Do It All: Things to Do Before You Die

There are so many incredible sights, and experiences in the world around us, and so many go through their lives without experiencing even a tenth of what they could. [...]

There are so many incredible sights, and experiences in the world around us, and so many go through their lives without experiencing even a tenth of what they could. This is a terrible and unnecessary loss of opportunity and something you should definitely avoid. Experience is to life what oxygen is to breathing; you cannot have the latter without the former. To help you make the most of your time on this gorgeous planet you call home; this guide has highlighted a few experiences that should absolutely be on your list of things to do before you kick that terrible bucket.

Go Travelling

This sounds vague, and that’s because it should be. Everyone assumes that you cannot do anything in life without a distinct and careful plan. Not only is this assumption false, it’s actively keeping you from some of the most incredible experiences of your life. Traveling by just the open road and endless opportunity ahead of you is one of the most incredible experiences you could ever wish for, and so long as you shackle yourself to the necessity of planning, you will never get there.

So, throw yourself into the world. Pick a destination and just head out, because no matter how incredible the destination you choose, the journey is often what you’ll remember most.

Cliff Diving

Speaking of amazing experiences, if you love adrenaline, then this is something that you simply have to try. Cliff diving is one of the most singularly invigorating activities that you could ever imagine. The rush of wind flying past as you plummet directly towards the crystal blue of the waters below. There really are very few experiences that even come close, and none that are as cheap and accessible.

This is obviously not something you should do without guidance; cliffs are famously known to kill you if you jump off of them, and water is often worse than land when you hit it at speed. You absolutely have to ensure that you are A) cliff diving in an appropriate location and B) diving properly. If you fail to do either, your experience could quickly turn fatal.

Experience a Casino

There are very few experiences that compare to the hustle and bustle of a busy casino and, simply put, a casino experience like you’ll find at Jackpotcitycasino.com is amazing. There is something intoxicating about the thrum of the crowd, the pulse of the music, and the omnipresent sound of clattering coins. Stepping into a casino is like entering a fae land of strange riches and incredible opportunity. A strange magic seems to encapsulate the place, a magic that promises an otherworldly experience of joy, so long as you manage to keep your mortal wits about you.

Climb a Mountain

In terms of experiencing the peak of human potential to explore, there is almost nothing that will surpass climbing a mountain. Well, until they start allowing civilians into space, but until that day, you will have to settle for reaching towards space from the highest peaks of the entire world.

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