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Each x Every: Crafting Comfort and Style Unapologetically – A Journey of Inclusivity, Empowerment, and Sustainable Luxury

Dive into the world of Each x Every, where fashion meets functionality in a seamless dance of comfort and style.

In the dynamic world of fashion, where trends evolve and styles emerge, there are those rare individuals who embark on a mission that transcends the ephemeral nature of design. Simon Ngu, the visionary Founder and CEO of Each x Every, stands at the forefront of a revolution in footwear – a revolution that fuses the realms of comfort and style into a seamless, harmonious whole.

As we delve into this exclusive interview, we uncover the profound philosophy and unwavering commitment that fuel Simon’s journey. Each x Every is not merely a brand; it’s a manifesto challenging the norms of an industry that often demands a compromise between fashion and functionality.

Simon’s vision, articulated through the brand’s compelling philosophy, seeks to reshape the narrative of sizing diversity in the luxury and designer segments, where conformity has long overshadowed inclusivity.

With meticulous attention to detail and an acute understanding of the intricate dance between aesthetics and wearability, Simon Ngu has orchestrated a symphony of elegance and comfort in the world of footwear. As the custodian of a brand that champions not only individuality in style but also the fundamental right to perfectly fitting shoes, Simon shares insights into the origins of Each x Every and the challenges and triumphs that have defined its journey…

Each x Every was born out of a desire to seamlessly combine style and comfort. Could you share the defining moment or inspiration that led to the brand’s creation?

During my time as a young lawyer, I observed a curious trend among my female colleagues – a meticulously planned daily ritual of calculated footwear changes. It was not uncommon to witness them walking in the front door with their trainers, swapping to flats within the office, donning pumps for meetings and events, and even stashing ballet pumps in their purses for the commute home.

Their elaborate efforts to coordinate footwear with their outfits and daily activities intrigued me to explore the gap between designer footwear and the practicalities of wearing them.

This intricate dance between the practical demands of a corporate woman’s life and the desire for stylish footwear offered me a unique perspective. It was evident that there was a stark division between fashion and comfort, and lifestyle brands in their approach to comfort and wearability. The consumer was being forced to choose between style and comfort, and I wanted to create a product that could deliver both.

While aesthetics are paramount for a luxury brand, the design and construction techniques often lead to poorly fitting shoes that induce discomfort and pain. Each x Every emerged as a response to this dissonance. We launched the brand with the vision to create elegant and exquisite shoes described as beautiful but also offering perfect fits and exceptional comfort.

Throughout our process, we strive for the wearability of our shoes, incorporating cutting-edge comfort technology without compromising the inherent striking elegance and beauty of our footwear. With Each x Every, our goal is for women to no longer need to choose between fashion and comfort – they can have both.

To deliver on that mission we help women who really value both fashion and comfort to navigate footwear choices with tips and advice on buying to meet their busy lifestyles such as finding comfortable shoes for work and the ultimate comfortable heels for weddings.

The concept of infusing comfort into modern footwear is both groundbreaking and compelling. Could you elaborate on your approach to this challenge and the key principles that have guided your design process?

Achieving optimal comfort begins with one fundamental principle: ensuring the right fit. Unfortunately, the prevailing approach within the fashion footwear industry is to accommodate a single standard width fitting. This means that if your foot deviates slightly from the standard width, compromises to comfort are inevitable. At Each x Every, we embark on a different journey.

Our approach centers on achieving the perfect fit. To achieve this, we offer three distinct fittings, enabling us to cater to a diverse range of foot shapes and sizes. From this foundation, we employ intelligent methods to seamlessly integrate comfort technology into our shoe designs, resulting in footwear that not only looks stunning but is also a dream to wear.

What sets us apart from traditional comfort brands, however, is our ability to achieve fit and wearability without compromising the aesthetic allure of our silhouettes. We rigorously test our designs to ensure that, from a visual standpoint, there is no perceptible distinction between the different widths we offer. To be truly size-inclusive, we believe that our shoes need to look the same no matter the width.

