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Where to Eat Pancakes this Pancake Day

Where to Eat Pancakes this Pancake Day

Probably the most important day for some of us...Pancake Day (officially known as Shrove Tuesday) falls on 25th February - and I've got you covered on the best places to

February 24th, 2020

Probably the most important day for some of us…Pancake Day (officially known as Shrove Tuesday) falls on 25th February – and I’ve got you covered on the best places to eat them.

Whether you like sweet or savoury; fluffy or stacked, I’m bringing you the best that London has to offer so you’re fully prepared for Pancake Day.

This list is worth keeping in mind post-Pancake Day too – you’ll thank me later when it’s your turn to pick where to go for brunch.

Where the Pancakes Are


I mean, with a name like this, could you eat anywhere but this popular pancake spot come Pancake Day? Proud of their buttermilk batter, the restaurant also offers guests a vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free option with their 3-in-1 batter, made using organic rice and buckwheat flour, soy milk and chickpea water. This Pancake Day also happens to be Where The Pancakes Are’s 5th birthday and to celebrate, there’s a day-long pancake party – there’s even a pancake race!

I’m more of a savoury girl myself so the Boulder Breakfast is always appealing to me: vegan pancakes, smashed avocado, roasted pepper and cherry tomatoes, green herbs and chickpea salsa and tahini dressing. Other popular favourites include pancakes with banana, hazelnut-sunflower-cocoa-nib praline, basil marshmallow and sea salted caramel. Don’t miss out on the Dutch Baby either – a Yorkshire Pudding style pancake situation. Yummmmm.

Find them at Where The Pancakes Are, Arch 35a, 85a Southwark Bridge Road, South London, SE1 0NQ

My Old Dutch


The OG of pancakes in London. Who didn’t relish in their £5 pancakes on Mondays – this saved me during university. It’s now only £5.95 for the classic sweet and savoury options on Monday Madness – something to bear in mind post-Pancake Day! Top of my list has long been the classic My Old Dutch with smoked bacon, chicken, ham, red & yellow sweet peppers, mushrooms, sweet corn & cheese.

If you prefer sweet pancakes, the butterscotch ones with chocolate chip and chocolate sauce go nicely with a ‘create your own’ style of adding bananas, strawberries and Ferrero Rocher. My Old Dutch even has a selection of vegan pancakes – I’ve not tried them but hole crêpe does vegan cheddar and chorizo, spinach and mushroom sound great. There’s even vegan lavender honey!

Find them in Chelsea, Holborn and Kensington



This spot makes the list because HELLO matcha pancakes in both sweet and savoury form. Those with a sugar tooth can get theirs sweet with carmelised banana, maple syrup and avo-butter while there’s the savoury option with a choice of house-cured salmon or grilled bacon, turmeric poached egg and avo-butter if you’re a ‘two starters instead of dessert’ kind of person.

Find them at 24 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8ND

Granger & Co.


A solid breakfast spot, my go-to at Granger has always been the scrambled eggs – they’re folded so perfectly into a rose shape, how could I order anything else? But a strong contender also comes in the form of their pancakes. Not officially listed in the menu as pancakes, the ricotta hotcakes are served with banana and honeycomb butter. You can also add bacon – which, of course, I did in a heartbeat. You might be ordering these for breakfast long after Pancake Day, I’m just saying.

Find them in Chelsea, Clerkenwell, King’s Cross and Notting Hill

The Breakfast Club


Celebrate Pancake Day this year with The Breakfast Club’s annual Pancake Challenge. Having been running for five years, try finishing a plate of 12 pancakes in 12 minutes. I can eat a lot in a short space of time but I’ve not tried this challenge myself yet! If you can finish it all before the timer buzzes, you get your Pancake Day treat for free – indigestion comes as a bonus. Don’t worry if you can’t – it’s only £20 so not absurdly costly for the amount of pancakes. Plus, I’m sure you’re friends will help you out if push comes to shove.

The Breakfast Club has also launched five pancake specials to celebrate the launch of the new ‘Breakfast Pub’ in Battersea. Celebrating popular pub favourites, these include the ‘ham, egg and chips’ pancake stack and the ‘lemon meringue mess’. Ready, set, scoff.

Find them in Angel, Battersea, Brighton, Canary Wharf, Croydon, Hackney, Hoxton, London Bridge, Oxford, Soho and Spitalfields

Amira Arasteh

Amira Arasteh

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