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Strand Palace Hotel London – Summer In Bloom Experience

Nestled at the heart of London’s vibrant West End since 1909, the Strand Palace Hotel is a timeless oasis amidst the bustling cityscape. Positioned on the iconic Strand, this charming establishment boasts easy access to some of the city’s most renowned parks and attractions, making it an ideal destination for tourists or locals seeking an unforgettable urban retreat.

This summer, the hotel’s creative team has curated a fabulous floral package – Summer In Bloom – to celebrate the surrounding green spaces and Royal horticulture, and you can experience the whole shebang until the end of September.

Floral Delights Await & The Afternoon Tea Experience

The Strand Palace Hotel’s reputation for exquisite experiences reaches its zenith with this summer’s Floral Afternoon Tea. The ambience is enchanting, with tastefully arranged blooms that transport patrons to a realm of botanical splendour. The attention to detail is evident, from the delicate porcelain tea sets to the expertly adapted menu.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the delectable assortment of treats that grace the three-tiered stands. Classic finger sandwiches, skilfully crafted pastries, and freshly baked scones are theatrically presented in a manner that feels both opulent and inviting. The culinary team has succeeded in blending traditional tea-time favourites with inventive flourishes, creating an experience that delights the palate and the senses.

Each morsel is a testament to the expertise of the pastry chefs, while the selection of teas is a connoisseur’s dream. The tea menu caters to all tastes from fragrant floral blends to robust classics. I loved the gorgeous white Peony with Rosebuds; simply delicious!

The Cornish crab brioche buns were the savoury highlight for me (I’m craving them as I write this!) and the heritage tomato tartlet with whipped buffalo mozzarella and basil is an inspired choice. For sweets treats, it’s hard not to single out the espresso martini brownies made with Love Cocoa coffee beans as a must eat.

Experience – A walking Tour Of London

Accredited Blue Badge tour guides will take you on a magical walking tour of the best places to hang out locally and immerse you in the wonder of its history. Our charismatic tour host Mark Conroy had our jaws dropping at his little-known insider facts and anecdotes. Even as a former London local, I couldn’t believe the nuggets of knowledge he imparted that had previously completely escaped me.

Bloomsbury Flowers

For a truly Eliza Doolittle experience in the heart of iconic Covent Garden, an optional extra in the stay is a masterclass with renowned florists, Bloomsbury Flowers, who can share their expertise in floral arranging to help you bouquet like a pro. Held in the elegant private dining room, this is a fun floral touch to make pretty memories and learn a new skill.

Gin Palace: A Spirited Haven

For those seeking a spirited experience, the Strand Palace Hotel’s Gin Palace beckons. This stylishly designed haven pays homage to the British love affair with gin. The extensive menu showcases a carefully curated selection of gins, each accompanied by premium tonics and botanical garnishes. The Gin Palace’s mixologists are skilled artisans, concocting imaginative cocktails that range from timeless classics to contemporary creations.

The ambience is that of a refined speakeasy, with plush seating, dim lighting, and an air of conviviality. Whether you’re a seasoned gin enthusiast or a novice looking to explore this juniper-infused world, the Gin Palace is an inviting destination

Exploring the Surroundings: Parks and Beyond

One of the Strand Palace Hotel’s unique attributes is its proximity to London’s most treasured parks. Strolling from the hotel, Covent Garden’s Piazza provides a delightful space to people watch, admire street performances, and explore boutiques. The vibrant energy of Leicester Square and its iconic cinemas is also a stone’s throw away, making it an excellent starting point for an evening of entertainment.

For those yearning to escape the urban hustle, the serene green expanse of St. James’s Park is within walking distance. Its well-manicured lawns, shimmering lake, and resident swans offer an idyllic retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. A leisurely walk further leads to Buckingham Palace, where visitors can witness the changing of the guard ceremony, a quintessential London experience.

A Memorable Sojourn Awaits

The Strand Palace Hotel is more than just an accommodation; it is a destination of culinary delights, a spirited sanctuary, and a gateway to London’s most cherished landmarks. Its central location, surrounded by cultural attractions and verdant parks, renders it an exceptional choice for both tourists and locals seeking an authentic and memorable urban getaway. Whether indulging in the Floral Afternoon Tea’s exquisite offerings or immersing yourself in the Gin Palace’s spirited atmosphere, the Strand Palace Hotel promises an experience that encapsulates the essence of London’s dynamic spirit.