Ultimately, the litmus test for us is simple: every shoe we craft, irrespective of width, must embody timeless beauty. At Each x Every, aesthetics and comfort coexist harmoniously, ensuring that every step you take is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

The dedication to offering an extensive range of sizes and widths is truly commendable. Could you elaborate on the intricate process involved in accommodating the unique shapes and sizes of individual feet?

The fashion and luxury footwear landscape currently offers shoes in a single-width fitting, often favoring a narrow width, which is generally thought to be more pleasing to the eye. However, this approach fails to cater to the diverse range of foot shapes and sizes that exist, particularly considering that the average British and American woman tends to have a slightly wider foot than her European counterparts. Recognising the pivotal role that fit plays in the overall footwear experience, Each x Every takes a different approach.

In order to deliver multiple width fittings, we needed to create our own fitting system. We started by selecting a standard width fitting that more accurately reflects the average British foot, ensuring a comfortable starting point. From there, we extend our range to include narrower and wider fittings on either side of the standard, meticulously designed to capture the nuances of various foot shapes. This comprehensive spectrum ensures that we are poised to accommodate a significant proportion of the British population.

To validate our sizing precision, we have undertaken an array of tests involving different foot shapes and sizes. This process has enabled us to fine-tune our offerings and ensure that each shoe is designed with thoughtful consideration of individual foot characteristics. Beyond size, we meticulously analyze strap placement, adjustable hole positioning, and other intricacies to facilitate breathability, flexibility, and comfort.

It’s important to note that a foot changes size during the day as it swells as a result of activity and heat. These intelligent design considerations allow our footwear to “grow” with your feet during the day.

For most women, finding the right fit can be confusing and quite often, a lengthy time-consuming process of trial and error. There are however, some really useful tips that no-one ever tells you that you can use to find the right fit so if you do find this challenging we’ve summed them up in our guide to buying shoes for narrow feet and advice on buying shoes for wide feet.

The concept of customization holds a significant place in Each x Every’s offerings. How does this personalization contribute to enhancing the overall comfort and style experience for your valued customers?

In a world where discerning consumers demand exclusivity in their apparel and footwear, Each x Every has redefined personalization on two pivotal fronts. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best shoe-wearing experience possible, and this begins with crafting footwear that fits perfectly with your foot’s unique contours. Unlike conventional luxury brands, our extensive array of sizes and widths ensures a bespoke fit that transcends the ordinary. This personalized foundation sets the stage for unparalleled comfort, addressing the very essence of luxury.

Yet, personalisation goes beyond fit. Our latest collection celebrates the power of individual style transformation. We understand that today’s luxury purchases are driven by the concept of “Cost Per Wear” – a considered calculation of how much wear will we get out of each of our purchases.

This insightful perspective has inspired us to empower our customers with the ability to modify their shoe silhouettes. Take our Sasso sandal, for instance – a single shoe offering up to five distinct styles – thanks to adjustable straps. This innovative approach redefines the equation, giving you more without having to acquire more.

Furthermore, we’ve woven a tapestry of elegance and versatility by introducing the captivating synergy of jewelry and footwear. Now, you can elevate your look by adorning your shoes with exquisite jewelry pieces, turning an elegant daywear shoe into a masterpiece suitable for prestigious events. This fusion encapsulates our unwavering dedication to multifaceted personalization, resonating with your unique preferences and fashion aspirations.

In essence, Each x Every is not just about offering a product – it’s about offering a lifestyle that embraces your individuality, upholds your comfort, and transforms your style. Experience a new dimension of personalisation with us.

Sustainability and Longevity, are crucial factors in today’s fashion industry, how does each address these aspects?

In today’s dynamic fashion landscape, the pursuit of sustainability and longevity resonates deeply with Each x Every’s ethos. While most brands are making commendable strides in developing environmentally friendly materials, we believe it’s equally crucial to address the fundamental issue of overconsumption that plagues the fashion industry.

