habit. This is on top of wearing sunscreen and reapplying it regularly throughout the day.


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