With the second month of 2021 drawing to a close, we are confident there will be some questions forming in your minds. If you are anything like us, the first one is how on earth are we almost two months into a new year already?! Time has flown by.

On the back of that, and with Spring almost upon us, there will be some people reading this who are planning on what they will be wearing when the new season is finally upon us. This means throwing those oversized winter jumpers back into the depths of the wardrobe and pulling out the sun-worthy pieces of clothing!

Not to mention, tie dye clothing is very popular and trendy within the clothing industry; you will have a unique piece of t-shirts, jackets and many more clothing to wear and look fashionable while doing so. What more could you want?!

While sorting through clothes might not be a favourite pastime of some people, it is certainly a worthwhile activity while in lockdown and with masses of extra time on your hands. What better time to properly sort through those piles of clothes that have been growing for years?!

Once you have cleared some of your old items of clothing out, you are free to fill those gaps with some new, fresh articles of clothing, and this is where you are in luck! We have compiled a helpful list of tips below for finding your ideal Spring wardrobe in 2021. Read on for more!

Exploring the Colour Spectrum to its Fullest Extent

We can recognise that it is easy to buy items of clothing that are more neutral tones. Most of the time, the standard excuse is “they will go with anything!” Trust us, we have been there too many times!

While it is easy to fall back into this pattern, when creating a Spring wardrobe, it is suggested that you explore the colour spectrums that are on offer and buy clothes in varying colours and shades. Not to forget that there are numerous clothing patterns on the market which can also be explored.

While bright colours are not everyone’s cup of tea, adding some colour to your wardrobe is an effective and excellent way of matching the environment around you. Flowers are starting to bloom, and the trees around us have their leaves back.

Reflecting on the flora and fauna that you can see around you, and bringing it into the home, is a simple way of finding what works for your Spring wardrobe. And who knows, you might find your new favourite print, or find a colour which complements your skin tone or hair colour. Go forth and experiment to find out!

Venturing into the Designer Clothing World

Much like that of exploring the colour spectrum, this is something that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That being said, it is a part of the clothing world that is well worth exploring when wanting to update your wardrobe this Spring and want to incorporate some of the top luxury brands that are available to you.

While most people generally think of luxury designer clothing as straight-off-the-catwalk high-fashion with astronomical prices, there are tons of companies that are stepping in to make designer clothing affordable and accessible to all. Some UK-based brands like CSD make it easier than others – whether it’s a chunky white sneaker or classic Chanel, they’ve got it all – all at discounted highly discounted rates. They even have a section called “Discounted Fashion Finds”.

What’s more, there is an opportunity provided to fashionistas like yourselves, by companies like CSD, to buy or sell designer clothing. If you are someone who already owns some designer clothing but find that you do not wear it as often as you’d hoped, or simply want to make some extra room in your closet following a Spring clean, then this is the perfect thing for you!

From clothes and shoes through to more of the best luxury brand items like handbags, we are confident that you will be able to find something to fit into your Spring wardrobe or even earn a pretty penny by selling your own! When sorting through your clothes, remember to buy & sell with CSD for a total wardrobe update.

Style What You Already Own

If you are anything like us, then you certainly enjoy buying new things to add to your already fit-to-burst wardrobe. This has certainly been a favourite activity of many throughout lockdown, mainly when unable to get out to go shopping in person.

While we enjoy buying new items for our wardrobes, it is always important not to forget what you have. If you have gone through and sorted the items that you would like to keep and have donated the items that you do not, there are things that you could do to bring a new lease of life to the items that you have held onto.

If you have become a bit tired with how an item of clothing looks while you are wearing it, consider altering how you wear it or what you partner it with. After all, fashion is a spectrum, and there is no right or wrong way of wearing a pattern or style. Now, more than ever.

Buying one or two statement items for your wardrobe, which you could partner with these favoured items of yours, is an excellent way of starting to style what you already own and is ideal for those who do not want to cut up or change how the clothing item looks.

If you feel rather bold, adding something new to the clothing piece might be an excellent way to go. Whether you dye the item of clothing a new colour or even incorporate an element of tie-dye to it, you are sure to be bringing a breath of fresh air to it.

Not to mention, tie-dye is very popular and trendy within the clothing industry; you will have a unique piece of clothing to wear and look fashionable while doing so. What more could you want?!

Don’t Ignore Accessories

Thanks to the likes of TikTok and other social media platforms2q, certain accessories have begun to make a comeback; think back to the likes of butterfly hair clips, scrunchies and other trendy items from the 90s! Don’t get us wrong; we are so happy that these types of things are considered fashionable once more and are relishing at the prospect of reliving our childhood this way.

Accessories are a staple part of anyone’s wardrobe and should receive just as much attention as the main event. By going through the accessories that you no longer wear and giving them to a friend or charity, you can make room for updating that aspect of your wardrobe.

Whether you opt for some of the popular accessories – including Vivienne Westwood and other UK luxury brands – or feel more comfortable wearing the standard accessories that you can get from the high street, the choice is entirely yours.

You can also decide whether you want the accessories you are wearing to stand out or blend in with your outfits. Matching the colour schemes or prints of what you are wearing or going in the opposite direction and choosing contrasting colours and patterns, you are spoiled for choice.

We hope you have found this list of tips helpful and feel inspired when you want to update your Spring wardrobe this season. There is one thing that we can be confident of; you are going to look fabulous no matter what you choose!


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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