Our perspective revolves around redefining the relationship between fit and aesthetics. The prevailing market norm of limited sizing options often compels consumers to compromise on comfort for style. This compromise inevitably leads to a shortened lifecycle for shoes, as they languish in storage due to discomfort.

We call these shoes, one-time wears. Our mission is to eliminate this compromise by creating shoes that marry impeccable fit with captivating aesthetics. The result? Footwear that is cherished and worn till its fullest potential, dramatically reducing waste.

Additionally, the allure of fast fashion’s disposable nature poses its own sustainability challenges. Here, versatility emerges as a solution. Each x Every’s commitment to adaptable design empowers consumers to transform their shoes, enhancing wearability and mitigating the urge to accumulate more pairs than they need.

By offering shoes that effortlessly transition between styles, we encourage a conscious and mindful approach to consumption that allows the consumer to feel like they’re not “giving up” on something.

Addressing longevity, we understand the precarious balance between material choices and durability. We prioritize quality by utilizing premium leather and partnering with skilled craftsmen in Italy and Portugal. This deliberate approach ensures that our shoes endure, gracefully transcending fleeting trends and making a lasting impact on both style and the environment.

In essence, Each x Every seeks to revolutionize the very essence of sustainable fashion by marrying comfort, style, and durability. Through thoughtful design and a commitment to fostering enduring relationships with our products, we aspire to shape a future where fashion contributes positively to both individual lives and the planet we call home.

The blend of comfort and style is a unique selling point for Each x Every. Can you share some stories or testimonials from customers who have experienced the brand’s transformative footwear?

One of our earliest customers stumbled upon Each x Every through a simple Google search while in pursuit of the perfect pair of heels for an upcoming wedding. What made her search uniquely difficult was looking for elegantly beautiful shoes in a size 9 wide. The lack of sizing diversity from high street and luxury brands offered slim pickings and, due to her size, she was often left feeling excluded from the fashion industry’s narrative of beauty and style.

In her quest, she discovered the Tie Bluebell Mule from Each x Every, a captivating pair that harmoniously blended sophistication and comfort. This mule became the missing puzzle piece to her wedding guest ensemble, filling a gap that had long evaded her. This experience was a transformative moment for her, as she found herself seamlessly included in the world of fashion choices that was rarely ever inclusive.

This story remains etched in our brand’s journey, reminding us of our mission’s impact. To provide a meticulously crafted shoe that not only reflects timeless elegance but also champions individuality and comfort is a source of immense pride. Our ability to grant her the joy of choice, self-expression, and a beautifully fitting pair of shoes serves as a testament to the transformative power of Each x Every’s footwear.

In the fast-paced and competitive fashion industry, Each x Every distinguishes itself by embracing a mission-driven approach. As a brand owner, I believe it’s my responsibility to offer something the world truly needs, not just another version of a shoe that looks a little different.

Our foundation is built on a commitment to solving real problems. We recognise that a significant portion of the population remains underserved, often excluded by luxury and designer brands due to the size of their feet. This forces customers to make a difficult choice between stylish shoes and their dream footwear, often enduring discomfort and pain because of improper fit.

At Each x Every, we are dedicated to championing size diversity. We firmly believe that whether you have wide feet or narrow feet” should not limit your access to high-quality, beautifully crafted shoes. Crafting footwear that accommodates various foot shapes and sizes is not just a goal; it’s a source of immense satisfaction for us.

“It’s not just women with narrower or wider feet that are marginalised by luxury and designer brands but also those with often hidden foot disabilities or “odd” foot shapes. There is a growing population of women who have bunionsplantar fasciitishigh arches and swollen feet (especially during or after pregnancy) to name a few and who feel excluded from wearing beautiful, glamorous, elegant shoes offered by these exclusive brands.”

