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  • #WomenWorldwide : From Fast Fashion to Finding Your Niche with Niza Huang
#WomenWorldwide : From Fast Fashion to Finding Your Niche with Niza Huang

#WomenWorldwide : From Fast Fashion to Finding Your Niche with Niza Huang

Niza Huang is the brainchild behind the jewellery brand of the same name.

October 13th, 2019

Niza Huang is the brainchild behind the jewellery brand of the same name. Finding beauty in contrast, Niza fuses organic forms with clean lines to create raw-sophisticated pieces that exude elegance with an edge. Her timeless yet contemporary collections range in style from organic abstract to minimalist geometric, conveying Niza’s rich imagination and creative passion. Inspired by our connection with nature, she incorporates a selection of raw and refined diamonds and gemstones into her designs.

Niza specialises in fine jewellery as well as alternative bridal and engagement pieces for those looking for something a little less conventional. She loves adding her own twist to create unique designs for special occasions. Niza also offers a bespoke service to create highly-customised designs for people looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that they will treasure forever.

Currently waiting for her first child to arrive any day now, Niza tells us more about what the future holds…

Tell us about the journey that lead to you launching your jewellery brandBefore launching my jewellery brand, I worked for a high street fashion jewellery company.I was bored with the very fast-paced high street fashion jewellery industry. I felt it was killing my creativities.
I had a very strong urge to create and make jewellery with a soul that people will treasure forever. That’s why I quit the job and started my own brand.You bridge the gap between fashion and craft, where do you get your creative flair from?Somehow it comes naturally. I am a very crafted person, most of the time I start making a piece without having any sketches.I like to experiment and take challenges. The developing and creating process is normally what I enjoy the most.My inspiration often comes from connecting with nature. Finding beauty in contrast, I fuse organic forms with clean lines to create raw-sophisticated pieces that exude elegance with an edge.Who is the ideal client for your jewellery?A lot of my clients are from creative backgrounds such as architects, weavers, journalists, artists, music producers … and so on. They appreciate the aesthetic research of our products, and they can tell how much work and love I put into creating the pieces. My clients also love nature and natural focus, so they are attracted to my designs. They love that the brand offers them something different from other labels.

Since launching the brand, is there anything you would do differently?I will be more careful about investing in doing shows. Be more business-focused and only do what really can be beneficial to the business. Managing my time better and only do the very necessary things myself. Being less stubborn and not to think I am a superwoman that can do everything myself.I’m a Yorkshire girl and you went to Sheffield Hallam University, tell us more about your background…I am Taiwan-born and London based Jewellery designer-maker. My first degree was in Industrial design.I had 3 years of experiences as head of design at Arinza International in Taipei, Taiwan; working on gold and platinum with diamonds creating an innovative but classic style. In 2006, I moved to Sheffield to study my MA degree in Metalwork & Jewellery design as I wanted to improve my jewellery making skills and develop my creativity and jewellery design knowledge.For anyone aspiring to have their own jewellery brand, what advice would you offer?Find your own niche market and not follow the mainstream.Tell us about a recent BossBabe moment that you’ve had…I am always grateful that I am able to do what I love. I really enjoy working, and I don’t feel work is work but it’s part of my life.Especially I am pregnant now, it’s so good to be my own boss, I can have the freedom to set my own schedule and take time off to relax and refuel when I need to.

What does 2020 look like for the business?

2020 will definitely be a challenging year for me. I am 8 months pregnant now, and it’s my first baby. I will need to run my business and handle the newborn at the same time.

My plans are to be much more organised and focused to get things done faster than I used to be. Learn to give more responsibility to my staffs, so I can balance my time better for the business and family.

Currently, I can see my business is expanding. I am adding new stockists in Taiwan, Russia and potentially in Ireland. It’s going to be a busy and exciting year!Find out more www.nizahuang.com

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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