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  • Celebrating Love's Vibrant Tapestry: An Inspiring Conversation with Sinja Berndt, Founder of Colors of Love
Celebrating Love's Vibrant Tapestry: An Inspiring Conversation with Sinja Berndt, Founder of Colors of Love

Celebrating Love's Vibrant Tapestry: An Inspiring Conversation with Sinja Berndt, Founder of Colors of Love

Join us on a journey that redefines weddings as a canvas for unique narratives and personal touches, weaving the brilliance of 'Colors of Love' into every detail."

August 14th, 2023

In a world where love transcends boundaries and embraces the kaleidoscope of human experiences, Sinja Berndt stands as a visionary force behind the mesmerizing tapestry of Colors of Love.

A true advocate of celebrating diversity and uniqueness, Sinja has redefined the art of wedding planning along with her business partner Johanna Lampe, infusing each celebration with the authentic essence of couples' love stories. As co-founders of Colors of Love, their journey is a testament to their unwavering commitment to crafting weddings that mirror the individuality and cultures of those who entrust them with their dreams.

Join us as we delve into an enchanting conversation with Sinja, where she unveils her insights, inspirations, and the vivid palette of emotions that breathe life into each wedding they orchestrate. From embracing the spectrum of colors that love exudes to infusing every detail with personal touches, Sinja's and Johanna's story is an ode to the power of love in all its shades and hues.

Get ready to embark on a journey that celebrates the magic of "I do" and the brilliance that is Colors of Love...

What inspired the creation of "Colors of Love" and the focus on highlighting the uniqueness of each couple's love story?

The inception of "Colors of Love" is rooted in the celebration of diversity. The core essence of our brand revolves around embracing the myriad facets of love. We firmly believe that love transcends borders, limitations, and biases. This conviction is what propels us to ensure that every couple we work with shines in their distinct brilliance. We're committed to unveiling the individuality within each love story, recognizing that the essence of uniqueness is present in every narrative—irrespective of the partners' ethnicity, gender, or background.

If "Colors of Love" were to embody a color, what would it be and why?

Our identity resonates with the vibrancy of orange. This choice symbolizes both vitality and emotional warmth, characteristics that are synonymous with "Colors of Love." Just as the color orange exudes confidence and uniqueness, we strive for our couples to embrace their authenticity and embark on their own unique journeys. Our desire is to empower them to revel in their distinctive colors, cultures, and love stories.

How do you ensure that each wedding planned by your brand reflects the couple's individuality and creates an unforgettable experience?

At the heart of our approach lies a deep understanding of our couples from the very start. We invest time in comprehending their narratives and aspirations. This foundation enables us to craft a fully tailored Wedding Experience that resonates with their essence and desires. By harmonizing their backgrounds and dreams, we curate a celebration that encompasses their unique love story. Each element, from the venue selection to color schemes and even guest management, is meticulously infused with their identity. We believe it's the smallest details that coalesce to shape cherished memories, ultimately painting a vivid and unforgettable picture.

The wedding planning process can be overwhelming. How do you transform this journey into joyful moments for your clients?

Navigating the wedding planning journey can indeed be akin to a roller coaster. The proposal marks the beginning of a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation, followed by a range of emotions and challenges. Our role, however, is to accompany our couples on this exhilarating ride, infusing it with our expertise, empathy, and genuine passion. We transform these moments into a Wedding Experience that mirrors their lifestyle. By taking charge of the research, preparations, and logistics, we enable them to savor the highlights of their wedding adventure. An embodiment of this is the personalised welcome gift that kick-starts their journey. From venue visits to tastings, our couples are never alone. Celebrating the journey together, we ensure that their wishes are brought to life, so they can focus on what truly matters.

If you had the opportunity to plan a dream wedding for any celebrity couple, who would it be?

Among our dream couples, Jay Shetty & Radhi Devlukia-Shetty immediately come to mind. Though they are already married, we believe every moment together is precious. We'd be thrilled to organize a second wedding to celebrate their journey. Radhi & Jay, should you come across this, our hearts are open and dedicated to infusing your love story with a kaleidoscope of colors.

"Colors of Love" emphasizes the significance of personal support. How do you ensure couples feel valued and supported throughout the planning process?

Our top priority revolves around forming an authentic connection with the couples. This connection is forged through meaningful exchanges that unveil their aspirations and needs. We recognize that time is a cherished commodity, and we invest ours in truly understanding them. If they present a unique request, our motto remains, "Impossible does not exist!" We go above and beyond to manifest their dreams because we comprehend the singular importance of their special day. This unwavering support extends even beyond the planning process, marked by thoughtful gestures on special occasions. The essence of our approach lies in the minutiae, in making our couples feel understood, appreciated, and cherished—like friends on a shared journey.

If "Colors of Love" were a soundtrack, what songs would grace the playlist, and why?

Our playlist would encompass "Better Together" by Jack Johnson—a melody that celebrates the beauty of shared love and life. Additionally, "Same Love" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert would hold a prominent place. This song is a powerful anthem that champions equality and resonates with the diverse spectrum of love. Just as love is patient and kind, our playlist would echo the many hues of love.

What extraordinary wedding would you love to plan one day?

An Indian wedding or a fusion of Indian and Jewish traditions would be an extraordinary endeavor we'd cherish. A celebration teeming with colors, diversity, and cultural richness—this is what we envision as a pinnacle of uniqueness.

How do you foster innovation in the wedding planning industry and continually introduce fresh and creative ideas to your clients?

Innovation is our guiding star. We embrace collaboration with industry peers worldwide, exchanging ideas that spark innovation and drive novel projects. This collaborative approach brings forth new perspectives that inspire our creativity. Even during our personal travels, we find inspiration in the world around us—nature, culture, colors, and shapes. This constant pursuit of fresh ideas is the lifeblood that keeps our approach inventive and dynamic.

How would you describe your wedding planning style in three words, and why?

Our style can be encapsulated as "Unique, Detailed, Personal." These words capture the essence of what sets us apart. We prioritize crafting events that are one-of-a-kind, replete with intricacy, and deeply resonant with the couple's personality. Each wedding becomes a canvas on which their story is painted, resulting in a celebration that exudes their essence.

As couples embark on their journey together, what advice do you offer to newlyweds?

The advice we tender to newlyweds is to savour the journey, cherishing each moment shared. Embrace the beauty of your differences, and always remember that love thrives in the diversity of life. Every day is an opportunity to reaffirm your bond and celebrate the colors that make your love unique.

Lastly, what destination tops your personal travel bucket list?

Hawaii is a destination that tugs at our hearts with its traditions, shimmering seas, and way of life. "Mahalo" is a sentiment that encapsulates our desire to experience this enchanting locale. While Hawaii reigns supreme, there are numerous other countries we yearn to explore, deriving inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes.


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