Modern societies rely highly on electricity, and our homes and business properties should be wired properly to use it best. Sadly, electrical fires cause millions, if not billions, in damages every year. Although there are several causes of electrical fires, poor installation and wiring are very common reasons. Even in cases where these issues do not cause a fire, they can cause other issues, such as damage to expensive appliances. Unless you are a qualified and experienced electrician, you should never attempt doing electrical work yourself. Here is why.

Because Safety is Paramount

Even with how useful it is to modern life, electricity remains very dangerous. You will be putting yourself, your family and your property in danger if you decide to do electrical work on your own. Even in cases where the danger is not immediately apparent, there will always be the risk of electrical shocks and fire in the long term.

Qualified electricians are trained to approach electricity cautiously, using their expertise, training and equipment to ensure the wiring is done right.

Qualified Electricians Will Help You Avoid Insurance Issues

If an electricity-related incident occurs on your property, you want the insurance company to pay for the damage and repairs. However, the insurance company will do their own investigation to see if you are at fault or if something else caused the incident.

If a qualified electrician did not do the wiring, you will have a hard time convincing the insurance company to pay for the damage and repairs. For this reason, you should have an electrician do an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) to ensure everything goes smoothly. This is a formal assessment of the condition of fixed electrical installation in a building.

As the qualified electrician completes the EICR, they will identify defects and other issues with your electrical installation that makes it non-compliant. They will then issue an EICR London certificate. You can then use the findings inside the EICR certificate issues after the assessment to correct any issues the electrician finds. The EICR certificate London will give you a path for ensuring your property is compliant and show insurance companies you did everything you could to avoid incidents.

To Keep Costs Down

Although the hype is dying down, many people still choose the DIY route for things like home repairs and electrical installations. Unless you have the necessary experience and skills, you will likely do so much damage or not do a good enough job that you end up calling a qualified electrician. The result is an added cost for a simple repair or new installation because things are now more complicated than they ought to be.

Hire a qualified electrician to save time and money from the start.

For Peace of Mind

Lastly, a qualified electrician gives you peace of mind knowing that your electrical installation is done right and will not present issues for a long time. Also, electricians guarantee their work so you can ask them to return if a problem recurs.

Apart from safety concerns, you should hire a qualified electrician for legal reasons and cost. They will ensure everything is done right so the property is compliant and ensure any issues you had in the past do not persist.


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