From a design perspective, our focus is clear: we aim to provide more people with a luxury experience through exquisite shoes that surpass what the current market offers. Our dedication to addressing this need and our commitment to inclusivity are at the core of our values, guiding us in a competitive industry where staying true to our mission is paramount.

Empowerment is often linked to the shoes we wear. In what ways does Each x Every strive to empower women through its comfortable and stylish offerings?

Empowerment lies at the heart of our mission at Each x Every, and it begins with the profound sensation of wearing shoes you adore. When we talk about shoes, it’s often that initial spark of desire, that visceral feeling upon first seeing them on a store shelf or onscreen. It’s challenging to put into words, but we all recognise that powerful allure.

However, one of the most disheartening experiences is when you finally put on those coveted shoes, and they simply don’t fit or prove to be incredibly uncomfortable. Many times, we’re left disheartened, feeling that even though we adore a brand or a specific shoe style, it just doesn’t work for us. In such cases, we might attempt to push through the initial hesitation and purchase them anyway, hoping they’ll become comfortable over time, but we end up with sore and unhappy feet.

Empowerment, for us, transcends the aesthetics of the shoe; it’s about how you feel when you wear them. If we can be the brand that creates products people fall in love with and feel confident wearing because our shoes seamlessly support their lifestyles, then that encapsulates our holistic definition of empowerment in the realm of footwear.

All too often, we witness beautiful shoes worn briefly, only to be kicked off midway through an event or dinner, and replaced by more comfortable options. While this makes sense from a functional standpoint, it sends a clear message that we adore being seen in certain shoes, but they detract from our overall life experience and what we can comfortably do in those moments. Our goal is to bridge these two narratives and experiences so that what you see and fall in love with aligns seamlessly with your experience of being in those shoes.

For us, true empowerment emerges when you’re not just enamored with the appearance of your shoes but also when they enhance your overall experience and confidence, enabling you to fully embrace life in the shoes you love.

Each x Every has a compelling brand philosophy. What legacy does the brand hope to leave behind, and what do you envision for the future of fashion with a focus on comfort and style co-existing without compromise?

Our brand philosophy revolves around influencing the fashion footwear market to embrace sizing diversity. We believe that we’ll have made significant strides if we can inspire more brands, especially those in the luxury and designer segments, to offer consumers a wider array of sizes and widths. In many countries, including the UK, we meticulously measure children’s feet and produce shoes in different widths to ensure a proper fit. It’s perplexing that this approach stops when we reach adulthood.

Within our vibrant community, we consistently encounter individuals with varying foot sizes and shapes. The limitation of adhering to a single predefined foot shape or width set by a brand is inherently exclusionary. Our goal is to encourage the footwear market to take decisive steps towards providing more sizing options and widths, similar to what the fashion industry has achieved with plus and petite sizes. By doing so, we can offer products that cater not only to our fashion desires but also to our foot health, a crucial aspect that’s frequently overlooked.

It’s essential to recognize the long-term repercussions of wearing ill-fitting shoes or those that cause discomfort. Over time, these choices can lead to severe foot health issues, ranging from bunions to neuroses. Hence, our mission is twofold. Firstly, we advocate for shoe companies to prioritize designing their products with versatility in mind. We firmly believe in breaking free from the unsustainable consumer behavior of purchasing shoes, wearing them only a few times, and then discarding them. While addressing the impact of fast fashion on consumer mentality is crucial, it’s equally important for footwear brands like ours to rethink shoe design, aligning it more closely with our consumers’ diverse needs. This shift is something we aspire to influence and instil in future generations.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I’ve been exceptionally fortunate in my early life to explore some incredible destinations. I’ve backpacked through Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, split my time between living in Australia and Europe, and experienced awe-inspiring moments, such as reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and spending three months as a fly fishing guide in Alaska. As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to indulge in numerous outdoor adventures, which truly resonate with my heart and soul.

However, there’s one destination that has remained on my bucket list: Canada. As a true lover of the outdoors, it’s a place that encompasses so many elements I hold dear in my travels. Next stop, Vancouver.

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