Explore What To Wear When Vacationing In Maui effortlessly. When vacationing in Maui, embrace the island’s casual culture with flip-flops, floppy hats, and sundresses. Opt for stylish yet relaxed outfits with floral or Boho patterns, complemented by stunning shell and pearl jewels found naturally on the island. Dress up with cuts and prints like a floral romper or a skirt with a top, staying chic without being too formal.

The Perfect Maui Accessory And Clothing Packing List

  • Three to five tops
  • One legging
  • Two pairs of shorts
  • One or two rompers
  • Two to three dresses
  • One or two bathing suits
  • One or two sunhats
  • Two cover-ups
  • Three pairs of shoes (no heels)
  • One beach bag and a purse
  • One or two pairs of sunglasses

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What To Pack For Your Maui Vacation

Tops – you don’t have to have too many tops; however, you’ll require layers. Maui doesn’t get very cold, but it tends to get wet. For outdoor excursions like hiking, going out to lunch, or going to the beach, you are going to need a variety of garments. Don’t forget to wear a bathing suit underneath for when you want to take a dip.

Leggings – the most suitable pants you’ll need in paradise, is a pair of leggings. They can be worn for physical activities or for covering up when it rains.

Dresses – Gowns and bodycons are a complete waste on an island vacation. Maui’s laid-back culture leaves no room for such attire. For dressing up, a colourful maxi dress with a pair of gladiator sandals or wedges is perfect.

Cover-ups – Sarongs, extra-long skirts or sarongs work well when you’re leaving your hotel room or and require some coverage. Baggy dresses are perfect for some sun protection.

Bathing Suits – There is no such thing as having too many bathing suits while vacationing in Hawaii. With all the laid-back lounging in the sun and taking dips in the ocean, you will need a diverse selection to avoid tan lines. You can consider a triangle bikini, trendy one-piece, and bandeau bikini.

Shoes – Unless you want to protect your feet from sharp rocks while exploring the Pools of ‘Ohe’o, all you will need are sandals or flip-flops. Close-toed shoes might feel too stifling when you’re out and about. Gladiator sandals, espadrilles, Birkenstocks, strappy sandals and flip-flops are all great options. Two or three pairs of shoes will be sufficient.

Accessories – Boho accessories looks amazing, since you’re not wearing formal gowns or dresses. These types of accessories are the perfect match and present incredibly chic. Think vintage sunnies, floppy hat, bohemian scarves, bangles and delicate jewelry pieces. Since you’ll be showing off a lot of skin most of the time, these accessories can be shown off at their best. Remember to pack a purse or crossbody bag for when you’re out and about, exploring the island, running a few errands for essentials or going for a quick lunch. A beach bag is a necessity for carrying all your sunbathing and beach accessories.


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