Bikers understand that if they want to enjoy riding their bikes, they must observe several safety protocols. They know that if they go on bike rides with their friends, they must follow existing traffic rules and use dedicated bike lanes. They know they must check their bikes beforehand to ensure everything works properly.

However, biking accidents are also rising because some drivers refuse to share the road with responsible riders. Several factors that lead to mishaps must be considered, including weather and road conditions, inability to share the road, and a lack of knowledge when it comes to bicycle safety. Some mishaps could be due to a misunderstanding on the road involving automobiles or other cyclists, and some could also be due to rough road conditions. If you’re a biker who’s been involved in a cycle accident today which resulted in personal injury, you may want to pursue legal action, especially if it involved another party. You can claim various compensation depending on the severity of the injury, especially if you have a strong case. Work with experienced solicitors who work on a no-win, no-fee guarantee and can provide you with the best legal advice.

Here are some safety tips for bikers :

Always wear a helmet

Most crippling bike accidents result in injury because riders don’t wear appropriate helmets. While helmets will only offer a small level of protection, they can be enough to save lives. So, you cannot underestimate the importance of wearing helmets whether you’re going for a short or long ride.

Wear reflective clothing

Another safety tip for bikers is to wear reflective clothing, especially if they’re going on a nighttime ride. Ensure that other road users will see you from afar so they can adjust their speed and share the road properly. It would also help if you installed blinking lights on your bike and helmet for better visibility.

Ride with a buddy

If you’re going on a bike ride, it’s better to take a buddy with you. He can keep you company during the ride and can also provide needed motivation when you encounter challenging stretches during your ride. Moreover, he can help fix your bike when it breaks down and keep you safe.

Protect yourself from the elements

Before riding out, ensure you know the weather forecast for the next few hours. If you’re lucky enough to pedal on a sunny day, ensure that you wear comfortable, sweat-wicking clothes. It would be better to wear arm sleeves to protect from sunburn. Don’t forget to put sunblock on your neck, nose, and other exposed body parts. Also, lug around a raincoat just in case it rains during your ride. Lastly, don’t forget a first aid kit.

Don’t forget your tools

Among the essential things a biker must have are basic repair tools and an air pump. You can find bike bags which you can attach to the frame to store such necessities.


Riding a bike is an enjoyable pastime. However, bikers must not only share the road with other drivers but also ensure that they’re safe whenever they ride out.


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