Cybersecurity is important wherever and whenever you go. This isn’t something you can leave at home and dive deep into your vocation without worries. The reality highlights that you must always be ready to keep things under control and follow every security tip without any buts.

Long story short, even if you leave your laptop or PC at home and go somewhere only without your phone, then your devices will still be vulnerable to cyber issues. The point is your gadgets are connected so all information requires proper protection. So make sure your personal data is well-protected and follow these expert cybersecurity tips starting from making a checklist to picking a VPN for traveling.

Step #1. Get ready for your trip

Before you leave your home you need to make basic preparations. First of all, you want to protect your sensitive information from strangers, for instance, date of birth, name, social security number, etc. The pre-step to making it is to decide which devices you should take with you and which you should leave at home. The best you can do is to take just one personal gadget, so you can work on its protection properly.

Basic traveler security includes the following steps:

– create your to-do list before you go and complete them step-by-step;

– make back-ups of your data and store them on a secure medium;

– get rid of the sensitive information you don’t need during your trip;

– add strong passwords to your apps and the device in general;

– install essential software, for instance, antivirus, VPN free trial, etc.

Also, use the ‘find my phone‘ feature. No one knows what may happen during your trip. It is so easy to lose your phone in new places or to face criminals. So turn on this useful feature to maximize your chances to take your property back no matter the risk.

Well, these steps must be done even if you don’t plan to travel, in particular using appropriate antivirus and VPN services like VeePN. So keep in mind to control your security without waiting for possible issues. It’s always better to prevent such threats instead of dealing with the consequences of the problem.

Step #2. Follow expert security tips daily

The first thing you should understand – is that your cybersecurity is a process. It means you need to keep following proper tips daily to reach safe traveling. Otherwise, any action for the record would be worthless and useless.

So here are the most essential security tips to follow all the time:

– manage your location online. Pro VPN services like VeePN allow you to change your current location and access the content you need. Even if there are some geo-restrictions in the country you wouldn’t be influenced by them;

– connect to a secure network. Public Wi-Fi may be dangerous for your security because it simplifies the path to your files. By using a Colombia VPN you may protect your connection easily. It encrypts your data and hides your real IP;

– think about what and when you post on the Internet. Traveling excites us and makes us want to share our excitement with others. But if you post a picture of you somewhere far away from home you may notify criminals your place is free. So consider posting direct facts about your absence and current location;

– turn off the auto connection. You don’t need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to work all the time. On the one hand, these wireless technologies drain your battery faster. On the other hand, your device will try to reconnect to any visible network without your permission.

Remember that all these tips will be much more efficient if you follow them regularly. For instance, turn on the VPN every time you connect to the Wi-Fi. If you skip this step once, it may cause tons of issues and make you regret ignoring this piece of advice.

Step #3. Pay attention to extra recommendations

If you have completed all the recommendations including finding a reliable VPN free trial, then don’t get relaxed. Your trip starts now and you should be ready for everything. So here are several additional tips for travelers to follow daily:

– keep your gadget at hand all the time when you are at a public place, for instance, in the airport, train station, restaurant, and so on. These places are known for the large concentration of people so the risk of human factor increases;

protect your phone screen from strangers. When you are using your personal device you may accidentally reveal your banking details, passwords, and other information. So it’s better to make sure no one follows you and stares at your screen;

– after you come back home you should check your devices. They may be compromised because of insecure connections or software, so it’s better to update your security apps and passwords.


As you can see, you need a lot of things before you go on a trip. Finding VPN for traveling and installing antivirus are as important as packing your stuff. So pay enough attention to your cybersecurity to make your trip comfortable, safe, and joyful!


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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