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Discovering The Rural Side Of Ibiza

A peaceful countryside haven in the white isles.

Typically when thinking of Ibiza, we imagine house music, sunset bars, the world’s best DJs, and the biggest nightclubs that partygoers flock to every summer for opening parties, closing parties, and the lively in between. However, there’s a peaceful and calming gem to Ibiza that many travelers are unfamiliar with.

Santa Eulalia is renowned for its agricultural, artisan markets, and divine gastronomic scene. It’s a tranquil haven for those who want to escape the hustle of everyday life and prefer a relaxing break in the countryside rather than a non-stop party.

Welcome to boutique hotels, fine dining, and the sustainable countryside of Ibiza.

Santa Eulaila’s history lives on in farmhouses and churches which are scattered throughout the white islands third largest town. Ibiza holds a lot of culture and history that meets the eye. The first-ever church was built on higher ground to overlook Santa Eulalia River in case of any attacks during the Turkish raid, as well as a lookout point for flour mills and bread baking.

Photograph assigned by the Fundación promocion turistica de Ibiza

The church still stands today and holds Sunday services each week. Although Santa Eulalia is a laidback area of the island, there is lots to discover and an array of beautiful hotels to stay.

Countryside boutique hotels offer a luxurious and comfortable stay with authentic culture of the hotel’s history. Can Curreu is set within an authentically restored, traditional Ibizan house, the family-run hotel is looked after by its owners who live in their own Ibizan house on site.

The views from this point are spectacular, with a breathtaking drop of sunflower fields and greenery. The boutique hotel embraces rustic Ibizan charm, with private terraces overlooking palm trees and the agriculture of Santa Eulalia.

As well as a fine dining restaurant, and tranquil pool area designed for those who want the ultimate in relaxation. The hotel is laid back and calm, with a minimal amount of guests, allowing you to immerse fully in this unique Ibizian experience that Can Curreu has to offer.

Cas Gasi is a fairytale hotel set in a beautifully restored country home with four hectares of land, that offers a sustainable and ethical experience. At Cas Gasi small is beautiful, and sustainability is at the heart of everything they do.

Discover the fields of crops, Cas Gasi grow their own fresh ingredients to be used in their dishes. Including sweet potatoes, raspberries, and tomatoes.

The 18-room property provides a peaceful, picturesque oasis hideaway just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza Town. Allowing you to live a fairytale dream, the bohemian chic interior embraces Romeo and Juliet style balconies adorned with vibrant Bougainvillea and walk way arches styled with rustic decor and elegant furniture scattered throughout.

The Boutique style is influenced by the owners’ authentic art involving the smell of flowers, the touch of linen, the sound of silence, and the taste of food making everything at Cas Gasi truly authentic.

Can Curreu and Cas Gasi offer the ultimate luxury experience, indulging in relaxation and comfort, with no need to leave the tranquil hotels. However, just a short drive away from the countryside, Santa Eulalia has plenty to discover.

The iconic Las Dalias hippie market is a huge tourist attraction to the area, with locals, travelers, and partygoers, from San Antonio, visiting over the summer. Walking into a world of vibrance, positive energy, and peace, the hippie market is everything you can imagine.

The unique local stalls offer everything from crystals and jewelry to crochet clothes and handmade bags. To enhance your one-of-a-kind Ibizan experience, try out one of Santa Eulaila’s local hot spots, Pou des Lleó.

Serving traditional seafood that you won’t find anywhere else. Bullit de Peix is the star dish of Ibiza’s gastronomy – potatoes, and fish served with aioli.

Every seafood dish here is freshly cooked and caught by the local sea daily providing only the best.

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For further information visit: www.visitsantaeulalia.com

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