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#CocoBeauty: Clockface Beauty in Leeds

#CocoBeauty: Clockface Beauty in Leeds

“Yorkshire” and “skincare” are two words I have come to be very passionate about over the last few years.

November 2nd, 2019

“Yorkshire” and “skincare” are two words I have come to be very passionate about over the last few years. The former because I’ve made it my home and the latter because my sensitive skin and not being a morning person mean the love of makeup has passed me by. Into this void has walked Clockface, a Yorkshire founded skincare brand created by an incredible mother and daughter team that manages a balancing act unlike any other: all-natural, pregnancy and post cancer treatment friendly, simply and transparently labelled, sustainably made and packaged, and it’s downright luxurious. I don’t need to say much more, but I’m about to.

The location

Currently calling the Leeds Trinity Centre home is a Clockface popup that feels like it has always been there. A bright and beautifully minimalist interior with carefully placed metallic touches and a thousand succulents brings the experience to life before its ever started. With no cloying perfumes in the room the hypnotic scents of the products almost overwhelms you whenever a jar is opened. Whether its frankincense, juniper, or vetivers (all chosen for their skin loving properties) the scents layer themselves and wrap you up in that serene feeling usually reserved for a great spa.

You can take that experience further with a hand from one of the lovely staff members who help you unwind as you figure out exactly what takes your fancy that day. It could be there multi-purpose serum that can easily remove two steps from your morning routine, or the scrub that nourishes your skin and doubles as a shaving cream.

It may be too many years spent in Leeds, but I love multi-faceted products that carry you away on a cloud.

Their condensed ranges cover all your skincare needs, with a women’s range that concentrates on hydration and blemish reduction, a men’s range that prioritises the needs of that post shave face and a unisex range that everyone will fall in love with. Beyond smelling divine, bringing great results and having a great on skin feel, it’s the thought and care in the brand that can really bring a soul joy.

The powerhouse pair behind it all

The team behind all of this are Sarah (the daughter) and Karen (the mum) the girlboss pair who brought my experience and understanding of Clockface to a new level. Having spent over three decades as a biomedical scientist, Karen started creating her own skincare products to meet her own needs, and custom crafted solutions for Sarah when her pregnancy and all the hormones involved started taking their toll on her skin and her internal wellbeing. The brand is named for the feeling that mums out there know all too well — longing for some me time, watching a clock face and only having a few minutes to spare. In just a few minutes these products give you a feeling of peace and solitude that normally requires a few hours and a skilled masseuse. Having made such a difference to Sarah’s skin and giving her that boost during an emotional time the pair have sought out to (and created) a brand that can give everyone a lift to their day, even if they only have a few precious moments to spare.

Clockface is ingredient led and contains no water, making the products more concentrated and luscious than anything else I’ve tried recently. It also makes them more environmentally friendly as water has now (rather terrifyingly) been declared a scarce resource. The entire rest of the brand is also environmentally friendly and socially conscious, with all packaging being recyclable and all sourcing remaining in the UK.

The bragging rights

If all of this isn’t enough and you’d like some social proof other than this article, go take a look at all the awards Clockface has won — 11 in the last 12 months! Their women’s serum has taken three alone, including a Pure Beauty Global Award. Personally, it’s almost a week after my visit to the store and I’m still raving about the serum to anyone who will listen and touching my now deliriously soft face.

Should you be in Leeds, the popup is around until December 15th, and if not, you can find them online at www.clockfacebeauty.com and in select retailers. Before you know it there will be a popup in another city — although where it will be is a closely guarded secret, so you’ll just have to go looking for yourself.

And if you want to read on us crushing on Clockface even more, just look here.



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