Celebrate a Summer Outdoors with the Champagne of CBD

Here at House of Coco we have developed a recent obsession with all things CBD. Whether it's oils, creams or from our good friends at Gibsons Goodlogy ; Teas. [...]

Here at House of Coco we have developed a recent obsession with all things CBD. Whether it’s oils, creams or from our good friends at Gibsons Goodology ; Teas.

Gibson’s Goodology, multi-award winning CBD-infused teas, are the perfect addition to the plentiful picnics that are soon to be on the cards, as the weather improves and socialising becomes an option once more. A lighter choice than traditional canned cocktails, Gibson’s Goodology will allow drinkers to be at their best when reunited with friends and loved ones.  

Great on the go, these 250ml drinks come in three elegant, summery flavours; Green Tea & Passionfruit, Jasmine Tea & Rhubarb and Shiso Tea & Blueberry. Plus, each sparkling tea contains just five simple yet high-quality, all-natural ingredients: fruit, agave, lemon juice, tea and 25mg CBD isolate – the highest dosage available on the premium market to date.  

This spring and summer will be one to remember, as restrictions ease and picnics and outdoor celebrations begin in full. With Gibson’s Goodology, you can enjoy the newfound freedom with a trio of drinks for just £14.99; who said you had to break the budget to imbibe in style? These liquid hugs contain top quality ingredients, expertly designed to unlock the body’s natural processes, balance your body’s harmony, and leave you with a warm glow inside. CBD has never been more important, and after a winter in lockdown, Gibson’s Goodology allows people to indulge with their friends, whilst still making a wellness choice.  

Despite only launching onto the market a few months ago, Gibson’s Goodology are proud to have been awarded two Silver and one Gold medal at the Spirits Business Inaugural Low/Now Awards, The Independent ‘Indy’s Best CBD Drink’ and to have placed at the World Beverage Awards against market heavyweights such as Pepsi. Steadily gaining recognition within the wellness market, the team is committed to taking drinks technology to the next level. From the great minds of award-winning mixologist Oskar Kinberg and renowned tea expert Stefan Gieschke, Gibson’s Goodology’s three unique flavours have been expertly blended and delicately balanced to offer a high dosage of superior CBD without sacrificing flavour or quality. This is achieved through a rigorous in-house, CBD ‘triple lab testing’ process, making Gibson’s Goodology truly a one of a kind brand.  

The world of Goodology is a small click away on Gibson’s Goodology website where you can prepare for summer by picking up a tasting trio and inspiring your inner Goodologist.  

For further information on Gibson’s Goodology please visit 

 www.gibsonsgoodology.com  / @gibsonsgoodology 

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