Traveling is often so much more than enjoying beautiful sunsets and exploring a lively nightlife. Each country has its own set of offerings, from a diverse culinary scene to adventurous trails just waiting to be explored. You can enjoy the kind of trip you like the most simply by choosing the right destination to visit.

Exploring the destination country’s culture is among the exciting things you can do on a trip. Every country has a different cultural background and history and they are all fascinating. For the best experience, here are some of the world’s most culturally rich countries to visit.

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic may not be the first name that crosses your mind when planning a trip to Europe, but it is one of the best countries to visit in the continent when it comes to cultural experiences. The city of Prague has been named a World Heritage site for its richness in history and cultural roots. The Old Square in Prague is still among the most well-preserved and beautiful places you can visit.

It doesn’t stop with unique architectural features from different eras either. Prague is the home of great cuisine, remarkable art, and an ambiance that you will not find in other European countries. Prepare for some delicious meat-based dishes and tasty soups. The craft beer in Prague is also among the things you must try at least once when visiting this country.


Malta may be a small country, but it is a spectacular holiday destination to pick for your next summer holiday. The country is the home of gorgeous shorelines and beaches, along with diving spots that will satisfy even the most demanding divers.

It is also the home of nine UNESCO World Heritage sites. The country’s capital city, Valletta, is where you can see different cultural influences coming together in such a beautiful way. Over the centuries, the island has been influenced by the Greeks, Arabs, and even the Order of the Knights of St. John. St. John Cathedral is even recognised as the most beautiful cathedral in Europe: definitely a must-see.


Most countries in Asia, particularly South-East Asia, have rich and deep cultural roots, but none of them offers a cultural experience as diverse as Indonesia. The archipelago includes more than 17,000 islands, over 700 active languages, and a staggering number of ancient and traditional tribes.

Bali, the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, hides the stunning Balinese culture beneath its layer of luxury amenities. Java is home to cities like Yogyakarta, where you can be part of the local cultural activities.

There are also islands such as Manado and Flores, each with its unique cultural scene. published an interesting guide on Flores, where you can also witness the famous Komodo dragons, a species that has roamed the Komodo Island for 900,000 years.

There are so many other countries with rich cultural roots, but we are going to save them for another article. Be sure to check back for more about culturally rich countries here on Noctis Magazine.


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