Hayo’u Method is a self-care approach inspired by Chinese medicine. It was founded in 2016 by Katie Brindle, a graduate of The Integrated College of Chinese Medicine, who has been working as a practitioner for over 15 years. She is the only qualified Chinese practitioner in the UK currently offering the combination of technique and product to a mass market.

The #TeamCoco beauty girls were interested to find out more about Hayo’u and what some of the products are, especially those that instantly help with the stress relief.

Hayo’u features simple one-minute rituals, tools and products designed to offer instant results and long-term benefits. In today’s time pressured society, people need a quick and easy solution to deal with daily stress and support their wellbeing. Widely acknowledged that beauty comes from a healthy system, Hayo’u offers a solution to undoing the daily effects of stress by stimulating and regenerating cells. Regular use has a marked impact on appearance and the rituals have been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and boost immunity. The beauty of Hayo’u is its simplicity and accessibility. It offers the knowledge and wisdom of Chinese medicine without anything to do with needles (acupuncture) or herbs. The rituals are designed to fit easily into your daily routines, either on waking in bed, in your morning shower or evening bath.

The No.1 message from Hayo’u Method is that people shouldn’t dismiss Chinese medicine. There are a whole host of really easy and effective self-care treatments available (Yang Sheng) that do not involve herbs or needles. It is the best-kept secret in preventative medicine!

Our current faves from the collection of Hayo’u Method products include: Hayo’u Mineral Bath, Hayo’u Mineral Shower Wash, Hayo’u Body Oil, and the Hayo’u Body Restorer.

Hayo’u Mineral Bath, priced at £42

This ritual draws on an ancient form of Chinese hydrotherapy practised in Asian bath houses for centuries. The technique for the perfect stress relief bath is to run just a third full warm water, dissolve one handful of Hayo’u Mineral Bath and step in. Once in the bath sit down and increase the temperature of the water, stop once the bath is hot (but not unbearable) and relax your breathing (and follow the Hayo’u Method Rescue Breath Ritual, which can be found online). Then simply lie back and soak. For best results intermittently stand and take a short burst of cold water from the shower, and then sit once again.

Hayo’u Mineral Shower Wash, priced at £30

Start the day with a refreshing, energising and invigorating shower with Hayo’u Shower Wash filled with ancient botanicals.
This shower wash can also be used throughout the day as a hand wash, to help return to the morning ritual of calmness. When used alongside the Rescue Breath ritual (just one minute to do) it can help relieve stress.

Hayo’u Body Oil, priced at £40

The Hayo’u Body Oil deeply nourishes the body while lifting spirits, and it infuses the skin with powerful botanicals, which in turn invoke a heightened sense of calm and balance.

This concentrated self-massage treatment oil is formulated with sea buckthorn and rice oils to help the skin relax.

Hayo’u Body Restorer™, priced at £38

Known for the Body Restorer™, Hayo’u Method works perfectly with the one-minute massage ritual (which can be found online) to create balance and calm in your everyday life.

The benefits of using this little restorer include; the reduction of inflammation, it boosts immunity, it helps to release tension, it promotes better sleep, and it relieves muscular pain and headaches.

All Hayo’u products can be bought online at HayouMethod.


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